FL4K synergy broke

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  1. **__Synergy:__**
  2. **Character:** FL4K. What other characters are there?
  3. **Weapon:** Lucian's Call. Legendary VLADOF assault rifle. Main effect is:
  4. - On critical hit, add 2 bullets to the magazine and ricochet 2 bullets to nearby enemies.
  6. **__FL4K Action Skill Choices:__**
  7. **Main Action Skill:** Fade Away - turns you invisible and allows you to fire 3 bullets that are guaranteed crits.
  8. **Augment 1:** Guerrillas in the Mist - Changes Fade Away to be duration based instead of shot based, but halves the critical damage boost.
  9. **Augment 2:** Unblinking Eye - Successive hits on the same target increase critical damage by +75%, stacking 3 times before resetting.
  11. **__FL4K Stalker Tree (Green):__**
  12. **Furious Attack** - After shooting an enemy, you gain a stack of Furious Attack, buffing your gun damage by +2% per stack (up to 10 stacks)
  13. **Turn Tail and Run** - Boosts your gun damage by +25% while standing still.
  14. **The Fast and The Furryous** - Boosts your gun damage by +25% while above half HP.
  16. **__FL4K Hunter Tree (Red/Orange):__**
  17. **Leave No Trace** - +36% chance to recover 1 bullet on critical hit (not needed, but always nice for more infinite ammo)
  18. **Head Count** - +30% chance to reduce your action skill cooldown by 2s on critical hit (also not needed since anything you shoot will probably die instantly when you use the action skill, but still nice to have)
  20. **__FL4K Master Tree (Blue):__**
  21. **Persistence Hunter** - +45% Action Skill Duration and +15% Gun Damage
  23. Effect: Due to Lucian's Call's effect being that on critical hit you recover more ammo than you fire and ricocheting bullets, simply activate Fade Away with the augments and fire away. Guaranteed crits means you're always recovering ammo and you're always dealing more and more damage due to Unblinking Eye. GLHF!
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