OWB 3.3.0 Patch Notes

May 16th, 2021
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  1. -- Update 3.3.0 --
  3. ### Major
  4. - A shared focus tree for Beltran-Levya and Sinaloa cartels, with abroad covert operations and a brand new stability managing system.
  5. - A new focus tree for Two Sun, with the Great Race mechanic.
  6. - Expanded Costa Cafeinada's coffee production with new mechanics and focuses. Manage Coffee production and sell it to small customers or countries around the wasteland.
  7. - Rework of the Free Fighters National Focus Tree to allow for dynamic matches and leadership.
  9. ### Added
  10. - Added generic flavor events for Mexico.
  11. - Added multiple Mexican Major Businesses.
  12. - Added unique Manpower laws for Two Sun and Navajo.
  13. - Added custom Lone Star manpower law icons.
  14. - Added a new system, covering relations between Caesar's Legion, Two Sun and Gente Del Sol.
  15. - Added attack values to enforcer gear, power armour, special forces equipment and skate equipment. This change also includes adjustments to IC cost.
  16. - Added a native 25% defence boost to infantry, which still equates to less than what they had due to the equipment nerfs they had.
  18. ### Changed
  19. - Changed impassibles colour, for them to be better outlined on the map.
  20. - Changed starting manpower laws for Mexico.
  21. - Changed infantry stats, so now other types of units are more viable to use.
  22. - Changed the New Canaan focus Return to the Dead City so it can be taken if you control it but don’t own it.
  23. - General reduction of attack, defence and breakthrough on all infantry equipment, build costs have been reduced.
  24. - Changed bonuses given to Special Forces stats to be less impactful since they gain more from their equipment now.
  25. - Buffed Super Mutant attack, defence and breakthrough modifiers to compensate for infantry equipment nerf.
  26. - Changed Doc’s design company to apply to already researched support equipment.
  27. - Changed the decisions to form Oklahoma and Colorado to check for the leader traits instead of other arbitrary checks.
  29. ### Fixed
  30. - Fixed Mexican Nations list to properly show national ideas for minors.
  31. - Fixed the Trade Expedition button not working.
  32. - Fixed minor issues in exodus that produced errors in the log.
  33. - Fixed a few focuses having wrong time costs.
  34. - Fixed Santa Anna focus Arm Carthage bypass so it now works properly.
  35. - Fixed the first level of Heavy Infantry equipment not being outdated by the second level.
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