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  1. <color=#add8e6ff><size=12><b>Hello !
  2. Welcome to The Reskranta Server
  3. Infos
  4. - D-Class will become N.T.F if they are handcuffed
  5. - Scientist will become Chaos if they are handcuffed
  6. - If you get kicked several times in a row and the message "You have been kicked. Reason: This Server doesn't allow new Steam accounts" appears, you most likely have a VPN on and got kicked due our VPN shield. We advise you to turn it off.
  7. - Items in 914 don't have to be dropped
  8. - If you want to report a rule breaker, take a screen shot or a Video and go to our Discord Server and report him in the channel "Reports"
  9. - Join our Discord Server to receive the Loyal Member badge in game<color=#008080ff><link=><u></link></u></color>
  10. <color=#ff0000ff><size=12>Rules
  11. 1. Teamkilling is forbidden and will be punished.
  12. 2. Falsely cooperating with the other teams will result in getting punished. (You can team with D-class personnel if you cuff them, the same goes for scientists)
  13. 3. Micspamming is only allowed if it's not annoying anyone !
  14. 4. Voicechangers are only allowed if they're not annoying other Players
  15. 5. Any kind of Cheat, Hack or Script is prohibited !
  16. 6. Behave respectfully towards the other players on the server
  17. 7. Bribing staff member is illicit
  18. 8. Acting unkind is not welcome
  19. 9. Abusing the spectating system through telling your friend the location of other players is prohibited and will be punished if noticed.
  20. --Staff Rules--
  21. 1. Every kind of admin abuse is strongly prohibited !
  22. 2. Don't disrespect other Users !
  23. 3. Bans over 7 days must be argued with HRS !</size></color>
  24. Application:
  25. <color=#008080ff><link=><u></u></link></color>
  27. Homepage:
  28. <color=#008080ff><link=><u></u></link></color>
  29. Discord:
  30. <color=#008080ff><link=><u>English Discord</link></u></color>
  31. [Deutscher Discord Server noch im Aufbau]
  32. <color=#00ff00ff><size=10>Staff Members:
  33. Owner: Dourbii
  34. Co-Owner:
  35. Head Staff: DogLP, ham'n cheese
  36. Admin: kcavas23
  37. Senior Moderator: Dynamic-Samurai
  38. Junior Moderator: Mamba</size></color>
  40. That concludes everything, enjoy your stay on our Server !</b></size></color>
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