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Manticore Experiment Short

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  1. Location: [Censored]
  2. Subject 1741-B4
  3. Designation: "Aily"
  4. Species: Manticore
  7. Subject continues to act aggressively towards handlers, knocking one unconsciousness while sexually assaulting another. Needless to say both men were terminated from employment for their incompetence. Fortunately, as we have finally secured sufficient support from the higher ups, we can move onto Phase Two of the experiments. I'm still astounded that these creatures, although hailing from an entirely different world from our own, can still hold so many similarities to our own human species. If my hypothesis is correct, in a matter of months we'll be able to unlock a treasure trove of data that about these so called "Monster Girls".
  9. The subject "Aily" was very astute to notice the subtle changes within the work flow of the other researchers; She knows something is happening soon. I've continued to converse with her on multiple occasions, which seems to calm her down. It appears that she has formed a personal bond with me, perhaps recognizing that I do not regard her for her outer appearance or call her by her designation number, unlike the other researches. On more than one occasion, we simply conversed with each other in her habitat, talking about the most trivial of subjects. Although in one instance, she did raise interest on what [censored] was like. Of course, I kept it to a minimum, but even the smallest details seemed to amaze her. "It sounds amazing." she would say. It was also at this time that, in a non aggressive manner, she moved to hold my hand in hers.
  11. I don't believe my personal involvement will develop any complications within the experiment and even if they did, the amount of data interference would be within margin. That being said, Dr. Bingham will be arriving tomorrow with his team (along with several of the higher ups) and I have gained the honor of joining him for the vivisection.
  13. I must admit, I am having trouble trying to contain my excitement.
  15. [End Log]
  21. Location: Somewhere along the Outer Rim Trade Route
  22. Situation: Nominal
  23. Status: Exhausted after feeding Aily
  25. A lot of time has passed since I last updated my log, so I suppose I have a lot to make up for. Firstly, I should probably recount as to what had transpired some three weeks ago. On that day, Aily was to undergo a…certain procedure that would have cost her life. At the time, Dr. Bingham and his team were to perform the procedure while I assisted but…some complications arose, namely that of Aily somehow shrugging off the effects of the anesthesia. By the time we had suited up, we heard the most blood curdling scream emanate from the operating room and we knew that something was wrong. We called in security teams and we began to vacate the building but somehow she tore through them all. And these were marines I should remind you.
  27. She was on a rampage, a vicious rampage that tore battle hardened men limb from limb. I had always seen her as a test subject, as an object worthy to be studied. I had forgotten why we had called her species the Manticore; not only because they resembled the ancient greek mythological beast, but also because they were also a predator that preyed on us. Humans.
  28. At this point I was running for my life. I don’t know where. Security doors were closing, alarms were flashing, marines were there one second firing their weapons and gone the next, only a pool of blood remaining where they stood. I saw her then, standing at the end of a hallway as she held up one of the doctors by the throat with only one of her arms while the other beat his brains in repeatedly, smearing and splattering the walls and her with red blood. She then turned and saw me.
  29. I froze, my breath caught in my throat. I never thought my life would here. I had always heard the common trope of the scientist being done in by his own creation, whether it be virus, monkey, or even dinosaur. And it would appear that today, my end would come at the hands of a manticore monster girl.
  31. Her wings spread, splattered with blood as her unflinching gaze began to register me. I couldn’t move; there was no time. In an instant she was upon me, wings just barely able to fit the hall as she charged me. I had thought this was the end. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground and to my utter surprise, my inner organs were not eviscerated. I felt her arms warp around my neck in not a movement of aggression but of compassion.
  33. “I found you.” She said to me. I had finally registered to my bewilderment that she was hugging me. “I thought I’d never find you.” Her voice was filled with emotion, of worry and regret. I was at a lost as to what was happening. She released me from her grip and suddenly she wore a resolved look as she picked me.
  34. “We have to get out of here. The next security team should be here in less than a minute.”
  35. I was still at a loss of words as she began to drag me by the hand through the halls of the research facility. It wasn’t until later that I learned that she had not only memorized the movement of her handlers and researchers, she had somehow gained intricate knowledge of the base itself; probably by seducing one of the guards or something similar, I care not to think about it now. We soon arrived at the hanger doors, the security shutters firmly locked in place. I knew for a fact we were stuck here, not even my keycard could open it. But again, I had forgotten that Aily was a very astute; she had been planning this escape for months.
  36. Her tail writhed forth to drop another keycard into her paw, the blood of its previous owner still on it. With a single swipe, she managed to open the security shutters and the doors opened, leading us to the hanger itself. There were three ships there; all military. She pointed to the farthest. “That ones fueled, get it ready.” She said as she flew down towards the first ship.
  38. I don’t know what had come over me, but I followed her instructions. Perhaps I was used to being given instructions and following them, I don’t know. Perhaps I became lost in the “heat of the moment.” But I followed her as I ran to the last ship and prepped it. My body was filled with adrenaline, I knew I was running from something, but at the time, I had forgotten from what. As the ships engines came online, she suddenly appeared again taking a seat in the co-pilots chair. “Alright, get this thing flying and get us out of here.” She said with great enthusiasm, perhaps glad that all her plans had come to fruition. It was then I had realized why she needed me as well; she could figure out the guard’s time tables, disguise her own apparent unconsciousness from medical professionals, even take down armed soldiers, but she had no idea how to fly a ship.
  39. Still fueled by adrenaline, I punched it, the ship roaring to life. The hanger doors automatically opened at our approaching vessel and a few short moments later, we were ascending the atmosphere, the ship rocking terribly as we struggled to reach orbit. I remember closing my eyes for most of it.
  40. But soon we leveled off, and all I could see was stars and the vastness of space. The sound of a laughing manticore soon brought me back to reality. I calmly reminded her that it was only a matter of time before the other ships came after us. To my still continuing surprise, she laughed at me.
  41. “Yeah they would have. ‘Cept I smashed up their controly monitor thingies.” She said grinning.
  42. “Are we going now doc? We shouldn’t stay around here.” she said to me.
  44.  And that was what happened the day my career ended and I suppose, when my new life began. We fled into the Outer Trade lanes, traveling from trade station to trade station, and the occasional Freeport, trying our best to stay away from any military installations. I had at first, worried that our food supplies would become a problem but I had forgotten that as a monster girl, Mantcore’s have a very unique diet that they can sustain themselves on; namely me. I admit the first few times were…beyond frightening…and they still are.
  45.  I have considered turning myself in and trying to reestablish my life. The thought has occurred to me many times. But the thought of handing over Aily…my friend, and I suppose at this point, the woman I love, would be beyond monstrous.
  46. I still haven’t told her though. The truth. That when we had first met and started conversing in her habitat, I was not aiming to be her friend, nor did I have the intention. I regret that now.  And I regret not telling her the truth about what was going to happen that day. She still doesn’t know that I was to be involved in her death. I havn’t told her nor intended too. But eventually she will find out. As of right now, I’m teaching her English, and eventually, her nose astute little self will find this log. If you’re reading this Aily, I’m sorry. I was different man back then and I hope you can forgive me what who I was. Just know that no matter what happens now, that I will always love you Aily.
  48. I love you Aily.
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