S44 Hungarian unit list

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  1. Hungary was holding on to the war right to the end. They were Germany's closest ally in Europe, and Germans shared quite a bit of equipment with them, as well as sold them licenses to build some more.
  2. Some other equipment models were shared with Italians for various reasons - some were WW1 relics ingerited by both and others were purshased from the same sources.
  3. There also was cooperation with Sweden in tank development, with 38M tank and 40M SP AA being of Swedish origin.
  5. Infantry model: based on German, with uniform recolored to more greenish-brown color, like this:
  6. Helmet type was German one.
  8. Small arms
  9. Rifle: 35M
  10. Pistol: 37M
  11. SMG: 39M Danuvia
  12. LMG/HMG: 31M (closely related to German MG34, MG42)
  13. AT rifle: Solothurn S-18/100
  14. AT rocket: German equipment available
  16. Warning: Hungarian 20mm tank gun is actually a Solothurn AT rifle. It is NOT a full-auto gun! Affected units: Csaba, any boats with Csaba turret, Toldi II.
  18. Armored car:
  19. 39M Csaba
  21. Light tank:
  22. 38M Toldi II (20mm gun)
  23. 38M Toldi IIA (40mm gun)
  25. Medium tank:
  26. 40M Turan I (40 mm gun, up to 60mm front armor)
  27. 41M Turan II (short 75mm gun, same body)
  28. 43M Turan III (long 75mm gun, prototype only)
  30. Heavy tank:
  31. 44M Tas (long 75mm gun, up to 120mm front armor) - only 1 built
  33. Assault gun:
  34. 43M Zrinyi II (105mm howitzer) or with skirts:
  36. Tank destroyer:
  37. 43M Zrinyi I (long 75mm) - prototype
  38. German Hetzer?
  40. Self-propelled AA:
  41. 40M Nimrod (40mm AA gun = bofors)
  42. Was designed as a combined AA / tank destroyer (as much as that is possible with 40mm gun), would need AP shells maybe?
  44. Halftrack:
  45. SdKfz 251
  47. Various other German equipment was also available, such as Pz.IV, Hetzer, Stug and even Tiger.
  49. Truck:
  50. 38M Botond 6x4 truck
  52. Guns
  53. AA: bofors 40mm
  54. light AT:
  55.         40M 40mm (derived from German PaK-35/36)
  56.         47 mm Model 1931 anti-tank gun (ex-Belgian guns transferred to Hungary by Germans)
  57. AT: 75mm 40M AT gun (local designation for PaK40)
  58. Special AT: 44M Buzogányvető - deployable heavy AT rocket launched with much better range than the PanzerFaust
  61. field gun:
  62.         5/8M 80mm (actually 3")
  63.         18M 80mm (3", 8cm FK M18 from WW1 era)
  64. howitzer: 37M 105mm (German leFH18)
  65. long-range gun: Bofors 105mm gun M27
  66. Medium gun tractor: SdKfz 11
  67. Heavy gun Tractor: Italian Breda 32
  72. German guns available to replace anything which seems too weak
  74. Radar: some kind of FREYA. There was a domestic product named SAS, but it wasn't common.
  76. Aircraft:
  77. air scout: Weiss WM-21 SOLYOM
  78. light fighter: Hejja II (derived from ITA Re2000, 2x12.7mm MG)
  79. heavy fighter: Bf.109g (license-built locally)
  80. Dive bomber/tank hunter: Me.210Ca-1 (built locally with small changes compared to German model)
  81. Bombs for tank hunter role: SD 4 HL bomblets (kind of like PTAB, but less dispersion)
  83. Boats:
  85. - Debrecen/Gyor/etc. large patrol boat (2 turrets with ~75mm guns, some AA, armor) Gyor: Debrecen:
  86. - PM armored gunboat (2 turrets from Turan I tank)
  87. - PAM 21 armored river minelayer (turret from Csaba)
  88. - no torpedo craft of any kind :(
  90. Mine:
  93. Also various German equipment:
  94.         AFP for fire support
  95.         MFP for tank transport
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