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  1. When it was determined that captured troop/s were from a special branch; VDV/Spetznaz or GRU/KGB etc, they would often be traded to villages who were more effected by Russian actions than others, then given to the widows and old women of the village who would take the captives to caves near Russian patrol routes and bases (this was during the later parts of the war when the Russians in isolated FOB's were reluctant to leave the base.
  2. They would proceed to build a frame to suspend the captured troop/s, and would hang them from this frame using their intestines by making small but deep incisions into their lower abdomen, they would make care to keep the prisoner conscious and hydrated through this and the following processes.
  3. Once suspended by their intestines hanging upside down from this frame, they would proceed to cut and flay the skin from around the waist above the abdomen,  and peel it all the way back to just below the neck and shoulders, they would do the same with the arms from the wrists back.
  4. They would then use the still attached flayed skin to create a bag they would sew shut over the prisoners head, eventually suffocating them in their own skin.
  5. This process usually took between 2-3 days. The prisoner would be allowed to scream and beg throughout to taunt any that might hear, and were left to be found by the next patrol through that area.
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