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  1. [00:02:48] EVE System > Channel MOTD: <font size="12" color="#bfffffff"></font><font size="12" color="#ff00ff00"><u>ADMINISTRATIVE</u><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffb2b2b2">Manatirid Structures are on a 40 Day cycle<br><br></font><font size="12" color="#ff00ff00"><b><u>WE ARE AT PEACE</b></u><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffffffff">No wars at present, all's okie dokie<br><br></font><font size="12" color="#ff7f7f00"><u>PREVIOUS WARS</u><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="showinfo:2//1887411974">Paranormal Phenomena</a></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff">, now part of </font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="showinfo:16159//99009500">PillageRats</a></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> <br></font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="showinfo:16159//99009475">Hell Dawn</a></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> <br><br></font><font size="12" color="#ffffff00"><b>After a 31 day Campaign, Project V is ended!</b></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff"> All hail </font><font size="12" color="#ffd98d00"><a href="showinfo:1376//2115216215">Donalda of the House Trumpette</a></font><font size="12" color="#bfffffff">, First of Her Name, Sultan of Simela, Queen of the Asteroids and the Planets, Protector of the Mining Barges.</font>
  2. [00:02:53] Gavin Sylvan Falcon > with a battle orca you can defeat the trigs hanging around the structures
  3. [00:03:17] Gendrath Valkson > lol
  4. [00:03:35] Gendrath Valkson > well time to switch and get everyones stuff back
  5. [00:03:39] Gavin Sylvan Falcon > there donot have to be a trig-invasion , they just fly around all the time nowadays
  6. [00:05:57] Bubbles Alar > <url=showinfo:1373//93750732>Gavin Sylvan Falcon</url> was that really Gendrath?
  7. [00:06:07] Gavin Sylvan Falcon > guess so
  8. [00:06:18] Bubbles Alar > lol what did he say?
  9. [00:06:24] Bubbles Alar > before I got on, I mean
  10. [00:06:49] Gavin Sylvan Falcon > he was back to check and was a bit suprised that all athanors were killed and not just the best ones
  11. [00:08:05] Shamus O'neal > little bit suprised at that yeah, why destroy them all?
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