Cecil Dissida Final Fantasy Route

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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy         Twitter - @gravekid/@SKmuffinEXE
  2. Cecil Story Any%
  4. General Game settings
  6. Battle Information = Off
  7. Movie at battle Start = Short
  8. Play Plan Notifications = Off
  10. Timing notes
  12. - Timer starts on "Yes" on Cecils's story
  13. - Cutscenes are skipped Via Pressing "Start" "skip cutscene"
  14. - Final Split "Golbez" on "Victory" screen (used for all battles)
  15. - Splits supplied here -
  16. - Retrys on Fights Are allowed  
  18. Route
  19. ---------------------------------------------
  20. Chapter 1
  21. -Move right once, fight Delusory Knight.  Move right 3 times, up once.  
  22. -Pick up chest for Dark Sword, in turn, chaining the Transient Lion
  23. -Move right and fight the imaginary Soldier
  24. -Move down once, right once and Engage the Stigma of Chaos to end chapter 1.
  26. Chapter 2
  27. -Move right twice and attack the Imitation Liegeman, in turn chaining the Phantasmal Girl.
  28. -Move right twice again and pick up the potion.
  29. -Move right twice, down once and fight the Counterfeit Youth.
  30. -Move down twice and Engage the Stigma of Chaos to end chapter 2.
  33. Chapter 3
  34. -Move down once and engage the Transient Lion
  35. -Move down 3 times and face the Counterfeit Youth, which unlocks the gate.
  36. -Move up twice and move right once, opening the chest with a Dark Shield within it.
  37. -Move right three times and up once and defeat the Delusory Warlock.
  38. -Move up once, right once and engage the ??? Chaos piece (Exdeath) to end chapter 3.
  40. Chapter 4
  41. -Move down twice and fight the Imaginary Soldier.
  42. -Move right twice and vanquish the Transient Witch.
  43. -Move right 3 times and slay the Delusory Warlock
  44. -Move up twice and right once to engage the Stigma of Chaos to end chapter 4.
  46. Note:  In the beginning of the chapter, you can instead try moving right twice, getting the Dark Helm chest while chaining the Phantasm Girl, then keep moving right to face the Imaginary Champion to do one less fight, however he is level 15, so beating him will be quite the struggle and probably not even save time in the end.
  48. Chapter 5
  49. -Move right once, and down once, then defeat the Counterfeit Wraith.
  50. -Move up once and right twice, then slay the Transient Witch.
  51. -Move right twice and duel the Delusory Knight.
  52. -Move right once more and engage the Chaos Piece “Golbez”.
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