"Why didn't Dinitro reply?"

Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. Occasionally I will find someone reporting that their inquiry to me was not responded to. This is unusual because I try to be absolutely dependable with replies. But there are some issues that might need to be considered, too.
  3. Some people may be inadvertently doing business with a decoy scammer posing as me. I have ONE email address, and it's my anonymousspeech.com account. I do not use hushmail, safe-mail, or any other email. Scammers have been known to spoof my name, such as dinitro@tutanova.com, etc. Occasionally I even read that someone feels they were "scammed by Dinitro", when it's a person I've NEVER heard from before in my life. It turned out, they got taken by a poser using a variation of my name for a bogus email account. Make sure you only contact me through this single email; any other email or website using my name is fake (see also my paste about the bogus dinitromelt website owned by a scammer). I've even gone to forums to register so I can post wanrings bout this and found that my name "Dinitro" was already registered there by someone else! This has been the case on reddit and eroids, so I've adopted thew moniker "RealDinitro" to distinguish myself.
  5. There are some email services that will automatically block my replies. I will try to reply, and get a "postmaster: message not delivered" reply because your email blocks anonymousspeech.com by default, or it blocks emails coming through the TOR network (which I use for security). I don't know all the emails that block my provider, but I know that icloud usually does, att.net and sbcglobal ALWAYS do (who the heck uses att.net for shenanigans anyway?), and so does outlook, me.com, and others.
  7. Securenym, countermail, and tutanova are notorious for sending legit emails into spam, so if you use those and think I haven't replied, check there.
  9. Tutanova users: I know you all LOVE that cool thing where you can send an email that's secured with a password. But that obviously means nobody else can read it...including me! So if you send me a password-encrypted email, I will not even be able to open it. And please don't send me a password-locked email, then follow it with another email containing the password...If you think your email is vulnerable enough to need a password in the first place, it's too vulnerable to use the same email to send the password in, too! That's like locking your door and then putting a sign on it that says "the key is under the mat; please don't read this note, bad guys!" Not to mention that I get a dozen tutanova emails a day, and I can't possibly sort all those passwords to each locked message.
  10. If you're a tutanova user, just email me directly without that stuff.
  12. I seldom post on forums, but occasionally I do. Please don't PM me there because it'll take so long to get a reply. Email me, please; I go to my email inbox daily.
  14. Last but not least, remember that I don't live my life staring at the computer to await each new email. I have to work a job, raise a family, make my products, pack and ship everything, and manage payment errands. Don't think "Dinitro didn't email me back right away! I'd better send three more identical emails!" I usually get to the computer with some privacy in the afternoons and evenings. On weekends I'm a little slower because I do family stuff, but I'm still here.
  16. So please understand, I'm not ignoring your messages. :)
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