Corruption system (1.0)

Apr 7th, 2015
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  1. After creating a Magical Girl, you roll for a monster that you can eventually mutate to with enough exposure to magic or through non-heroic acts. it uses a simple d10 to decide like so:
  3. Monster type Roll Examples
  5. Mammalian/Avian 1,2,3 Cat-girls,Momoji,Cute girls with animal ears/werewolves,Harpies,Griffins,Cockatrice
  6. Reptilian/Fish 3,4,5 Lamias, Dragons,Mer
  7. Insect/Arachnid 6,7 Drider, Kamen Rider
  8. Supernatural 8,9 Vampire,Wendingo,Pillar man,Golems (Most things considered to be humanoid but unnatural)
  9. Eldritch 10 Parts of pretty much everything else,impossible combinations are key/Whatever the fuck Kars was.
  10. (Reroll might be added to nerf the chances of getting super natural)
  12. A 3 means a choice between mammal-based and reptile-based.(Because there isn't much difference to me with regard to power)
  13. The lower down corruptions I see as being more powerful(Although we don't know how much bearing it actually has.
  14. The basic system goes:
  15. Human>MagicalGirl>Magical Girl with monster features>Magical Monster Girl>Monster Girl>Corrupt Monster Girl>Monster>BBEG
  17. Magical Monster Girl is the point just before it can be seen as going downhill
  19. With regard to specialisations, monster forms should be closely connected to the specialisations in the first place (i.e. Fire could mean a dragon)
  21. However, if that isn't the case,something that isn't thought of as having a particular affinity(Like an ogre for example) would have the option to take slightly more corruption bonuses compared to others.
  23. Taking something unrelated to a specialisation should be discouraged but could also result in less skill with the affinities used.
  25. (I'm also currently working on a better list of corruption forms that better suit specialisations)
  27. Corruption zones:(Parts may be modified or increased with certain combinations)(Will end up with a table depicting stat boosts for corrupted parts)
  28. Head: Eyes, mouth, ears, horns
  29. Body: Wings,Tentacles, tails, spider butt
  30. Limbs:Extra parts, Legs, arms, hands,feet
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