HM:StH Cutscene Testing

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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Cutscene Testing
  3. [Updated 24 Apr 2020]
  5. This paste documents variation in cutscenes based on a variety of factors. These factors might include:
  6. - AP thresholds
  7. - Time of day, day of week, season
  8. - What other cutscenes have been triggered
  11. - Must on-farm CS's have their reqs met the night before? Seems as though this is only the case for CS's which force non-rain.
  14. - CC5 is really two cutscenes which play out differently depending on the girls' affection:
  15.     > K:120, Gw:0, D:0, K:0, Gi:0; both indoor and outdoor segments played (Dia: "not interested")
  16. - CC7 appears to depend on how CS6 plays out; CS6 depends on the girls' affection
  17.     > How to get a girl other than Katie to appear at the Goddess Pond for CS7?
  18.     > What happens if you don't meet Katie on the specified full moon day? Can you trigger her invitation cutscene at the cafe a second time?
  19.     > In general, if no girl's affection is high enough at CS6, how to get a moondrop dew partner to trigger CS7?
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