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  1. $ fabric-ca-client enroll --help
  2. Enroll identity with Fabric CA server
  4. Usage:
  5.   fabric-ca-client enroll -u http://user:userpw@serverAddr:serverPort [flags]
  7. Global Flags:
  8.       --caname string                  Name of CA
  9. string                  The common name field of the certificate signing request
  10.       --csr.hosts stringSlice          A list of space-separated host names in a certificate signing request
  11.       --csr.keyrequest.algo string     Specify key algorithm
  12.       --csr.keyrequest.size int        Specify key size
  13.       --csr.names stringSlice          A list of comma-separated CSR names of the form <name>=<value> (e.g. C=CA,O=Org1)
  14.       --csr.serialnumber string        The serial number in a certificate signing request
  15.   -d, --debug                          Enable debug level logging
  16.       --enrollment.attrs stringSlice   A list of comma-separated attribute requests of the form <name>[:opt] (e.g. foo,bar:opt)
  17.       --enrollment.label string        Label to use in HSM operations
  18.       --enrollment.profile string      Name of the signing profile to use in issuing the certificate
  19.       --enrollment.type string         The type of enrollment request: 'x509' or 'idemix' (default "x509")
  20.   -H, --home string                    Client's home directory (default "/Users/sjain68/.fabric-ca-client")
  21.       --id.affiliation string          The identity's affiliation
  22.       --id.attrs stringSlice           A list of comma-separated attributes of the form <name>=<value> (e.g. foo=foo1,bar=bar1)
  23.       --id.maxenrollments int          The maximum number of times the secret can be reused to enroll (default CA's Max Enrollment)
  24. string                 Unique name of the identity
  25.       --id.secret string               The enrollment secret for the identity being registered
  26.       --id.type string                 Type of identity being registered (e.g. 'peer, app, user') (default "client")
  27.   -M, --mspdir string                  Membership Service Provider directory (default "msp")
  28.   -m, --myhost string                  Hostname to include in the certificate signing request during enrollment (default "WITSC02X6385JGH")
  29.   -a, --revoke.aki string              AKI (Authority Key Identifier) of the certificate to be revoked
  30.   -e, string             Identity whose certificates should be revoked
  31.   -r, --revoke.reason string           Reason for revocation
  32.   -s, --revoke.serial string           Serial number of the certificate to be revoked
  33.       --tls.certfiles stringSlice      A list of comma-separated PEM-encoded trusted certificate files (e.g. root1.pem,root2.pem)
  34.       --tls.client.certfile string     PEM-encoded certificate file when mutual authenticate is enabled
  35.       --tls.client.keyfile string      PEM-encoded key file when mutual authentication is enabled
  36.   -u, --url string                     URL of fabric-ca-server (default "http://localhost:7054")
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