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  1. meme godYesterday at 5:57 PM
  2. I want to talk
  3. Ima NyxYesterday at 5:57 PM
  4. What's up
  5. meme godYesterday at 5:59 PM
  6. I totally get why the drama was forced out of the lounge and I totally respect the decision but I think it's incredible rude towards other members to actually punish them or threat to punish them when a staff member is bringin up a topic. I am well aware of the whole save space thing and I respect that but you can't really cut off any back talking because it apparently triggers pussy ass peopl
  7. I can't walk into a group of people, bring up how poor I am and don't expect people to not talk back
  8. That's not how talking works
  9. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:00 PM
  10. I know I read back in Lounge, those staff members have been spoken too. However, you both didn't need to add fuel to the fire. You calling people sensitive and them arguing back.
  11. meme godYesterday at 6:00 PM
  12. Ok then I would like to ask the same question Sophie asked
  13. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:00 PM
  14. It seems both parties were at fault
  15. meme godYesterday at 6:01 PM
  16. Am I not allowed to call people sensitive
  17. In the lounge
  18. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:01 PM
  19. In that situation, no
  20. It only makes it worse
  21. meme godYesterday at 6:01 PM
  22. Can you please explain why not
  23. I would like to understand why
  24. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:01 PM
  25. I just did
  26. It's adding fuel to the fire
  27. It makes it worse
  28. meme godYesterday at 6:01 PM
  29. Alright then why didn't any if the staff member stopped the whole conversation at first
  30. By calling out the other staff member
  31. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:01 PM
  32. I did :3
  33. I told everyone to calm down
  34. meme godYesterday at 6:02 PM
  35. That's not what I am saying
  36. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:02 PM
  37. I'm not going to call staff out in public
  38. meme godYesterday at 6:02 PM
  39. Why did no one stepped in once Cody brought up the topic
  40. Why not
  41. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:02 PM
  42. That's not professional
  43. meme godYesterday at 6:02 PM
  44. Why am I called out in public then
  45. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:03 PM
  46. Max, I didn't direct to anyone
  47. meme godYesterday at 6:03 PM
  48. You didn't
  49. Other people did
  50. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:03 PM
  51. I'm talking to you in private
  52. I know
  53. meme godYesterday at 6:03 PM
  54. Is that handled internally?
  55. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:03 PM
  56. And they were spoken to in private
  57. meme godYesterday at 6:03 PM
  58. Why am I, as part of the whole thing, not involved
  59. I am not saying you're a liar but you could be
  60. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:04 PM
  61. Because you don't need to be
  62. meme godYesterday at 6:04 PM
  63. There's no evidence you actually talked to them
  64. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:04 PM
  65. It's a staff channel
  66. meme godYesterday at 6:04 PM
  67. Oh, I think an excuse would be more than appropriate
  68. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:04 PM
  69. Well you'll just have to trust me and trust how staff works in Lounge
  70. meme godYesterday at 6:04 PM
  71. So there's no excuse going to happen
  72. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:04 PM
  73. Not everything is handled externally
  74. meme godYesterday at 6:05 PM
  75. You're not answering my question
  76. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:05 PM
  77. Can you elaborate your question
  78. meme godYesterday at 6:05 PM
  79. I think I was treated unfairly compared to staff member
  80. I think some specific staff member owe me an excuse
  81. Everyone is equal right
  82. Then why were I called out publically
  83. But Cody wasn't
  84. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:06 PM
  85. Max, it was nothing like that.
  86. meme godYesterday at 6:06 PM
  87. It absolutely was
  88. I was pinged and asked to drop the topic
  89. No one else was addressed directly
  90. Not Cody, not Sophie, no one was
  91. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:07 PM
  92. Well I'll speak to them about that
  93. meme godYesterday at 6:07 PM
  94. And of course I won't find out about that right
  95. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:07 PM
  96. What's done is done
  97. I'm sorry you felt targeted
  98. meme godYesterday at 6:08 PM
  99. I didn't
  100. I am just trying to have equal treatments
  101. Also it would be very interesting to know how staff member are chosen
  102. Is there any way to find iut
  103. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:09 PM
  104. The thing is they saw your comments first, so they reacted to you first.
  105. Then everything blew up
  106. and ended in a heated argument
  107. It got hectic, nobody is being treated better than the other
  108. meme godYesterday at 6:16 PM
  109. I respect that
  110. I still have follow up questions
  111. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:17 PM
  112. Hm?
  113. meme godYesterday at 6:17 PM
  114. First of all
  115. How is staff choose
  116. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:18 PM
  119. meme godYesterday at 6:18 PM
  120. Now by who
  121. Not
  122. How
  123. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:18 PM
  124. Their
  125. apps.
  126. If they have a good app.
  127. meme godYesterday at 6:19 PM
  128. Following up on that question why am I the one showing new people around and why ask people me for help while helpers are around
  129. Are helpers told to show new people around and why aren't they doing it
  130. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:22 PM
  131. This is a good question for Mercy who is head of helpers but i'll try to answer. They deal with the newbies when they first join, helping them with guidelines and FAQ and helping them with any questions they might have. They're helping in a hidden channel, it's not that they aren't helping. It's okay if members help the newbies too.
  132. meme godYesterday at 6:23 PM
  133. I know the hidden channel, ive been there multiple times
  134. But you should understand that people have the most questions once they see the whole server
  135. Let me rephrase my question
  136. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:24 PM
  137. That's the job of the newbie then, they can ask questions to staff and they're listed on the side bar
  138. Again you're best talking to Mercy about this
  139. meme godYesterday at 6:25 PM
  140. Is mercy even around
  141. I never see them
  142. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:25 PM
  143. Just DM them
  144. @mercyrezplz
  145. meme godYesterday at 6:25 PM
  146. Il find them, no worries
  147. My next follow up question is: how are reports about helpers handled
  148. Are they discussed internally? Are they taken serious?
  149. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:26 PM
  150. Of course
  151. You report it to higher staff like myself
  152. or Mercy
  153. meme godYesterday at 6:27 PM
  154. Just curious because people came to me complaining
  155. Don't get me wrong I don't wanna start drama. I love the lounge with every bit of my heart but I feel like there have been mistakes made
  156. And I know people who think the same and idk how to handle that
  157. It's not my job and the last time I did something like this I was banned
  158. So there's trust issues not gonna lie
  159. Ima NyxYesterday at 6:46 PM
  160. Did you respond to Mercy?
  161. meme godYesterday at 6:47 PM
  162. I am currently talking to mercy, yes
  163. meme godYesterday at 6:56 PM
  164. Yeah mercy wasn't helpful
  165. What am I expecting from someone barely active on the server themself?
  166. Follow up question
  167. What about inactive staff
  168. Ima NyxToday at 10:52 AM
  169. Idfk dm Cerberus
  170. I’m busy
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