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Wish: convert &entities but NOT html tags.

nicola Jun 2nd, 2011 113 Never
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  1. It would be great to have something which converts anything BUT html tags, for instance:
  3. <p>Inició sus estudios en la escuela <a href="www.whatever.org">school name</a> y se recibió <i>magna cum laude</i> en etc. etc..</p>
  5. would NOT become:
  7. &lt;p&gt;Inici&oacute; sus estudios en la escuela &lt;a href=&quot;www.whatever.org&quot;&gt;school name&lt;/a&gt; y se recibi&oacute; &lt;i&gt;magna cum laude&lt;/i&gt; en etc. etc..&lt;/p&gt;
  11. <p>Inici&oacute; sus estudios en la escuela <a href="www.whatever.org">school name</a> y se recibi&oacute; <i>magna cum laude</i> en etc. etc..</p>
  13. to which result anyway one can get by putting the unwanted result into any text editor and replacing all occurrences of
  15. &lt; with <
  16. &gt; with >
  17. &quot; with "
  20. I came to need something like this because I saved one page with google chrome (*) without noticing that it had replaced &entities of the page code by single characters which were NOT in the original page code, &oacute; with ó, &aacute; with á, etc., and I started comfortably editing the text in between html tags (the original text I was translating was carrying links that I wanted to respect in the translation).
  22. When I realized, I couldn't figure out a quick way to resolve the conversion inside Notepad++ (at least not with the plugins I took the time to investigate), I found this page (thanks) and I ended up using http://www.elliotswan.com/postable/ and then notepad to convert back to single character any occurrence of the above mentioned &entities, to recover <>", that is to recover html tags and quotes around linked URLs.
  25. (*) Saving with ctrl-S, instead of grabbing the original archive by putting it as the target of a link and do "save link target as ...", can also cause a change in the path of related files, images or css style sheets or whatever.
  26. I hadn't considered this as an issue at first, because I just needed to translate two text parts and send the html code of each part ready for the webmaster to replace each part into the original page. (Anyway I ended up grabbing the untouched original page and offering him both options, parts to paste or already patched page.)
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