The TRUE identity of Satoshi Nakamoto [Official] By DraenKaS

DraenkaSK Sep 21st, 2018 (edited) 72 Never
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  1. Hi. This is not a joke or any type of Fake or SCAM, I want this post to be taken seriously and you are free to share it if you are interested in the content of the post.
  3. I found Satoshi, believe it or not, I found him. He made a mistake, I'm relatively close to him, or at least at a specific moment I met him. He dont know my identity and I do not think he have an idea.
  5. We are not friends, not family, I just know him. The goal of this post is going to be the next one, years of anonymity finally at hand.
  6. I will offer clues with different degrees of importance, to greater importance, greater donation I will request. Each track will have two wallets enabled, one to reveal it through donations and another to block it, in case it does not interest to know or that is revealed.
  8. If this post has enough repercussion, I will publish the first track for free, a simple one. (u know share, likes, etc...)
  11. -The data obtained here are public, found on the network, no hacking. Obtained thanks to a failure of Nakamoto.
  12. - Each Track will have two wallets with two objectives in BTC, the first that reaches it will win, and will be revealed or blocked.
  13. - Donations can be group, among all you can contribute.
  14. - The donations will not be refunded, so if u participate here is for one of the two objectives (block or reveal), u are warned.
  15. -I can change the rules according to the operation of the situation. (example,offer a time, or adjust the amount of BTC among others.) But never I will change the rules of a current track.
  16. -Until one track is not blocked or unlocked, the next one will not be accessed.
  17. -there are a total of 10 clues, the last one will reveal the identity.
  18. -If the publication is deleted, I will broadcast it again on this or another network. So i place here a pastebin link with the same info it will be the official post (probably reddit mods will delete my post):
  19. - The first 50, who share the pastebin official link , will be rewarded at the end of this post thanks to the pool donation.
  20. (only for twitter users with more than 300 followers , tweet about it with your wallet address and the hastag #TrueSatoshiPool)
  21. - U can block it all the clues with the huge amount of 30BTC and i will delete all the posts, info, and other kind of information . All to the trash.
  24. - Green track: 2BTC to reveal, 3BTC to block it.
  25. - yellow track: 3BTC to reveal, 4BTC to block it.
  26. - Orange Track: 4BTC to reveal, 5BTC to block it.
  27. - Red Track: 5BTC to reveal, 6BTC to block it
  28. - Black track: 10 to reveal, 11 to block it.
  29. - Address to block all the info 30BTC (enable at the end of clue 1)
  32. CLUES:::::::::::::::::::::::::
  34. 1º For free reaching 50 shares on twitter with this link and this hastag #TrueSatoshiPool.
  35. 2º Yellow - After complete clue 1
  36. 3º Yellow - After complete clue 2
  37. 4º Green - After complete clue 3
  38. 5º Orange - After complete clue 4
  39. 6º Orange - After complete clue 5
  40. 7º Yellow - After complete clue 6
  41. 8º Red - After complete clue 7
  42. 9º Red - After complete clue 8
  43. 10º Black - After complete clue 9
  44. **Address to block all the info will be enable at the end of clue 1 **
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