hit/er is pewdiepie

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  2. Felix claims to be an average Swedish bro
  3. His motives seem known, he lives in the basement, and plays video games
  4. And has no relation we can see to Nazis or the fuhrer
  5. But what we don't see
  6. Is late at night he puts on his Nazi tights and leads the 3rd reich
  7. And he marches hundreds of his men
  8. To Poland from Berlin cuz millions have to die
  9. To serve the chosen race
  11. But there's a wall street journal article that's out
  12. Written by the daily stormer's favourite group of guys
  13. Exposing plans to take over the world and make it white
  14.  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
  15. And he won't have a chance to kill the Jews, his secrets out
  16.  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
  18.  hit十丨er seems to be dead since the 40s
  19. Or so we thought cuz he was in Felix's basement
  20. Putting his messages in the image of just a little nice white boy
  21. With the blue eyes to die for, he may be gay
  22. We don't see, the purges or the pewdie camp
  23. Where he puts his friends like Ethan and Andy Serkis
  24. So to all the Jews he's burning, I'm here to help ya
  25. Save you from literally  hit十丨er
  26. These guys are the same thing
  28. There's a holocaust led by Pewdiepie
  29. You should know that Pewdie's just a furry shitty fuck
  30. If I see him I'll rape him in his cutey Asian butt
  31. Cuz I love Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
  32. And he won't have a chance to take over the world this time
  33.  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
  35. Nobody knows the real Pewdiepie (Nobody brofist like Pewdiepie)
  36. Nobody knows that he's out there killin (Nobody knows that he mass kills millions)
  37. No one could ever deny all his crimes (Nobody else should die)
  38.  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
  40. There's a butt hole that I wanna bang tonight
  41. It belongs to  hit十丨er also known as Pewdiepie
  42. And he won't have a chance to say "no thank you sir I'm fine"
  43. Cuz I'm like super strong, and I fuck super hard
  44. And he won't have a chance to kill the Jews not anymore
  45. Cuz I'll fuck Pewdiepie,  hit十丨er is Pewdiepie
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