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  1.                     "Anon and the Batty Bat-pony"
  2.                  "An Arrhythmia in Your Heart"
  3.            "We Are The Night"
  4.                   "Enter Heartbeat"
  5.          "Lesbats"
  6.               Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
  7.           "Bat Meets Monkey", "Batshots", Flare
  8.           "For your grade"
  9.                   "The quest for Echo", Maple Clop, Tsundere Midnight Blossom, Sun Sun & Moon Moon
  10.             "Anon X Gloom Wing"
  11.                  "Echo"
  12.                      "Knight's Nightlight", one shots with Nightlight and Rosewood
  13.           "The Adventures of Aux Tism", "A Bats Life", various one shots
  14.             "Sylver Light"
  15.                  "Remorseless winter", "I WONDER WHAT'S FOR DINNER"
  16.                 "Living with Echo"
  17.            Bat ponies and contributors one shots
  18.                   "Luca"
  19.                 "Moss Moon and the Lunar Spring"
  20.                    Shorts with Echo, Speck, Pom Pom
  21.                  "A Feeling Of-", "Sirocca", "Merry Moon Memorial", one shots
  22.                "Anon Bat-Dad", "Amber x Night Shift"
  23.       Various one shots and clopfics
  24.               "Anon and Moonlight", Echo one shot clop
  25.                  "Home" Series
  26.               Echo Shorts
  27.                "Cardiac Arrest"
  28.          "Renaissance"
  29.                 "Echo's adventure"
  30.                  "Operating Operationally", "Mosina", "Radom"
  31.                    "Sword n' Board"
  32.          "Anon: Vampony Hunter!", "Edelweiss", "The bat in the Badlands (CYOA)", shorts
  33.                     "Trials", Echo shorts
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