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Oct 22nd, 2016
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  1. Most of the commands are the same, but some require small differences that can be confusing to work out.
  2. Almost all emulators just need:
  3. <command>*PATH TO EMULATOR'S EXE* "%ROM_RAW%"</command>
  4. But a few require different. I've listed them below.
  6. Gamecube, same for Wii:
  7. <command>*PATH TO DOLPHIN.EXE EMULATOR* /b /e "%ROM_RAW%"</command>
  8. DS (This just makes it start Maximized rather than in a window. If you don't mind, follow the instructions at the top instead):
  9. <command>start /max *PATH TO DESMUME.EXE* "%ROM_RAW%"</command>
  10. N64:
  11. <command>*PATH TO PROJECT64.EXE* %ROM%</command>
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