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  1. # You find yourself in the back seat of a taxi with a chicken. Express in your own words how you may have ended up in this scenario and what happens next.
  2. #### I discovered a restaurant that serves good dumplings in a china town near my place. So I went there to check it out. When I got down from a cab, I started walking the streets in search of that restaurant. The street is very busy. Then, I received a phone call.It was from my mom and he said that my brother go injured and needed to be brought to the hospital and that I need to go back to our house immediately to deal with it. So I immediately booked for a cab to pick me up. While walking, I turned to a stall which sells raw chicken meats. I stopped there and waited for my cab. There's a chinese lady there who only speaks mandarin so I dont understand her at all. But I know she is talking to me and is trying to sell me chicken meat. As I try and argue that I wont buy meat, she started talking in mandarin again and went to get a live chicken on a cage beside her. She holds the chicken on its neck and acting like she will start chopping it. I immediately stopped her and said stop. My cab arrived and honked a me. But I cant leave as the lady is trying to kill the chicken. SO, I did the best I could do in that scene. I bought the live chicken from her so i can stop her from killing it then went inside my cab so I can go as there is an emergency in the house. I ended up seating inside the taxi with a chicken. After that, I went to the house then I explained to my mom as to why I am late and why I have a chicken with me. Thankfully, my brothers injury isnt fatal.
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