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  1. Pokemon Showdown Nick: viperfang4 (main + most other servers), InJ Masquerade (frost server name)
  3. Time Zone: EST
  5. Tier(s): Monotype, CAP
  7. Regular Online Hours (in EST): 3:30PM - 10:30PM (On most of that time frame, most days)
  9. References: Inj Niqqa, InJ Green Arrow, others in the InJustice League, Kammi, Animus Majulous, Death on Wings, Sae, Champion CTGNathan, Affinity Stunfisk, any CAP Project room staff
  11. I have been part of the monotype metagame for about a year and a half now, I have watched it change time and time again, yet I have reamained a name in it. I have been in the top 20 monotype users list on the ladder on multiple occasions by just using ghost (a commonly thought inferior type and a feat that has not been accomplished by anyone else this generation). I have good teams of every single type, and know the metagame in and out. I can share with people the intricacies of any type they like with my vast experience in the tier. I know the common themes and strategies of teams from each type, and can even name around 90% of the sets used in the metagame for each type. I have some experience tutoring people as I am my league's tutor on frost. I also tutor others who ask for it. From the responses I have heard back, their teams have great results in battling afterward; one person gave me the score his team went from a low win rate before to 5-1 win/loss at the time after I helped with it. I am also fairly well known on frost. I also am good at the CAP metagame and have held the #1 spot fro about a month total's time in the past year and a half and won CAP's Dark Horse Competition. I am the eldest mod of the CAP Project room as well. I am a very helpful person and am not overly harsh to people, although I have a tendency to be straight to the point and blatant. I am a nice person to talk to overall. I think I would make a great addition to the staff at Battle 101, thanks for considering me.
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