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  1.     story={
  2.         "\t<V>Everything is quiet here in the heaven, The Angels live their normal lives with no troubles,</V>\n\t<font color='#AD2428'>OMG, The Demons have just attacked the heaven!</font>\n\t\"<J>You Angels, Never Give up, do your best to fight the demons!!</J>\" --<font color='#61B6BD'>Said The God Mouse</font>",
  3.         "\t<V>What a great war between the Angels and the Demons. Both of the Heaven and the Hell got destroyed!!</V>\n\t\"<R>Grr, Grr, You noob demons, can't you defeat some angels? Grrr</R>\" --<font color='#AD2428'>Said The Demon Cat</font>\n\t<font color='#61B6BD'>It has started, the biggest war, The God Mouse just entered and started to attack the Demons, but, The Demon Cat won't allow that...</font>",
  4.         "\t<V>Both of <font color='#61B6BD'>The God Mouse</font> and <font color='#AD2428'>The Demon Cat</font> died in the great battle...</V>\n\t<font color='#AD2428'>Before dying, The Demon Cat used his last power to break the wall between the Heaven and the Hell, The Demons broke into the heaven!</font>\n\t<V>The Angels are losing the battle,</V>\t\n\"<J>NEVER GIVE UP, I'LL GIVE YOU ALL MY POWER, BUT NEVER GIVE UP!</J>\" --<font color='#61B6BD'>Shouted The God Mouse Before his Death</font>",
  5.         "\t<font color='#61B6BD'>With The God Mouse's last power, the angels could protect their heaven, they could break into the hell, inside the Demons Volcano</font>\n\t<V>And here is a big bang, the volcano was destroyed, The Demons are losing this battle</V>\n\t<font color='#AD2428'>But, Demons aren't going to lose easily, The Demons are strong, they could preotect themselves in this great war...</font>",
  6.         "\t<V>The Demons Volcano was destroyed, The Heaven was destroyed too,\n\tThe last survivor Angels, and The last survivor Demons are fighting each other in their last battle,\n\t<J>Who won? Who lost? That's an eternal mystery, eternal adventure."
  7.     }
  8.     pw="<J>Invite one of your friends to fight with, the room's password is: %s</J>",
  9.     new="<J>There's a new PvP mode! Type !pvp\nNovo modo adicionado! /room #myhero0auto\nHá uma nova loja de escudos lá! !shop ou aperte O</J>",
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