Here is Where Baphomet is Amazing!

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  1. Schematic! Here is Where Baphomet is Amazing!
  2. The Head of Sabbath who leads witches, Goat horned magical beast Baphomet is amazing here!ā¤
  4. [Baphomet Sense of Touch]
  5. This isn't hair, it's a means of producing and governing great quantities of olden magic!
  6. Baphomets possess extraordinary magical power, and also emit extraordinary magical power from their body!
  7. If it is not controlled, surrounding humans indiscriminately become captivated by little girls!
  9. [Baphomet Eyes]
  10. Indicating that Baphomets are a demonic race, they have vertical pupils!
  11. If a serious effort is made, they can also awaken horizontal pupils like wild goats!
  13. [Baphomet Titty]
  14. Although small, these titties are very sensitiveā¤
  15. According to rumor, if an onii-chan or child sucks on them, it seems Baphomet Milk contains thick magical power.
  17. [Baphomet Body]
  18. Smooth Squishy Skinā¤
  19. A small childish body with a nicely furnished backside, feels good to hug.
  20. Clothing with a high degree of exposure is used to show off a body that personifies the virtue of youth.
  21. Majestically and proudly strutting an inexperienced chest gathers the respect of witches!
  23. [Baphomet Holeā¤]
  24. A tight and narrow tube of meatā¤ The greatest instrument among monsters!
  25. In the case of an onii-chan weak to pleasure, once when you insert it, once at the moment you're deep inside, and even when you try to pull out, you'll release all your semen in climax!
  27. [Baphomet Horn]
  28. Baphomet boasts great horns!
  29. Because magic power constantly circulates through them, they are warm to the touch!
  30. Magic can also be cast through the horns, they are easy to grasp onto while using their mouth, so an Onii-chan who carelessly grasps onto them will have magic used on them by the Baphomet!
  31. If so, it will be impossible to pull out your penis from their mouth, while grabbing the horns, you'll be tempted to thrust it into the back of the Baphomet's throat, do it as much as you like!
  33. [Baphomet Pawsies]
  34. Fuwafuwa Fur, Punipuni Paw Padsā¤
  35. Baphomets don't have toys in childhood, they play with the embodiment of magic itself in the palm of their hands, making them very skillful in both magic and onii-chan service!
  37. [Baphomet Mouth]
  38. A small mouth is an organ to resupply magic power.
  39. Thanks to their small height Baphomet's mouths are at just the right height to take in onii-chan!
  40. They are even good at chanting while devouring onii-chanā¤
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