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Oct 25th, 2019
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  1. Great Nights and Days we've had together.
  2. Great Nights and Days we still have now.
  3. ds on their))) back heel.
  4. No left or right to run.
  5. All are exposed if the People look.
  6. Glass jaw exposed by LIGHT.
  7. Anons preparing the final blow.
  8. 1 final countermove.
  9. Their master piece w the help of Autist and Patriots.
  10. WW watching (you), hoping for your GREAT win.
  11. Very close now, 12 months left.
  12. Final bosses are not easy.
  13. W moar, mission easier.
  14. Perhaps more is the mission.
  15. Last Star Fighter, prepare your boat.
  16. WE are on a ship, we can work together.
  17. We can survive the storm.
  18. We know how.
  19. We know who has the power.
  20. We know they want Truth and Notables.
  21. We will not fail them.
  22. They will have to fail us.
  23. WWG1WGA.
  24. Godspeed.
  25. PRAY.
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