We'll Learn Together (Slave Pony, America, Oneshot)

Nov 19th, 2017
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  1. >Day We’ll Learn Together.
  2. >”What were you doing talking with my boyfriend?”
  3. “I just-“
  4. >File Nohtfound knocks the books out of your hand.
  5. >They clatter loudly on the ground.
  6. >”You’re a loser, Anon. And no one will ever like you.”
  7. >File and her friends laugh.
  8. >
  9. >
  10. >One year later.
  11. >File was right.
  12. >Despite your best efforts, you are still kissless and alone.
  13. >Once you almost touched a boy’s hands.
  14. >He was assigned to be your lab partner, and he didn’t hate you, so that was good.
  15. >He tried to pass you some acid in a beaker.
  16. >It was for some sort of experiment.
  17. >You held out your hand with fingers outstretched, so they might accidentally brush his.
  18. >It was going to be perfect.
  19. >He probably wouldn’t even notice.
  20. >Just as you almost touched him, he let go and you dropped the glass.
  21. >It shattered loudly, and most of the others laughed.
  22. >You ran off.
  23. >It was too much.
  24. >He didn’t want to talk to you after that.
  25. >But, today is a new day.
  26. >Mom and Dad waited until you enrolled in community college for next fall before leaving.
  27. >Dad had finally retired from the military, and wanted to take a road trip for the summer before finding civilian work.
  28. >Moving around a lot meant you never could make friends.
  29. >Whenever you thought about taking a chance it was time to go.
  30. >Maybe that’s why you’re so fucked.
  31. >But that doesn’t matter.
  32. >You finally have a pony.
  33. >The pony has a blue mane and a yellow coat.
  34. >He’s a unicorn.
  35. >Also, he has a shooting star on his butt, so you think you’ll call him Comet.
  36. “Sit.”
  37. >He sits.
  38. “Good boy.”
  39. 1/15
  40. >You give him a small carrot.
  41. >He munches on it quickly.
  42. >You try to pet him, but he pulls away.
  43. >That’s alright, he just needs time to get to know you.
  44. “Now, speak.”
  45. >Comet nickers.
  46. “Good boy, Comet.”
  47. >You give him another carrot.
  48. >Now for what you’ve been waiting for.
  49. >You take a few steps back.
  50. “Come.”
  51. >He gets up and trots toward you.
  52. >You hold your hands up for a hug, but he stops just short of your reach.
  53. “Come!”
  54. >He taps a hoof on the wooden floor.
  55. “No, come closer.”
  56. >He looks around like he isn’t sure what to do.
  57. >Comet nickers and taps his hooves.
  58. >You take a step forward and he jumps back.
  59. >Okay, so maybe he is just nervous.
  60. >You can understand that, he’s still new to you.
  61. “I have some toys for you.”
  62. >His ears raise.
  63. “Look!” You say as you hold up a squeaky carrot.
  64. >It has a smiling face and rope arms.
  65. >You squeeze it three times and Comet gets agitated.
  66. >Is it too loud?
  67. “Go get it.”
  68. >You throw the toy across the room.
  69. >He looks at it, before returning his gaze to you.
  70. “No, Comet. Fetch.”
  71. >You point at the toy, hoping he will understand.
  72. >He magics it over and places it in front of you.
  73. “No. You’re being bad. Fetch.”
  74. >Again you throw it, but he doesn’t move to bring it back.
  75. “You don’t like Mr. Carrot?”
  76. >He taps a hoof.
  77. “What about, Teddy?”
  78. >You hold out your prized teddy bear.
  79. >Teddy was good to you all these years.
  80. >You might even say he is your only friend.
  81. “You can play with him, if you want.”
  82. >Slowly, so as not to startle him, you place the bear in front of Comet.
  83. >He sniffs it cautiously before taking a step back.
  84. “Play with Teddy.”
  85. >You push your stuffed bear toward your pony with your foot.
  86. >Comet uses his magic and lifts the bear.
  87. >This is it.
  88. >He’s finally going to love you.
  89. >Comet swings the bear and throws it behind you.
  90. 2/15
  91. >It hits the far wall and the stuffed animal lands face down.
  92. “Don’t be mean to Teddy!”
  93. >They told you to hit his nose if he is bad.
  94. >You swipe your hand, and Comet neighs loudly.
  95. >He runs to the far side of the room.
  96. “That’s what you get when you’re bad.”
  97. >The unicorn snorts and nickers a few times.
  98. >His hoof rubs his nose.
  99. >You pick up Teddy and pat him nicely on the head so Comet can see.
  100. “Teddy is my friend.”
  101. >You put the bear on a shelf.
  102. “I guess I should show you around. Come.”
  103. >You have to order Comet several times before he follows you around.
  104. >He keeps his tail low, and stays just outside of your reach.
  105. >Each time you enter a different room he enters and inspects it closely.
  106. >His eyes slowly move from object to object.
  107. >Like he is cataloging them or something.
  108. “And this is our room.”
  109. >You open the door to your basement refuge.
  110. >It’s a little cleaner than usual since you wanted to make him feel welcome.
  111. >The shelf displays several anime figures, each holding up a letter.
  112. >Together they spell, 'Hello.'
  113. >You thought that would be a nice touch.
  114. >Comet looks around and finds a sock that just barely missed the hamper.
  115. >He sniffs at it, before kicking it with a hoof.
  116. >For some reason this bothers you more than you’d like to admit.
  117. >Comet then uses his magic and takes one of your figurines.
  118. “No.”
  119. >He ignores you and places it on your bed.
  120. >With his magic he grabs another toy.
  121. “Don’t touch my stuff.”
  122. >You lift your hand.
  123. >This time Comet is ready and jumps away.
  124. >He bobs his head in a threatening manner and snorts loudly.
  125. >His horn looks kind of sharp.
  126. >Better stay away from it just in case.
  127. “Alright, fine. Relax.”
  128. >You lower your arm.
  129. >Comet waits several seconds before returning to his inspection.
  130. >Finally his eyes stop at his bed.
  131. >It’s positioned next to yours so he will get used to sleeping near you.
  132. 3/15
  133. >Eventually, you’ll invite him to cuddle.
  134. >When the time is right.
  135. >Once he’s comfortable.
  136. >His bed is shaped like a horseshoe.
  137. “Do you like it?”
  138. >He taps a hoof a few times before looking at you.
  139. “Yes, it’s yours.”
  140. >Comet lifts up his hoof.
  141. >Is he pointing at your bed?
  142. >Finally he taps several times.
  143. “That’s my bed.”
  144. >You touch your chest so he can understand.
  145. “Mine.”
  146. >He neighs loudly and bites his bed.
  147. “Comet, no.”
  148. >The pony tries to drag it, but is hampered by the other furniture in the room.
  149. “Stop it, Comet. No!”
  150. >Again you swipe at him, and he isn’t quite fast enough to escape this time.
  151. >Comet whinnies loudly.
  152. >He drops the bed and lunges at you with his horn.
  153. >Your foot catches a piece of furniture and you fall.
  154. >As if by instinct, you curl into a ball to protect your head from his stomps, but his attack never comes.
  155. >Cautiously, you open an eye, and see Comet using his magic to lift his bed.
  156. >He climbs on your bed while still moving his own.
  157. >Slowly he moves to the end and then jumps off.
  158. >It’s like is he trying to avoid you.
  159. >That or he doesn’t want to get hit again.
  160. >He’s careful to stay out of your reach.
  161. >You stand up, and see him putting his bed in your father’s office.
  162. >When you enter the room, Comet is already sitting on his bed.
  163. >It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
  164. >He was supposed to feel cold one night and then climb into your arms.
  165. “Do you want to stay here?”
  166. >Comet lays down once before suddenly standing and repeating the motion.
  167. >At least he didn’t go to the other side of the house.
  168. >Though you’re not sure how long he can use his magic.
  169. >Maybe he chose this room so he can rest before moving again?
  170. >You don’t want to antagonize him further.
  171. >After all, you have to make him love you.
  172. “Alright. You can stay here.”
  173. 4/15
  174. >You hold out your hands and back out of the room slowly so he knows you’re not a threat.
  175. >His brows furrow.
  176. >Suddenly he moves forward and approaches you.
  177. >He sits at your feet and lifts a hoof.
  178. >Comet shakes it several times while nickering.
  179. >Are you supposed to grab his hoof?
  180. >Maybe he is giving you a high five?
  181. >You hold out your hand and his hoof touches it.
  182. >It feels amazing.
  183. >He lets you hold his hoof for a few seconds before pulling back.
  184. >You look at him for a while, but he doesn’t do anything.
  185. >It's almost as if he is expecting you do so something.
  186. >Since you just bought him, you decide it would be a good idea to give him a bath.
  187. >He follows you easily enough to the restroom.
  188. “Get into the tub, Comet.”
  189. >You tap on the edge several times.
  190. >His ears raise.
  191. >You feel like he is giving you a defiant look.
  192. >A hoof taps several times, and he huffs.
  193. “What? You don’t want a bath?”
  194. >He points outside the room then huffs again.
  195. “Alright…”
  196. >The second you leave, he closes the door.
  197. >After a moment, you hear the water turning on.
  198. >Maybe he is shy?
  199. >You decide to leave him to it.
  200. >It would be better to not start another fight.
  201. >After half an hour, Comet emerges from the restroom.
  202. >From the kitchen, he appears dry.
  203. >Comet walks toward the living room.
  204. >He sits in the center of the couch and waves his hoof at the television.
  205. “You want to watch TV?”
  206. >His ears raise.
  207. >The remote floats toward you.
  208. >You didn’t know ponies liked watching television.
  209. >Again he waves his hoof.
  210. >What does he want to watch?
  211. >You turn on the TV and sit next to him, hoping to accidentally put an arm around him.
  212. >He scoots to the far end of the couch.
  213. >Well, you can’t expect everything at once.
  214. >You turn to the animal channel, and he waves his hoof.
  215. >This repeats several times until you end up on a documentary about space.
  216. >He stares at the TV and doesn’t give you a glance.
  217. 5/15
  218. >After a few hours he doesn’t argue when it is time for bed.
  219. >When you arrive in the basement hallway, he goes to his own room.
  220. >You linger at the door, hoping that he will invite you in, but instead he closes his door.
  221. >It only takes a moment to slink to your room.
  222. >It’s next to your dad’s office after all.
  223. >You lay in bed, with Teddy in your arms.
  224. “Why can’t Comet be more like you?”
  225. >Teddy doesn’t answer.
  226. >Instead you pet him, and hold him close.
  227. >You’re glad you bought that bottle of cologne.
  228. >With it, Teddy almost smells like what you imagine a man would smell like.
  229. >When you close your eyes, it almost feels like someone cares about you.
  230. >You reach over to your nightstand and pull out your massager.
  231. >It was too big at first.
  232. >You felt like it was ripping you open.
  233. >Now you’ve gotten used to it.
  234. >Having your folds stretched will make it easier to sleep.
  235. >You put Teddy on your chest as you lay on your back.
  236. >His face presses against yours.
  237. >You imagine he is invading you.
  238. >Taking what belongs to him.
  239. >Is that fucked?
  240. >To imagine your stuffed animal is ravaging you?
  241. >You push away those thoughts as you let a moan escape.
  242. >You need this.
  243. >Soon enough, you will convince Comet to take Teddy’s place.
  244. >Then you will have someone real.
  245. >He might be a pony, but that’s alright.
  246. >It’s better than nothing.
  247. >Another moan, as Teddy pushes deeply into you.
  248. >You pull him closer to muffle your sounds.
  249. >You don’t want to be too loud.
  250. >
  251. >The entire week plays out the same.
  252. >When you try to give him a bath him he insists that you leave.
  253. >Sometimes he asks you for things, and it takes a while to figure out what he wants.
  254. >At night he goes to your father’s office instead of your room.
  255. >You have to be content with taking care of your urges by yourself.
  256. >Comet usually follows simple commands, but occasionally he resists you.
  257. >This morning is different.
  258. 6/15
  259. >As you sit in front of the television watching cartoons, Comet sits next to you.
  260. >Without telling him, he puts his head on your shoulder.
  261. >He shifts several times until you put an arm around him.
  262. >Finally, Comet settles down.
  263. >He’s so warm.
  264. >Comet’s mane has a masculine smell.
  265. >Almost like adventure, or danger.
  266. >You want to rub him, and tell him he’s a good boy, but you don’t want to ruin the moment.
  267. >Together you sit for half an episode before he starts speaking.
  268. >Just soft nickers at first, then snorts and huffs.
  269. >All the while he moves a hoof as if he is explaining something to you.
  270. >This goes on for several minutes before he suddenly stops.
  271. >His big eyes look at you.
  272. >You feel like he wants you to give him reassurance.
  273. >A week ago, you would have thought the idea of a talking pony to be silly.
  274. >But now that you have seen him act independently, you think it could be possible.
  275. “What are you trying to say, boy?”
  276. >He sits upright, and furrows his brow.
  277. >Comet lets out a low groan.
  278. >You shake your head.
  279. “I don’t understand.”
  280. >He puts a hoof to his chin and imitates a person deep in thought.
  281. >His other hoof taps on the couch cushion.
  282. >Suddenly he hops off the sofa and looks around the room.
  283. >He finds a piece of paper and places it on the coffee table.
  284. >One of his hooves taps on it several times.
  285. >It almost looks like he wants a pen.
  286. >You get up and grab one from the kitchen.
  287. >The pen is pink and has a fuzzy top.
  288. >It wasn’t one of your mom’s best decisions, but it will do for now.
  289. >Comet takes the pen and starts drawing on the paper.
  290. >When he finishes, he shows you his masterpiece.
  291. >It’s just a few scratches.
  292. >If you were drunk, you might even think they were characters or symbols.
  293. >You hold out your hands while shaking your head.
  294. “I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me.”
  295. >Again he scribbles, but this time makes different signs.
  296. >It’s still illegible to you.
  297. 7/15
  298. “It’s a nice drawing,” you offer.
  299. >Comet whinnies loudly throws the pen.
  300. “Hey! No!”
  301. >He ignores you and crumples up the paper.
  302. >It gets thrown in another direction.
  303. “Stop it, Comet!”
  304. >You lift up your hand to stop his tantrum.
  305. >He eyes you cautiously, but doesn’t move.
  306. >You stare at each other for several seconds, before he starts bobbing his head.
  307. >He waves a hoof at you.
  308. >A frown appears on your face, but you lower your hand.
  309. >He taps his hoof once, and then nods his head.
  310. >Comet repeats this several times before waving at you to imitate him.
  311. >You nod in an exaggerated fashion just like your pony.
  312. >His mouth forms what looks like a smile as he watches you repeating his actions.
  313. >Next he taps twice, and shakes his head.
  314. >It’s like a game of some sort.
  315. >You follow your pony’s actions and he appears happy.
  316. >He magics over Mr. Carrot and pets the stuffed vegetable.
  317. >A hoof taps once.
  318. >Comet puts the toy on the table, and taps twice.
  319. >Again you repeat his actions.
  320. >You take Mr. Carrot and touch his leafy hair.
  321. >Then you tap once.
  322. >You put him on the table, and tap twice.
  323. >Comet jumps in excitement.
  324. >You feel yourself beaming.
  325. >He looks so happy.
  326. >If only you understood how this game was played.
  327. >He magics over your microwaved breakfast sandwich and puts it in your hand.
  328. >His hoof motions for you to give it to him.
  329. >You hold it out, and he taps a hoof before taking it.
  330. >Your eyes open wide.
  331. >He’s trying to tell you how to say yes.
  332. >You smile and tap on the table once.
  333. >Comet reaches up and hugs you on his own.
  334. >He’s heavy and you have to lean back into the couch to take his weight.
  335. >It feels much better than with Teddy.
  336. >Comet nuzzles you several times.
  337. >The feeling of his soft coat is indescribable.
  338. >With this rudimentary system, he teaches you what you think are ‘I don’t understand,’ and ‘I want.’
  339. >They are three and four taps respectively.
  340. >Combined with hand signals, the taps make a simple way of communicating.
  341. 8/15
  342. >He seems much happier, and rarely rejects your attempts at affection.
  343. >Still, he doesn’t sleep in your room, but that’s alright.
  344. >
  345. >Several days pass, and you decide enough time has gone by to press your luck.
  346. >You are extra nice to Comet, and give him several treats.
  347. >Together you spend the day going to the park, and playing.
  348. >At night he asks to go outside.
  349. >Comet lays on his back so he can watch the stars.
  350. >His hoof points at them, and he makes horse sounds.
  351. >He looks so happy.
  352. >After an hour of watching him, you let out a loud yawn.
  353. >Your phone says it’s late.
  354. “It’s time for bed, Comet.”
  355. >He frowns, but listens to you.
  356. >One tap – ‘yes.’
  357. >He follows you to the basement, and watches when you stop outside of his room.
  358. >This seems to always happen.
  359. >He expects you to go to your room so he can close his door to rest.
  360. >But you’ve been extra nice to him today.
  361. >This could be your chance.
  362. >You feel your heart racing.
  363. >Better do it now, before you lose your nerve.
  364. Four taps – ‘I want’ and you point to your room.
  365. >His head moves back and forth.
  366. >You feel your heart sinking.
  367. >Comet is going to say no.
  368. >He waits several seconds before answering.
  369. >One tap – ‘yes.’
  370. >Rejection turns to joy in an instant.
  371. >This is it.
  372. >He waits patiently as you strip down to your underwear.
  373. >When you are ready, you climb into bed and lift the cover to invite him in.
  374. >He doesn’t move.
  375. >Three taps – ‘I don’t understand.’
  376. >Maybe Teddy can help?
  377. >You take your bear and hold him closely.
  378. Four taps – ‘I want.’
  379. >You put Teddy on your nightstand and rub the open space on your bed.
  380. >Comet frowns, but taps once.
  381. >He climbs into bed, careful not to bump into you.
  382. >You move the blanket so it covers you both.
  383. >When it is in place, you let your hand drift to his chest.
  384. >His ears raise, but he doesn’t protest.
  385. >You put your nose against his mane.
  386. >He smells so good.
  387. 9/15
  388. >And he is finally all yours.
  389. >You rub his chest, and he sighs quietly.
  390. >You can feel his heart beat quicken.
  391. “It’s okay, Comet. I won’t hurt you.”
  392. >Your voice calms him slightly.
  393. >Together you lay there for several minutes.
  394. >He lets his ears fall as he enjoys your comfort.
  395. >All the while you rub his chest and belly.
  396. >Slowly, you let your hand drift lower.
  397. >His ears raise as your approach his sheath.
  398. >Comet snorts once, and shifts so your hand is on his flank.
  399. “No. Be a good boy, Comet.”
  400. >He lets out a quiet whinny.
  401. >Three taps – ‘I don’t understand.’
  402. Four taps – ‘I want.’
  403. >You move your hand over his prize.
  404. >Two taps – ‘no.’
  405. >You ignore him and continue to touch him.
  406. >You can feel yourself getting wetter.
  407. >His smell is so intoxicating.
  408. >His stallionhood grows in your hand.
  409. >Comet’s hoof moves your hand and places it on his chest.
  410. >He uses your hand to make the tapping motion.
  411. >Two taps – ‘no.’
  412. >His protest is more forceful than before.
  413. One tap – ‘yes.’
  414. >He tries to get up and whinnies when you pull him back.
  415. >You've gone this far, you have to see it through.
  416. >How can you make him understand?
  417. >You decide to make a new symbol.
  418. >With your free hand you tap five times.
  419. "Please.”
  420. >He huffs loudly, and turns to you.
  421. >His body is against yours, and you can feel his full length.
  422. >It’s bigger than you imagined.
  423. >Hopefully you can take it.
  424. >Three taps – ‘I don’t understand.’
  425. >You repeat the five taps and pretend like you are bowing to him.
  426. “Please.”
  427. >His brow furrows as he tries to understand.
  428. >Two taps – ‘No.’
  429. >Suddenly, you feel angry.
  430. >How can he refuse you?
  431. >You’ve been nice to him all day!
  432. “No. You belong to me, Comet.”
  433. >You wrap an arm around him, and with your free hand touch him again.
  434. >Comet whinnies loudly and tries to escape.
  435. >He kicks several times, careful not to hurt you.
  436. “Stop it, Comet!”
  437. 10/15
  438. >You hold him close, but don’t touch anything sensitive.
  439. >It seems to calm him.
  440. >Again you begin your advances.
  441. ”Ow!”
  442. >He bit you!
  443. >Comet takes the opportunity and hops off your bed.
  444. >He whinnies and snorts several times.
  445. >He takes Teddy and throws him at you.
  446. >The stuffed animal hits your chest and lands in your arms.
  447. >Comet snorts and scuffs the floor.
  448. >His head bobs in a threatening manner.
  449. >You feel your eyes watering.
  450. >Not even your pony will sleep with you.
  451. >He continues talking in his horse language.
  452. >All the while he rears up like he will attack you.
  453. Three taps – ‘I don’t understand.’
  454. >Comet doesn’t tap back.
  455. >He just glares at you.
  456. “I’m sorry, Comet.”
  457. >He huffs a final time and slams the door as he leaves.
  458. “I’m sorry.”
  459. >
  460. >The next day Comet stays in his room except to eat or to use the restroom.
  461. >When you try to speak with him, he simply ignores you.
  462. >You didn’t mean to make him so upset.
  463. >It was supposed to be good for both of you.
  464. >Don’t all guys like getting laid?
  465. >Maybe he just doesn’t want to do it with you?
  466. >No.
  467. >Don’t think about that.
  468. >You’ll just feel bad again.
  469. >It did sound like he was trying to talk to you.
  470. >He kept making horse sounds, but it must have meant something.
  471. >You look up from the couch and see the crumbled up piece of paper from a few days ago.
  472. >Sometimes it pays not to clean up.
  473. >You take it and look over his markings.
  474. >The letters, if you can call them that, are very angular.
  475. >They don’t look like drawings or hieroglyphics.
  476. >You’ve heard that ponies had some sort of society back home.
  477. >They must have been able to speak and write to each other.
  478. >You take the paper and go to your room.
  479. >The computer is on, like always, and you search for pony language.
  480. >After scanning through a few sites, you find one that seems to be close to what you are looking for.
  481. >It appears to be more for telling your pony what to do.
  482. 11/15
  483. >The website shows a few simple written phrases such as, ‘Clean the dishes,’ and ‘Time for bath.’
  484. >Overall, it is unhelpful since it doesn’t give any pronunciation.
  485. >The next website is a little better.
  486. >It has translated a few of the pony characters into English.
  487. >There are only fifty to a hundred translated words.
  488. >Most appear to be nouns like, “chair,” or “banana.”
  489. >One is particularly amusing.
  490. >Apparently ponies don’t have a word for humans, so they use ‘monkey.’
  491. >You print out the sheet and compare it to what Comet wrote.
  492. >You can only make out, ‘Monkey,’ ‘read’, and ‘pony.’
  493. >It’s a start.
  494. >Finally you arrive at a video blogging site.
  495. >A man and his Pegasus appear on the screen.
  496. >They tell awful jokes and make way too many jump cuts.
  497. >Eventually they get to the point.
  498. >Their blog is about communicating with ponies.
  499. >The man says several phrases, and the pony says them in Equestrian with the symbols below.
  500. >”Good morning,” the pony nickers.
  501. >”How are you?” the man says in Equestrian.
  502. >”I’m fine. Thank you.”
  503. >A few more jump cuts and the scene ends with the man and pony hugging.
  504. >You watch all the other videos they made.
  505. >Maybe if you say something in Equestrian, then Comet won’t hate you?
  506. >You spend the next few days practicing.
  507. >
  508. >It’s finally Friday.
  509. >Well, not like that matters.
  510. >You don’t work anyway, but today you will try speaking with Comet.
  511. >He’s been slightly less aloof, but still mostly stays out of your way.
  512. >Today he is sitting outside and playing with Mr. Carrot.
  513. >He looks like he is bored, and is just passing the time.
  514. “Good morning,” you nicker.
  515. >His ears raise, and his head turns quickly toward you.
  516. >“What?”
  517. “How are you?”
  518. >His eyes open wide in disbelief.
  519. >Comet sits up to say something, but you don’t know what he means.
  520. “I don’t understand.”
  521. >You tap three times for emphasis.
  522. 12/15
  523. >He probably asked where you learned that.
  524. >This time he talks slowly, as if to a child.
  525. >“Monkey speak Equestrian? How?”
  526. >You don’t know how to say computer.
  527. “Television,” you say in English. “And with this.”
  528. >You show him the printed paper with translations.
  529. >Comet smiles.
  530. >You spend the rest of the day showing him the videos, and practicing with him.
  531. >The only breaks are when it’s time to eat.
  532. >You don’t like skipping meals.
  533. >That’s the best part of the day.
  534. >Well, besides when Teddy decides to take you.
  535. >The day is amazing.
  536. >You learned that Comet’s name is actually Comet Tail, so you were pretty close.
  537. >Comet even accidentally leaned on you when you needed help with a word.
  538. >You can only speak in short sentences, and you imagine he has to fill in the rest.
  539. >But Comet is up to the challenge.
  540. >He talked about Equestria, and something about his cutie mark.
  541. >You didn’t understand most of it, but it was nice to just sit next to him again.
  542. >When you check your phone, you realize it’s late.
  543. >Somehow the day just melted away.
  544. >Now you have to address the elephant in the room.
  545. >Comet Tail also seems agitated.
  546. >He can sense what you are going to tell him.
  547. >That it’s time for bed.
  548. “Comet, about the other night.”
  549. >He crosses his hooves.
  550. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”
  551. >”Yes. That was wrong.”
  552. >You know it won’t make a difference, but you want him to know why you tried.
  553. >Maybe then he can forgive you.
  554. “I am lonely. No monkey friend.”
  555. >He furrows his brow.
  556. >”No monkey? You have pictures.”
  557. >You shake your head.
  558. >The videos didn’t teach you how to say that the people in the photographs are your family.
  559. >You have to use your hands to help him understand.
  560. “Pony and pony, make monkey. Me. Pictures.”
  561. >”Pony and pony make monkey?” he repeats.
  562. >His hoof goes to his chin as he tries to understand.
  563. “Yes.”
  564. >”Ah. Filly and colt made a foal. You. They are in the pictures.”
  565. 13/15
  566. “Yes. No other monkeys.”
  567. >He frowns as he realizes what you are saying.
  568. >”Why no monkeys?”
  569. >You look away.
  570. “Monkeys don’t like me.”
  571. >”You are?” And then he says a word you don’t understand.
  572. >You shake your head.
  573. >Comet makes a weird face while waving a hoof in front of it.
  574. >Then he repeats the word.
  575. >He must mean ugly.
  576. >You’re nothing special, but that can’t be the only reason you’re alone.
  577. >You just never fit in.
  578. >How can you explain that?
  579. “Yes. Ugly. And like pony and pony, and monkey. Not pony.”
  580. >You point at yourself, and then make a hand stand on two fingers.
  581. >You make the other hand walk on four fingers, like an equine.
  582. >The person hand moves toward the pony, but then runs away.
  583. >”Not pony? You mean different?”
  584. “Yes. That why I buy you.”
  585. >”To be a monkey?”
  586. >You shrug.
  587. >Now that he says it out loud, it sounds silly.
  588. >How can a pony replace a human?
  589. >What would people think?
  590. >It would only confirm the fact that you are a loser.
  591. >A loser that has to resort to sleeping with ponies.
  592. >But this is the longest you have every spoken to a boy before.
  593. >Even if he is a colt.
  594. >At least you have that.
  595. >”Why me? There are many ponies.”
  596. >He seemed nice enough at the shop.
  597. >The only other colt there looked sick.
  598. >You could have gone to other shops, but that would have meant spending more time outside.
  599. “I don’t know.”
  600. >Comet Tail leans back and stares at the television.
  601. >It was on just for background noise.
  602. >Your favorite show is on, but you’ve seen the episode before.
  603. “It’s time for bed,” you say in English.
  604. >”I know.”
  605. >Comet follows you to the basement.
  606. >Like always, you stop at his door, hoping he will invite you in.
  607. >But that can never happen.
  608. >He stops at his door, but doesn’t enter.
  609. >Instead he just looks at you, like he is expecting you to say something.
  610. >But what can you say?
  611. 14/15
  612. >If you ask him to go to your room, he will just reject you again.
  613. >You’ve made so much progress.
  614. >You can’t throw that away.
  615. >Comet rears up on his hind legs, and uses his forelegs to balance himself.
  616. >His hooves are on your shoulders.
  617. >You didn’t realize he was so tall.
  618. >He’s heavy, but that’s alright.
  619. >You could stand here forever.
  620. >Comet looks into your eyes.
  621. >Neither of you want to be the first one to speak.
  622. >Your hands move on their own, and end up on his sides.
  623. >If he were a human, you would think he was about to kiss you.
  624. >But that’s silly.
  625. >No one will ever love you.
  626. “I’m sorry, Comet.”
  627. >He shakes his head.
  628. >”You have a friend now.”
  629. >He presses against your cheek.
  630. >Everything inside you screams, ‘Kiss him. Kiss him now.’
  631. “Thank you, Comet.”
  632. >He moves so he can nuzzle your neck.
  633. >His hot breath makes your heart race.
  634. >This is all you’ve ever wanted.
  635. >Why can’t it last forever?
  636. >You move so your check touches his.
  637. >He pulls away slightly so he can look at you.
  638. >His light blue eyes are intoxicating.
  639. >Comet looks at your lips, then back at your eyes.
  640. >Is this really happening?
  641. >After all these years?
  642. >He moves in slowly, so painfully slowly.
  643. >You can’t take it anymore and push your lips against his.
  644. >The feeling is indescribable.
  645. >Being held.
  646. >Being wanted.
  647. >It’s all so much.
  648. >He pulls away and smiles.
  649. “I don’t understand,” you say in English.
  650. >You tap him three times.
  651. >”I know.”
  652. >He lets go and lands on all fours.
  653. >With his magic he takes your hand, and leads you to your room.
  654. >Is he going to spend the night?
  655. >You've never been with anyone before.
  656. >What if you mess it up?
  657. >You'll ruin your only chance at happiness.
  658. “I don’t know what to do.”
  659. >He opens your door, and his hoof touches the frame.
  660. >Five taps – ‘please.’
  661. >”We’ll learn together.”
  662. fin
  663. 15/15
  665. So this was my attempt at a lonely girl story. The idea was too interesting to pass up.
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