Zafara Sleepy Fun Time Part 1

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  1. It was a late, late night, you'd finally put in the money and have your dream vacation, a three night stay on the hills beyond Neopia Plaza in a Luxury Suite. Weeks at the Battledome and smart investments to finally get away from all the stress and concerns of the outside world.
  3. It's 2 am, the first night of your grand vacation, and wouldn't you guess it-- insomnia strikes again. You have a queen sized bed, and for the eightieth time you turn in your covers, unable to quiet your overactive brain. The room was far, far too warm, but you didn't want to wake up the lump by your feet either in getting up to change the AC.
  5. That lump being Firia, your blue-furred, slightly plump Zafara. She's the only pet you own, currently curled into a tight, resting ball, her puffy chest slowly rising and falling as her tongue lulls slightly onto the blanket. Her tail is so massive, ending in a curious feather-like tuft, it completely circles her core. Her slender fingers and thick padded paws wrap around the long appendage like some sort of body-pillow. Her snores are soft, and you can't help but envy the critter.
  7. You debate trying to raise your legs to slip out of bed but reconsider, a fair bit of her weight was on your ankles, and you didn't want to wake her. She put a lot of the work in for this vacation as well. The moon flits through the blinds just enough to make out the aesthetic traits of your pet, the pale pink nose resting against a golden muzzle, how her relaxed expression let all the tension of her face fall. How her ears tucked gently down along her upper spine... how her puffy (but rather smooth beneath the fur) chest thinned slightly before meeting a soft tummy to wide, welcoming hips-
  9. No-not welcoming. Just hips.
  11. You rub your eyes a bit, this had become a recurring issue. You aren't a Neophiliac. Not by any stretch, no way at all, but somewhere as the years went on, you couldn't help but... sometimes find the "Wrong" word coming to mind when looking over Firia.
  13. "Fluffy" became "Voluptuous", "Cute" became "Wanting", and more and more often you find yourself letting her take the lead on walks just to keep an eye on how her tail swishes to and fro as her rump bounces just a bit with each step, visible even through the thick fur. How the way her spine arched made every aspect of her womanhood clearly visible with every step she took.
  15. How soft her paws looked from behind, trailing up to said hips and everything else her body had to offer. You groan into your pillow-- why? Why these thoughts? The way the pink pads matched her nose despite the terrain, she was so meticulous about her grooming...
  17. Her tail flicked, a slight shiver in her rest, a tail Firia pulls back using the pads of her paw, squeezing the appendage in with enough force you could see the fatty flesh beneath her tailfur give in to her. Her upper paws, or hands, you were never quite sure how to define them, gave it a nice, slow rub, before pulling the tip to her face for safe holding. You groan again, feeling your chest start to struggle to take in enough air, the room was already hot, and here you are... watching your pet readjust her tail.
  19. With a hand under the blanket and by extension under your boxers.
  21. This wasn't the first time you've done this, shameful as it is, she's usually a sound sleeper, and after so many nights of just you and her together...
  23. You continue to make weak justifications in your head as you shuffle the blankets, getting a better grip on your dick from under your boxers. Right as you give the base a firm squeeze, her paws pulse in again, gripping firmly into her tail, and you find your lower lip meeting your teeth. God, if she only knew how envious you were of a tail right now.
  25. You gasp for air, lowering the blanket enough to let some flow to your sweaty torso. The musk of your arousal hits you like a brick, and for a moment you fear you'd wake her. She squirms a bit as you readjust, sitting up to get a better look at her, before settling back into long, slow snores.
  27. You lean forward, chancing it just a tiny bit, hunching over and feeling particularly dirty as you try and get just that much closer. Your heart skips a beat when the bed creaks, and one of her large ears twitches slightly. You stay still, so completely still, hovering over her, blankets aside, cock out and in hand.
  29. By all the Fae, what in the Hell are you doing!? But... it's okay. She's asleep.
  31. Exhaling sharply, you go back to work on yourself, letting your eyes rest on how her tail had moved, focus shifting from her tantalizingly tight paw pads to her relaxed rump, her gorgeous pink lower lips and how welcoming Firia looks, how relaxed she looks. How her tongue dips lazily and warm just past her lips- how-
  33. It may be profanity, maybe just a gasp, that leaves your lips as you severely overestimate your sexual endurance. Your balls tuck tight and orgasm hits like a truck. At first the thought is meager and small, a stained bed sheet until you realize just how aroused you truly were, and are.
  35. "Wow Chief, not just the paws but my butt too, you must've been holding that in pretty hard."
  37. Fuck. It was definitely profanity that time that came out.
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