Potential Glitchless Re-routes and Timesaves

dannyb21892 May 9th, 2017 (edited) 375 Never
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  1. This paste outlines some of the major things that could potentially be done to save time in glitchless. At the moment they are considered impossible, but if anyone was able to make them work, then they would save significant amounts of time. Since we're nearing our current limit on how far we can push the category, I figured I'd put this together in case anyone wants to try to mess with these things and has better ideas than I do.
  3. 1) Reaching the switch in the main hall of Dodongo's Cavern. Estimated time save: 1:30
  5. This one is obvious. There are at least two ways to do this already. One is a ground jump off the bomb flower or nearby pot, and the other involves jumpslashing at the ledge, dying and reviving with a heart/fairy which causes Link to pop up to the ledge. Both ways are considered glitches and are not allowed in the category. A damage boost seems like the only option here, but it seems like it won't be doable.
  8. 2) Damage boosting from the bomb flower before slingshot skips to one of the nearby pillars to reach bombs early. Estimated time save: 1:00
  10. The idea here is to use the bomb flower near the small heart chest to damage boost to the pillars with pots on top. This would skip the flame skips in Dodongo's Cavern as well as the second Dinalfos fight. The damage boosts we've tried are pretty damn close, but again, doesn't seem to be doable.
  13. 3) A means of child Gerudo Gate skip that does not require out of bounds. Estimated time save: I have no idea lol. Would allow for skipping child 2, gerudo fortress carpenters, and prelude but the re-route would be huge. maybe not even faster.
  15. If you could get to wasteland as child without stepping on the outer boundary of the area or entering an unloaded area, the reroute involved would be enormous. After DC in child 1, you'd get magic (this is because if we want to skip child 2, we need Dins Fire in child 1). Then take the owl down to Kak, and proceed to Jabu. Get FW and the sapphire, then use the ZD warp to Lake Hylia, then go to Gerudo. Cucco Jump, Gate Skip, then get Requiem and do child spirit. Note you wouldn't have dins fire so the deku stick tricks to light the torches would be mandatory. Savewarp after Gauntlets, castle, hylian shield, dins fire, adult 1. Then after water in adult 1, savewarp and go get nocturne right away. Note that this whole thing would require an amendment to the rules since currently gerudo as child is banned. I personally think that's kinda dumb since cucco jump isn't a big deal, but the community would have to agree.
  18. 4) Mirror shield as child after silver gauntlets. Estimated time save: 50s
  20. See this video:
  21. Everything in that vid can be done in regular oot except the jump at 0:28. If it was possible, adult spirit would skip the iron knuckle and just immediately light the sun in the room with the four armos.
  23. 5) Bolero skip. Estimated time save: 1:00
  25. It is possible to damage boost to the large pillar with the heart piece on it in Death Mountain Crater. Because of this we can avoid getting bolero altogether. However after completing fire temple, there would be no fast way to leave the crater and continue on with the route. When you're on the fire temple side, it is almost possible to damage boost to the wooden post connecting the bridge to the mountain to the left. If you could boost to there, you could hookshot the wooden overhang and cross the bolero trigger without activating it. Note that the route does not have bombchus here, only bombs.
  27. Finding a way to accomplish any of these 5 things would be huge for glitchless so if you're feeling inspired, then by all means get to work :D
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