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  1. > Hello, My name is Quinten.
  3. > I am making a project called
  4. > What will it do? Partnered developers will get free space on our servers. It will display your plugins to Customers. The Customer would like to test the product so that's why we came up with this idea. Everyone is allowed to give themself permissions to test the plugins properly. It will be a CloudNet project. so not all the plugins will on the same server (e.g different permissions plugins). That's why we are making it a CloudNet Network. Every server will reset after 4 hours and startup their Template. So it doesn't matter if they destroy the world. By Request, we can execute a command on discord that will reset the server. Every BIG developer will get permission to reset their own server if needed. It will help out Developers allot. I am already partnered with some Developers that really like this idea. We will provide the Servers and maintain everything.
  6. > Example:
  7. > I am looking for a Permission plugin. But I also see a Staff plugin to make it easier for my staff members. 2 customers at once.
  8. > I am looking for Tools but Also find an amazing WorldGenerator plugin.
  11. > The idea we've got is a bot we're adding to every discord. We assume you have added your own verification system to check if people actually purchased your plugin. So the developers who work with us will have a synced system to our server. If they have a role on your server, they will also get it on our discord. This can go automatic, or manually. It depends on what you want. <@173839105615069184> is going to develop this. So if you have any questions about it please ask him.
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