Toubou ELF2

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  1. PAGE 3:
  3. In this Toubou ELF series, a young elf girl infiltrates a slave-trading organization in order to save her friends. The series will detail the events of her getting captured, trained, raped by monsters, hypnotized, lolified, stuck in ero traps, seeded, and various other bad ends she will encounter.
  5. - Summary -
  7. The dark market, a lawless land where human trafficking and exchanges involving dangerous drugs are commonplace.
  8. The primary source of income of a certain organization that focused on human trafficking had were those that pointy ears, smooth pristine white skin, and beautiful clear eyes.
  9. In other words, the elves.
  10. They avoided interaction with other races, and it was rare that anyone encountered them, so they were worth outrageous amounts of money.
  12. The young elf girl Iyo infiltrated the organization to rescue her captured friends.
  13. However, she was captured and forced to participate in an arena for a sideshow.
  14. If she loses, she will be raped right then and there by her opponent and receive further training as punishment.
  15. Trusting the promise made that she would regain her freedom if she won, Iyo picked up her sword, however…
  17. “This is for the sake of my friends…”
  19. Name: Iyo Daquarz
  20. Age: 18 (Appearance-wise)
  21. Likes: Buttercream
  22. Personality: Caring of her friends and overconfident. She strongly believes that those who accept contracts or promises seriously should do all they can to uphold them. She is skilled with the sword, spear, bow, and other weapons, and is especially proficient with the sword. Even against tall opponents with large builds such as ogres, she’s able to use her speed easily evade their attacks and take them down. She doesn’t have much sexual experience, and her goal to save her friends eventually began to change into an excuse for her to continue to receive sexual pleasure. Her erogenous zone is her ears.
  24. PAGE 4:
  26. 1: BR Headquarters.
  27. 2: The organization had made enormous profits from their involvement in human trafficking, illegal drugs, and other illegal procedures. // Established within their entertainment section was an arena.
  28. 3: Normally the arena would feature 1-on-1 battles between fighters, but in the case where the challengers were women or slaves-in-training…
  29. 4: They’d be restrained and administered special parasites.
  30. 5: After being driven into a corner due to the overwhelming disadvantages,
  31. 6: The audience would look forward to the challenger eventually getting raped by the opponent.
  32. 7: The challenger is guaranteed freedom if they won, // but it’s been said that not a single person has ever witnessed such a thing happen before.
  34. PAGE 5:
  36. 1: BR Arena Training Room
  37. 2: Hah…!
  38. 3: No…!
  39. 4: Let…
  40. 5: Me go…
  41. 6: I heard you infiltrated the organization to save your friends. // You must be pretty dumb to have come here all on your own.
  42. 7: What is this…?
  43. 8: This is a liquid excreted by the Hydra that stimulates the erogenous zones. // You could think of it as an aphrodisiac bath.
  44. 9: I’m losing all my strength…
  45. 10: Even though the water is so cold…
  46. 11: My body’s getting so hot…
  47. 12: Other than that, it’s able to weaken your strength and magical power little by little… // Anyway, it looks like it’s time to move on.
  48. 13: No…!
  50. PAGE 6:
  52. 1: I bet you’re in pretty good shape now.
  53. 2: Hah…
  54. 3: Hah…
  55. 4: No one said anything about… // being forced to fight in this state…
  56. 5: Are you an idiot? // There’s not a single person in the audience that’ll be happy about a woman winning in a sideshow fight like this.
  57. 6: Wha…?!
  58. 7: They all want to see the challenger get fucked up and raped against her will.
  59. 8: Once the challenger loses the match, she’ll come back to lose in the next match, and the next match, and so on.
  60. 9: Each time you lose, you’ll come back and soak in this aphrodisiac bath.
  61. 10: Well, the higher-ups said they’ll let you go if you win.
  62. 11: That is, if you even manage to squeeze in one victory before all your strength and magical power gets sapped away and you become a powerless slave.
  64. PAGE 7:
  66. 1: Whoa!! It’s a female elf!
  67. 2: We’ve got another cutie here!
  68. 3: I can’t wait to see her get done in!
  69. 4: I see everyone in the audience is total scum.
  70. 5: Human girls are so fragile so I get bored with how early the fights end.
  71. 6: I’ll be fine… My body’s moving better than it was before…
  72. 7: Those urges inside me have begun to settle down as well…
  73. 8: As long as I concentrate…
  75. PAGE 8:
  77. 1: That worm’s weakness…
  78. 2: Is below its stomach…!
  79. 3: Right here!!
  80. 4: My slash was too shallow?!
  81. 5: Dammit…!
  82. 6: Not good…!
  85. PAGE 9:
  87. 1: My clothes…
  88. 2: Are melting…?!
  89. 3: Kuh…!
  90. 4: This monster…
  91. 5: Don’t tell me…
  93. PAGE 10:
  95. 1: Nfu!
  96. 2: It’s going in so deep…
  97. 3: Mmmm!
  98. 4: Both my stomach and my butt are getting stretched out…!
  100. PAGE 11:
  102. 1: Nbuh!
  103. 2: Nnah!
  105. PAGE 12:
  107. 1: Several hours later
  108. 2: I was fucked again and again in every single one of my holes while inside the worm…
  109. 3: I can’t even stand up anymore.
  110. 4: My first battle has ended with my loss.
  112. PAGE 13:
  114. 1: After that, they continued to force me into this “sideshow” every day.
  115. 2: No!
  116. 3: No more!
  117. 4: However, after entering the aphrodisiac bath again and again,
  118. 5: my body began to gradually grow weaker after each battle.
  119. 6: Kuh!
  120. 7: Let me go!
  121. 8: The ogres I used to easily defeat were now easily capturing me…
  122. 9: I had no means of resistance as they thrust their dreadful member inside me…
  124. PAGE 14:
  126. 1: Enlarging to its max size, it ravaged my pussy countless times.
  127. 2: Even after I lost consciousness, it continued to ejaculate inside me again and again.
  128. 3: Ah!
  129. 4: Uu
  130. 5: Even against goblins that I’d easily annihilate with low-level magic...
  132. PAGE 15:
  134. 1: I was unable to do a thing as they completely conquered me.
  135. 2: Nooo!
  136. 3: Noooo!
  137. 4: Nooo!
  138. 5: I wasn’t able to fight back at all even when they held me down with their feeble strength as they took their turns to rape me.
  140. PAGE 16:
  142. 1: Eventually there wasn’t a single opponent left I had a chance of winning against.
  143. 2: Why…
  144. 3: Is the audience…
  145. 4: Mm ♥
  146. 5: If she can’t even win against goblins, then even we can safely handle this elf!
  147. 6: There’s no point to this loincloth, let’s just take it off. (smaller text) That sword is dangerous too, so let’s get rid of it~
  148. 7: Why… are you people…
  149. 8: You still don’t get it? We’re your opponents!
  150. 9: If you don’t cum even after we fuck you, then it’s your win.
  152. PAGE 17:
  154. 1: Zeh!!
  155. 2: Nnaaah!
  156. 3: You came just from me putting it in!
  157. 4: Mmm
  158. 5: You’re not even trying to win, huh?
  159. 6: You’re letting out such a lewd voice, too.
  160. 7: No…! ♥ ♥
  161. 8: I thought you wanted to save your friends.
  162. 9: Ahh! ♥ ♥
  164. PAGE 18:
  166. 1: Oh, speaking of friends…
  167. 2: Mm! ♥
  168. 3: Guess
  169. 4: What this is.
  170. 5: You see,
  171. 6: This is the tag plate of your friend, #21.
  172. 7: Basically, it means that scum like us have already purchased her.
  174. PAGE 19:
  176. 1: Don’t worry, you’ll be fine as long as you have us.
  177. 2: Hah…! ♥ ♥
  178. 3: We’ll come visit you every day to dump our seed-bearing juice into your loser pussy!
  179. 4: There we go, I’m cumming!!
  181. PAGE 20:
  183. 1: ….! ♥ ♥
  184. 2: …! ♥
  185. 3: …! ♥ ♥
  186. 4: I’ll hand this chick over to you.
  188. PAGE 21:
  190. 1: After having her heart broken from losing her friends and having the sensation of pleasure imprinted onto me again and again, her body was in a constant state of leaking out love juice.
  191. 2: Hah…! ♥ ♥
  192. 3: Hah…! ♥ ♥
  193. 4: More! ♥
  194. 5: Give me more! ♥
  195. 6: She now served the role of satisfying the desires of the dozens of men that would come to her daily for the chance to fuck a member of the rare elf species.
  197. PAGE 22:
  199. Explanation of the Tools Used
  201. Aphrodisiac Bath
  203. A special liquid with unique characteristics developed by the organization using the aphrodisiac toxin excreted from the Hydra. Along with causing sexual excitement, it has various stamina-restoring effects as well. It can recover stamina along with increasing sexual excitement. After several days of repeated use, muscle strength, magical power, and various other attributes will weaken as a side effect. Production of this substance is deemed illegal, but due to it lowering the win-rate of the challengers in the arena sideshow to nearly zero, many members of the audience requested for the aphrodisiac bath to be a regular addition to those events due to the handicap it administered.
  204. Due to it being colorless and transparent, the body has little difficulty in absorbing it.
  205. It is easily soaked up by the skin.
  207. Swallow-whole Worm (Modified Version)
  209. A modified sandworm prepared specifically for the arena’s “sideshow”. Just like regular sandworms, it possessed a large stature, tough rubber exterior, and the tendency to swallow its prey whole. What made this sandworm different however was that after it consumed its prey, it would begin to perform breeding mannerisms with its tentacles inside itself with the prey. Its dissolving stomach acid also had its potency decreased so that it wouldn’t dissolve its prey. Its skin also was slightly transparent. Its main purpose was to show the audience at the arena what was going on inside the sandworm’s insides. Other than people who just wanted to see the challenger abused inside the sandworm, there were also many biologists who would come for research purposes.
  211. Hydra (Parasite Lifeform)
  213. It mainly lives within the vagina. If it detects that its host is using any form of attack or magic, it will assume that it is hostile intent being directed to itself and release its aphrodisiac toxin, causing the host to orgasm. Its aphrodisiac toxin is often used for training slaves, or for creating the liquid used for the aphrodisiac baths at the arena. It mainly feeds on body fluids, and after growing into its adult form, it gains enough intelligence to be given certain commands.
  214. There used to be occasions where hosts of these parasites will be put up against magical monsters or criminals in arenas or sideshows, but the aphrodisiac toxins proved to be too effective and made the matches extremely one-sided, to which many members of the audience claimed that it made them boring. Due to this, it is now mainly used only for slave training.
  216. Goblin
  218. They are the weakest monsters alongside the slimes. Their abilities are extremely weak all across the board with nothing of note. But when encountering a nest or herd of goblins, they’re able to relentlessly attack with seemingly no end, so it is important to be aware of how much stamina you have when facing them. They mate with females of all kinds of species and reproduce at an explosive rate. They’re mainly used for odd-jobs at the arena, but they are often used as the final blow to a challenger’s pride once they are weakened enough.
  219. Lately, they’ve been used as a way to determine if a challenger has been weakened enough or not.
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