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  1. ```
  2. I am a shy, introverted teenager with Asperger's. I enter a party to finally
  3.  find a girlfriend. The girl of my dreams is nowhere in sight. What do you do?"
  5. "Well," you say, "you go talk to the people at the party".
  7. "What? Are you serious
  8. > go talk to the people at the party
  10. You walk over to the group and ask them where they are. They tell you that it's
  11.  a big house party, but no one there seems to be interested in talking to you.
  13. > barge in making your best Super Mario impression
  15. You decide to try something different. You start babbling like a madman. Everyone
  16.  looks around as if expecting someone to jump out from behind a bush or something.
  17. "Hello! My name is..".
  18. "Oh, hello!" one of the girls says
  19. > My name is Mario. Mario Mario.
  21. "I'm Mario".
  22. "Okay then, what do you want?"
  23. "What do I want? Oh, well I was just wondering who all these people were".
  25. > go eat a psychedelic mushroom
  27. You run up to the girl with the most hair on her head and grab her hand. She
  28.  smiles at you and runs off giggling. You follow her into a room full of people
  29.  eating mushrooms.
  31. > say "Can I have a mushroom?"
  33. "Sure".
  34. She hands you a piece of brownish-green fungus and you take a bite. It tastes
  35.  awful, but you manage to finish it. The smell is overwhelming, but you feel
  36.  better already.
  38. > sing the Super Mario theme song
  40. You begin singing the Super Mario theme song in your native tongue. Everyone
  41.  laughs and claps along with you. You don't know why, but suddenly you feel better.
  42. "That was amazing!". A girl says.
  43. > start jumping on the furniture
  45. You continue to sing the song and begin jumping on the furniture. This causes
  46.  everyone to laugh even more. Finally, you stop and sit down on a chair.
  47. "Wow, that really worked for me".
  48. > jump up and down on the chair
  50. You stand up and begin jumping up and down on the chair. Everyone starts laughing
  51.  again.
  52. > look at the Koopa shell toy on the floor
  53. * tutaj gra się zawiesiła wywalając jakiś błąd związany z TensorFlow*
  54. ```
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