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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 218: ...To Roam (Part 20)

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  1. [2017-04-05 13:29:53] <Kkat> 3Previously...
  2. [2017-04-05 13:30:08] <Kkat> 3"Emptiness," Pan tells Noble_Heart.  Then, at the look the spirit gets, the little draconequus explains, "Not Spirits of Whispers.  Those spirits enforce silence and horde secrets.  The spirits that fill the catacombs are Spirits of Emptiness."  Then, with a sigh.  "Anti-magic.  Also, anti-harmony, anti-friendship..."
  3. [2017-04-05 13:30:17] <Kkat> 3Spirits of Emptiness are an odd sort.  They don't like putting themselves into living things like trees, or precious things like gemstones.  But there is an old,dark stone that they do favor," Pan tells those below him.  "The catacombs are studded with them."
  4. [2017-04-05 13:30:27] <Kkat> 3"Now changelings, they feed on love.  And they are never, ever satiated.  Their hunger knows no end," Pan insists.  "Starvation is the core of their being.  Their magic resonates with it.  So much so that it is the one type of magic that the Spirits of Emptiness don't simply devour."
  5. [2017-04-05 13:30:40] <Kkat> 3Mwana frowns.  "You mean the changelings can use their magic in the catacombs even when no one else can?"
  6. [2017-04-05 13:30:45] <Kkat> 3Pan points towards Noble_Heart.  "Ask her."
  7. [2017-04-05 13:30:53] <Kkat> 3Pan notes, "Hell, I've heard of a changeling queen who made her throne out of the stuff.  Kept the hive safe from noble rescuer outsider magic."  He pauses, staring at an invisible fourth wall.
  8. [2017-04-05 13:30:59] <Kkat> 3Pan adds temptingly, "Now if the ponies going into the catacombs were to take some of those stones out with them..."
  9. [2017-04-05 13:31:05] <Kkat> 3Citrine Glow perks.  She points out, "That could shut down the Obsidian Scepter!"
  10. [2017-04-05 13:31:06] <Kkat> 3...
  11. [2017-04-05 13:38:34] <Kkat> 3Ditzi Doo finally stops, plopping down on her plot and just stares.  Not the stare of somepony who has found what they are looking for, but of a pony who has been trying to find a way out with no success for months, and has stopped expecting that to change.  But here, at least, the floor is more dirt than stone; she can etch words in that.  She writes: Hello.
  12. [2017-04-05 13:38:38] <Kkat> 3...
  13. [2017-04-05 13:38:57] <Kkat> 3Ditzy Doo throws her hooves (and what's left of her wings) around Noble_Heart in an enthusiastic and thankful hug.  She actually manages to ooze tears of joy.  That someone would come after all this time and bring her good news, news of her family... it is more than she could have wished for.  Noble_Heart's words have filled her with joy.
  14. [2017-04-05 13:39:11] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart gently wraps a foreleg around Ditzy Doo, holding her close. It was perhaps not the best news, but at least it was a reason to know that those she cared about were safe for the moment.
  15. [2017-04-05 13:39:28] <Kkat> 3...
  16. [2017-04-05 13:39:35] <Kkat> 3The translators look at each other.
  17. [2017-04-05 13:39:40] <Kkat> 3One answers quickly, "We were foolish, like children.  But we could never stand against Roam.  Roam is...  is..."
  18. [2017-04-05 13:39:49] <Kkat> 3"Roam is like mother.  You cannot hate your mother.  That would be wrong."
  19. [2017-04-05 13:39:54] <Kkat> 3The other nods.  "We serve Roam."
  20. [2017-04-05 13:40:42] <Kkat> 3Shatara nods and ponders a moment. "Thank you for your time. It was good to talk, maybe we can talk again..." He steps away, and turns to Mare-Do-Well. "You've got experience with this sort of thing...don't you? What do you think..?"
  21. [2017-04-05 13:40:48] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well answers, "Twilight fixed us.  With friendship.  And real memories."  She looks at the stripeless.  
  22. [2017-04-05 13:40:53] <Kkat> 3...
  23. [2017-04-05 13:41:26] <Kkat> 3The younger zebra bolts off and soon returns with the PipBuck's unlocking tool.
  24. [2017-04-05 13:41:32] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart offers out her foreleg for the tool, it was after all their PipBuck and merely given as a colateral tether to her.
  25. [2017-04-05 13:41:39] <Kkat> 3As the familiar zebra unlocks the PipBuck from Noble_Heart's foreleg and removes it, he nods.  "You have done us and Roam... all zebras, in truth, a great service.  Letting you into the catacombs... and back out... is a favor I am grateful to do in return."
  26. [2017-04-05 13:41:45] <Kkat> 3The zebra looks up at her.  "Sadly, I cannot do anything about the trouble you are likely to find once inside."
  27. [2017-04-05 13:41:51] <Kkat> 3Mitzi nods. "Dat's wut Uh'm here fur mainly," she notes with a brandishing of her claws.
  28. [2017-04-05 13:42:00] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart offers a polite bow. "We understand. We shall do Our best to remain safe. Thank you."
  29. [2017-04-05 13:42:04] <Kkat> 3...
  30. [2017-04-05 13:42:38] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Eightteen: ...To Roam (Part 20) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&list=PL6lMYzCrh4VGBe86gFxsx3pNx06v5W78e
  31. [2017-04-05 13:43:34] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  32. [2017-04-05 13:49:07] <Kkat> 3The portcullis into the Catacombs grinds upwards, lifting from the floor with large iron spikes.  The grand door beyond was crafted by masterwork artesians, carved with images of the ancient zebra's beliefs of the afterlife.  Now, heavy reinforcing bars are welded across the carvings, giving the door extra resilience.
  33. [2017-04-05 13:50:43] <Mitzi> Mitzi takes a moment to admire the craftsmanship. She didn't understand pony squiggles, but things like this she could get behind.
  34. [2017-04-05 13:52:39] * Bookwright raises his camera cautiously and snaps a picture. of the door. "That door... It tells a story of beauty and grief."
  35. [2017-04-05 13:53:13] <Kkat> 3From a control panel, the guard disengages the deadbolts on the grand door.  The door sweeps open on mechanical hinges.  Another switch turns on alchemical lights built within sconces that regularly decorate the walls.  The Imperial Hall of the First Catacomb lights up warmly.
  36. [2017-04-05 13:54:58] * Golden_Dream hisses out a breath through her helmet. "Alright. We're going in. Get yer' shit. We're, um. We're gonna save Ditzy. Don't stop me now." She said in the same, single pitch in the tone of someone who very desperately wants to be stopped.
  37. [2017-04-05 13:55:04] <Kkat> 3The walls are covered in rich, tiled mosaics accented with inlaid skulls and bones.  Carved into the walls are graves for the fallen.
  38. [2017-04-05 13:55:59] * Bookwright stands in awe and takes another photo.
  39. [2017-04-05 13:56:07] <Kkat> 3The hallway stretches at least a hundred meters, slowly descending and with many branches, before the lights give out and it becomes a maw of darkness.
  40. [2017-04-05 13:56:48] * Noble_Heart did not, indeed, intend to stop anyone. Infact, she was at the head of the group as they began to move down the halls into the catacombs. Taking the time to appreciate the architecture. "We did not have much time to appreciate the design of this place in Our hasty exit."
  41. [2017-04-05 13:57:09] <Kkat> 3The wreckage of a guardian robot is visible near the edge of the light.
  42. [2017-04-05 13:59:45] * TenMihara smiles at Noble_Heart "Stripey ponees appreciate good carving und gems. Hopefully unce peace wit ponees eez secure, dey can be friends tu. "
  43. [2017-04-05 13:59:51] <TenMihara> * Mitzi
  44. [2017-04-05 14:00:59] * Bookwright stops in front of the wrecked robot and snaps another photo, taking care to frame it properly.
  45. [2017-04-05 14:02:11] * Golden_Dream whispers out an almost bitter "Okay." She looks back at the technozebras, thinking aloud, "I don't suppose y'all have any kerosene on y' or somethin'? Or maybe jus' a real big candle? No?" She curses under her breath, taking out a flashlight. "Lesse how long this thing lasts, then." She muttered
  46. [2017-04-05 14:02:41] <Golden_Dream> ,  flicking it on and sticking it on her outer barding.
  47. [2017-04-05 14:04:28] <Kkat> 3To any who know what they are looking for, it is not difficult to spot the occasional black tiles in the mosaic, carved from strange dark stone.  
  48. [2017-04-05 14:06:04] <TenMihara> Mitzi slips up to the wall, used to seeing in the dark of underground, and takes a look at the curious stone she had been told about. She licks and sniffs it, taking in texture and scent, curious if it was in any way distinct.
  49. [2017-04-05 14:08:10] <Kkat> 3Bookwright looks over the guarding robot.  It is a military security-grade version of the mechanical spiderbots that they encountered in the coal mines, outfitted with an unenchanted ballistic armament.  The robot looks like it suffered catastrophic failure do to excessive punctures.  The walls nearby are defaced with bullet holes.
  50. [2017-04-05 14:09:04] <Kkat> 3Beyond where the robot rests, the lights no longer work, and the catacombs quickly fade into a cloying blackness.
  51. [2017-04-05 14:11:58] <Kkat> 3The black stone is slightly rough and smells ashen.  But more distinct is a harder to define unpleasantness, as if the stone radiates not heat or cold but loneliness.
  52. [2017-04-05 14:13:50] <Kkat> 3As Mitzi licks it, she is reminded of how far distant she is from home and family.  And of those who did not survive the time of her childhood.
  53. [2017-04-05 14:15:09] * Noble_Heart continues on towards the darkness. "She will be somewhere further within. Along with the last survivor of the last party Golden Buckle hired to fulfill our contract. Assuming he still lives."
  54. [2017-04-05 14:19:57] <TenMihara> Mitzi's ears fold back as she steps away from the stone. I
  55. [2017-04-05 14:20:24] <TenMihara> * "Uh dun like deserve rocks," she notes, "but at least they eez unique."
  56. [2017-04-05 14:20:34] <TenMihara> * dese rocks
  57. [2017-04-05 14:20:53] * Golden_Dream continues on. "Alright. Get one of those. I got a plan for it."
  58. [2017-04-05 14:21:49] <TenMihara> Mitzi nods and keeps her nose and eyes peeled for a hunk of that rock that wouldn't require defacing the artistry.
  59. [2017-04-05 14:26:19] <Kkat> 3The farther down and in they travel, the more maze-like the catacombs clearly become.  Following the wider Imperial Hall allows them to keep from getting lost, but it means passing numerous side wings that branch and curve off.  
  60. [2017-04-05 14:27:45] <Kkat> 3These side hallways lack the fine carving and mosaic work of the Imperial Hall.  After the first hundred meters, most barely have proper stonework.  Many of the burial nitches are carved directly into dirt.  In the darkness, any deviation from the Imperial Hall becomes a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
  61. [2017-04-05 14:28:32] * Noble_Heart does her best to remember the way she had come towards the exit when last she was here. Which was probably not the most useful. "Last time, she found Us, so We have hopes that she will again."
  62. [2017-04-05 14:30:28] * Bookwright checks again that the headlamp on his power armor is working. He certainly doesn't want to be eaten by a grue!
  63. [2017-04-05 14:30:43] <Kkat> 3Fifty yards beyond the wreckage of the guardian bot, Golden_Dream's flashlight beam slides over a body.  Then a few more.
  64. [2017-04-05 14:34:09] <Kkat> 3As they draw closer, the bodies are those of Stripeless.  None that they recognize from the /Shadowbolt/, but clearly similarly "discorded" zebras.
  65. [2017-04-05 14:36:20] * Golden_Dream checks above her and then above the piles of corpses. Golden was trained very early to look up whenever she intuits that there might be something dangerous about. Growing up around pegasi left it's marks. She then places her hoof on one of the corpses and presses to see how much the flesh gives.
  66. [2017-04-05 14:38:59] <Kkat> 3The corpses are cold and rigid, and putrification has fully set in.
  67. [2017-04-05 14:39:29] * Mitzi frowns and looks to Golden_Dream. "How long dey been here?"
  68. [2017-04-05 14:40:24] * Golden_Dream waggles her hoof to get the icky feeling off of... Her power armored shoe. Huh. "Long. Real long."
  69. [2017-04-05 14:42:10] <Kkat> 3Three more of the military-grade spider-bots are visible down the hall and crumpled in side passages, as well as a hover-drone similar to the one Noble_Heart encountered in the catacombs before.
  70. [2017-04-05 14:42:53] * Bookwright is awfully glad that power armor comes with air filters.
  71. [2017-04-05 14:44:04] * Noble_Heart frowns. "But not that long. This battle was fought recently. Within the last few weeks." She frowned. "We do not recall this state of affairs when last We were here either. It is very concerning. Were they sent here when the airship imploded? Or were these stripeless incinerated in dragonfire?"
  72. [2017-04-05 14:45:49] * Bookwright "I'd bet even money on the latter. Casualties of a battle fought with dragons."
  73. [2017-04-05 14:48:48] <Kkat> 3A low, ratchetting whir sounds from the darkness ahead.  Then a brilliant light bursts to life deeper down the Imperial Hall.  Golden_Dream's E.F.S. lights up with a single point of red, dead ahead.
  74. [2017-04-05 14:49:24] <Kkat> 3A split-second later, the Imperial Sentinel fires its rockets.
  75. [2017-04-05 14:49:31] * Golden_Dream heaves out a sigh, then presses forward. "Doubt it. These're discorded zebras, and last I checked the Zebras and dragons weren't at war. Naw, I think this is chaos weirdne-" Incoming. She ducks down and brings up her rifle.
  76. [2017-04-05 14:55:29] * Noble_Heart did her best to focus her magic into her shield spell. "We suggest finding cover, quickly!"
  77. [2017-04-05 14:57:10] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart's shield flickers weakly to life, but she can feel the magic draining away.  Four missles rocket across the distance, giving virtually no time for reaction.
  78. [2017-04-05 14:57:19] * Bookwright hits the deck
  79. [2017-04-05 14:57:48] * Mitzi reacts instinctually, arms swinging with remarkable speed as she burrows into the ground.
  80. [2017-04-05 14:57:59] * Get_Lost yawns in the alchemist's hideout. has no idea of what is going on
  81. [2017-04-05 14:58:02] <Kkat> 3The third rocket dips slightly erratically in its flight path, colliding catastrophically with the fourth.  The two explode in a fireball halfway across the distance.
  82. [2017-04-05 14:59:22] <Kkat> 3Mitzi finds it harder than she expected to dig into the tile-covered floor of the catacombs... but not by much.  She is able to dig a few feet down, enough to give her a measure of cover, when the rockets reach Noble_Heart's shield.
  83. [2017-04-05 15:00:36] * Golden_Dream whips around into a sidepassage and presses up against it hard. Right. Goldy wasn't a stranger to making her poor eardrums suffer, she's a girl that is very acquainted with the sound of a shotgun barking. But in a hollow, empty hallway that goes on forever like this, she's happy for the noise
  84. [2017-04-05 15:00:40] <Golden_Dream> cancellation in her helmet.
  85. [2017-04-05 15:03:11] * Golden_Dream lifts her Brush Rifle. She remembered once upon a time, some stranger walked into town with one of these things. Laminated wood, and steel so shiny the sun could glint off it on a cloudy day. She did a little research after that, and found out that these things were for shooting big, heavy, flat
  86. [2017-04-05 15:04:48] <Golden_Dream> headed rounds that wouldn't so much put a hole in something as make them into a warped, gory art piece regardless of what they were hiding behind. She hoped that steel wouldn't be that much of a challenge.
  87. [2017-04-05 15:05:19] * Bookwright had dived into a side passage opposite Golden_Dream.
  88. [2017-04-05 15:08:46] * Noble_Heart struggles to keep her shield up in the face of the sudden, extremely rapid, rather violent expansion of gas and kinetic force. The draining efforts of the surrounding anti-magic stones didn't help any, as her shield bubble collapsed before the assault, flames and force battering her armor and mane.
  89. [2017-04-05 15:13:41] * Bookwright makes a mental note to thank Get_Lost for the armor that just saved his life.
  90. [2017-04-05 15:14:06] * Golden_Dream is really, really tired of ending up a mangled, bloody mess because some asshole got the drop on her and started throwing goddamned explosives at her. She was so tired of it that after she was flung to the ground and almost died (again), her first reaction wasn't to curl up in pain this time, it
  91. [2017-04-05 15:16:04] <Golden_Dream> was to immediately get her ragged and broken self up and start working the levergun while punctuating each of her four shots with an scream of an obscenity before backing into the hallway again in case the exploding dickbot decided to try that shit again.
  92. [2017-04-05 15:20:20] <Kkat> 3Targeting the exploding dickbot, Golden_Dream can see that one of its treads is torn apart.  A previous battle has immobilized the powerful Roaman military bot, turning it into an extremely well-armed turret.
  93. [2017-04-05 15:30:45] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream pumps four shots into the Imperial Sentinel with her brush gun.  One shot pierces into the ammo housing for the bot's secondary weapon.  The robot is torn apart by an increasingly loud cacophany of explosions that rip up the hallway around it, followed by a deep rumbling as the ceiling caves in, burying the burning pieces under collapsing rubble.
  94. [2017-04-05 15:32:43] * Bookwright uncovers his head when the loud noises have stopped. "Um. Is it over now?"
  95. [2017-04-05 15:34:25] * Golden_Dream shouts as the robot dies, marching up to it and proceeding to beat the rubble with her hooves some more after the cave in settled. "FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, I AM TIRED OF BEIN' BLOWED UP, FUCK YOU."
  96. [2017-04-05 15:36:51] * Noble_Heart winced and flattened her ears. "Well. We believe that if anything is still alive down here, it most -certainly- knows that it has visitors now."
  97. [2017-04-05 15:37:32] * Bookwright "Actually, I would bet they would assume the robot had blown up the intruders."
  98. [2017-04-05 15:37:51] * Mitzi pushes her way up out of her cover hole, frowning a bit at the difficulty she had digging.
  99. [2017-04-05 15:37:58] * Bookwright "Further assuming of course that Golden Dream's tirade hasn't echoed as far."
  100. [2017-04-05 15:43:09] * Bookwright "Alright... So everyone is alive? If so... I think we should temporarily retreat out of here so I can cast some healing spells on everyone. I could do it in here, but it would probably exhaust me entirely."
  101. [2017-04-05 15:43:22] * Golden_Dream hyperventilates. This was not doing much to ensure the stability of her limbs, but it made her feel better. She walks back to the others, then right when the adrenaline rush cut off, she then proceeded to just sort of flop over on her side, breathing heavy.
  102. [2017-04-05 15:43:55] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We are uncertain how safe it will be to retreat right now. But We are willing to wait before proceeding."
  103. [2017-04-05 15:45:19] * Bookwright shakes his head. "No waiting. Either we use what potions we have now and go deeper, or we back out. Any further combat with guardian robots in our current state would kill us."
  104. [2017-04-05 15:55:06] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "Then we should heal now. It would be best not to leave if possible. We are uncertain how dangerous this place may be to the guardians."
  105. [2017-04-05 16:00:30] * Bookwright grimaces. "All I have is a leftover potion that's slightly contaminated with pink cloud."
  106. [2017-04-05 16:01:55] * Noble_Heart dug through her bags, retreiving three potions and five rolls of magical bandages, still unused. "These may help."
  107. [2017-04-05 16:05:39] * Shatara catches up from the rear, quickly noting the rather beaten state of the party. "I...guess I should take point now...?"
  108. [2017-04-05 16:06:37] * Bookwright nods. "Please. You're a faster shot than the rest of us anyways."
  109. [2017-04-05 16:07:52] <Kkat> 3From down in the dark, the mechanical chopping noise of at least one hover-drone can be heard drawing closer.
  110. [2017-04-05 16:08:58] * Shatara doesn't like the sound of choppy thing.
  111. [2017-04-05 16:08:59] * Noble_Heart looks up at the sound of the approaching drone. "This was how We were found before. By the keepers. But considering the state of this place Wew ould not discount the possibility of violence."
  112. [2017-04-05 16:17:35] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream and Shatara see the spot of red on their E.F.S. only a moment before the first drone swoops into the Imperial Hall from a side passage, a red eye swinging about.  In its weapon mounting swivels a zebra hunting rifle.  
  113. [2017-04-05 16:22:10] * Get_Lost Suddenly parlay's lights swap from blue to red, then she opens up an infrared port and starts emitting to the robot. it lasts for a while
  114. [2017-04-05 16:22:35] * Get_Lost she beeps and boops a lot, the two droids eems to be communicating
  115. [2017-04-05 16:26:06] <Kkat> 3Parley hacks into the other bot to try to shut it down.  She finds the bot is currently in a high-alert "clean sweep" mode, one that it has been in for several weeks.  
  116. [2017-04-05 16:26:37] <Kkat> 3Parley finds she cannot force the robot into a maintenance shutdown -- the hover-drones are apparently designed to not shut down except when within their maintenance bay -- but she can clear the alert and shut down the "clean sweep", setting the bot back into watcher mode.
  117. [2017-04-05 16:30:27] * Mitzi hunches down and brings her claws to bare as the robot comes around, waiting a moment as she sees it hesitate.
  118. [2017-04-05 16:31:00] * Shatara prepares to add a healty dose of blam to boot.
  119. [2017-04-05 16:31:12] * Get_Lost the AI puts the robot to the usual watcher mode then
  120. [2017-04-05 16:31:22] * Get_Lost and communicate what she's doing to bookie
  121. [2017-04-05 16:31:44] * Golden_Dream is still on her side. She kinda used up all of her adrenaline, and now she doesn't have a whole lot left now that she's in danger again. "Raslfrazzle." She resists.
  122. [2017-04-05 16:31:44] <Kkat> 3Parlay is able to get the bot to relay the change in mode and alert status to the other drones in the area.  Soon, all are confirming watcher mode.  
  123. [2017-04-05 16:32:35] * Bookwright sighs audibly. "Okay. Parley wasn't able to turn the robot off, but she was able to make it stop hunting and killing everything that moves. In fact, she's managed to set all the other hover drones back to 'Watcher' mode as well."
  124. [2017-04-05 16:34:17] * Get_Lost parlay beeps happily
  125. [2017-04-05 16:35:08] * Bookwright did in fact use gendered pronouns for a robot, whatchagonnadoboutit?
  126. [2017-04-05 16:38:51] * Golden_Dream weakly replies. "Yay."
  127. [2017-04-05 16:41:09] * Bookwright Picks up the magical bandage and considers his armor for a moment, before stripping out of it. "Okay, never really done this to myself before but..." He wraps the bandage around his torso carefully. "Golden, take off your armor. The bandage needs skin contact."
  128. [2017-04-05 16:41:16] * Mitzi takes the lead, sniffing and keeping her ears perked against other potential problems
  129. [2017-04-05 16:44:03] <Kkat> 3With the collapse, the group can no longer follow the Imperial Hall.  Mitzi's nose investigates the side passages until she picks up a hopeful scent.  And soon, the group is trodding through the maze of twisty passages all alike.
  130. [2017-04-05 16:44:48] <Kkat> 3It takes two hours, but they finally come upon a larger burial chamber that is familiar to Noble_Heart.
  131. [2017-04-05 16:45:01] * Mitzi keeps her nose in the air and shifts back and forth a little as she tries to pin down the direction she was picking up that fanit hint of a scent from. She goes slowly, keeping her ears perked for anyone other than themselves.
  132. [2017-04-05 16:46:39] * Golden_Dream pulls the pulltab on her armor.  The plating retreats back, leaving Golden to flop out of her armor, feeling, for the life of her, like a dollop of easy cheese.
  133. [2017-04-05 16:47:44] * Bookwright wraps Golden_Dream snugly in a magical bandage, before instructing her to open her mouth and drink the potion he's pouring down her neck.
  134. [2017-04-05 16:49:46] * Golden_Dream sighs. More scars for the pile. She wondered if, by the end of this, she was just going to be a walking pony-shaped pile of scar tissue. She feels strength go back to her limbs. She isn't fixed, but she's better at least.
  135. [2017-04-05 16:51:19] <Kkat> 3In that time, they pass several hoverbots, and keep out of the sight of a still-patrolling Imperial Sentinel.  The robot looks intact, although it's communications relay is damaged, preventing it from receiving signals from Parlay (or anything else).  However, the same damage that prevents the bot from being rendered non-hostile also partially blinds it.
  136. [2017-04-05 16:51:20] * Bookwright decides to hold onto the remaining bandages for the time being, but gives one potion to Golden_Dream to hold onto and returns the other to Noble_Heart. "Here, hold onto this. It's a good idea to keep these spread around. Not sure what good they'll do this deep in the anti-magic fields, but it's good policy."
  137. [2017-04-05 16:52:13] <Kkat> 3However, the last time they ran across it, the bot seemed to notice somepony... or at least spot the tracks they made... because it is now actively hunting them.
  138. [2017-04-05 17:00:19] * Golden_Dream sighs, then hefts herself back onto her hooves and back into her armor. She loads the lever gun, then slowly flourishes by flipping the gun while loading the round in the chamber. "Right. So, what way we goin'?"
  139. [2017-04-05 17:08:48] * Mitzi sniffs again and points in the direction she was tracking.
  140. [2017-04-05 17:09:52] * Bookwright grunts an affirmation. "Obviously, the nose knows."
  141. [2017-04-05 17:12:39] <Kkat> 3It is Shatara who notices the faintest hint of a glow in one of the shadow-blackened burial cavities.  
  142. [2017-04-05 17:13:16] <Kkat> 3The glow comes from the nearly-dead screen of a golden PipBuck...
  143. [2017-04-05 17:13:39] <Kkat> 3...attached to the foreleg of a nearly comatose ghoul.
  144. [2017-04-05 17:13:47] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  145. [2017-04-05 17:13:57] <Kkat> 3XP: +5000
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