Rare Opportunities [clop] (Futa) (Dazzlings)

May 4th, 2015
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  1. > Be Aria Blaze
  2. > You had thought that having a dick would change things
  3. > That you'd finally get revenge for all the times Adagio made you eat her out
  4. > That you'd finally be in charge
  5. > But no, the idea was as dumb as Sonata
  6. > Adagio appears in the doorway of your room
  7. > "Spit roast time!"
  8. > She's already taking off her jacket
  9. "Shit, give me a bit, alright?"
  10. > Too many memories for you to get hard quickly
  11. > Like when Sonata got there before you and was already giving it to her in the ass and all you get is a halfhearted handjob
  12. > Adagio smirks as the jacket falls to the floor
  13. > "What a shame, I was going to let you cum in my pussy this time. Oh well, I'm sure Sonata will appreciate it."
  14. > Like you're going to let the airhead get that
  15. "Well what do you know, I might be ready sooner than I thought."
  16. > You quickly scramble out of bed, shedding you sweatpants and tank top in the blink of an eye
  17. > You still don't like the way she watches you, the way she has always watches you since you got breasts and a dick
  18. > Of course, your little lavender invader doesn't mind as much
  19. > By the time you catch up to Adagio in the living room, you are at full mast and she is beguilingly naked
  20. > You can see The Worst bouncing down the hall, stupidly endowed in chest and crotch
  21. > Fuck her
  22. > Sometimes you do
  23. > But today, you have your eyes on the prize
  24. > Adagio kneels on the stupid heart shaped ottoman, her cunt glistening
  25. > You set your hands on her hips and line up
  26. > "Aria, what do you say?"
  27. > Shit, you had forgotten
  28. > If only she had
  29. "Ugly shemale reporting for duty."
  30. > "And?"
  31. > Ugh
  32. > You'd rape her right here, but she always gangs up on you with Sonata and makes you regret it
  33. "Will you let the pinprick bathe in your glorious womanhood, your majesty?"
  34. > By now Sonata is giggling at you, her dong dangling in front of Adagio's face
  35. > Adagio loves to draw out your grovelling, especially if she can humiliate you in front of others
  36. > "Good boy. Now stick it in before I change my mind."
  37. > Huh
  38. > Looks like she's really hungry for cock this time
  39. > You jam it in, exulting in her moist depths
  40. > At the same time, she immediately deepthroats Sonata's monstrosity, ignoring The Worst's cries to be gentle
  41. > Adagio grunts around the cock, and you hammer as hard as you can, making sure that you are the one giving her something to groan about
  42. > Sonata just whimpers, her hands clasped against her chest as Adagio works her balls
  43. > Pansy
  44. > You love the sight of her ass jiggling with every thrust
  45. > All she's got are childbearing hips, but damn does she know how to work them
  46. > You fill your hands with her soft flesh, lifting, kneading, slapping
  47. > Adagio's in a rough sort of mood, and by god, you're going to give it to her
  48. > She actually stops sucking Sonata's dick
  49. > "Well done, Aria. Why can't you be more like her, Sonata? Lately you've been dropping the ball."
  50. > She even lets go of Sonata's gonads and just leans into your thrusts with a smirk on her face
  51. > You don't even need to see it, she's done this same thing to you too many times to count
  52. > Sonata's eyes waver with held back tears
  53. > "I-I can't! I'm a girl, for realsies! I don't mind f-filling you up gently, but I love you too much to s-spank you!"
  54. > You take this opportunity to slap Adagio's ass as hard as you can
  55. > The sound echoes in the room and your stupid leader nearly buckles with pleasure
  56. > Hell yeah
  57. > It takes her a moment to recover and give you a wry glance
  58. > What a nice, flustered face
  59. > She turns back to the gently crying airhead
  60. > "Oh Sonata, don't cry. I was hoping you could be my favorite, but maybe that's too much. After all, if you don't love me enough to get rough, then I will need someone else. Why don't you give that nice boy who stole your tacos a call?"
  61. > Damn, talk about twisting the knife, mentioning that green kid
  62. > Whatever, you're too busy ravaging Adagio's pussy to care
  63. > Sonata's face fills with some kind of resolve, and she gently cups Adagio's face in her hands
  64. > "Never!"
  65. > With that, she jams her cock down Adagio's throat
  66. > Unfortunately for her, Adagio has been at her limit for a little while now
  67. > Your diligent pounding and malicious spanking was just too much
  68. > As Sonata makes her move, all strength drains from Adagio's limbs as her pussy desperately milks your baby maker for all its seed
  69. > You grind against her soft ass, releasing shot after shot of semen into her womb
  70. > Sonata just stares in disbelief as Adagio collapses, the blue dick slipping from her mouth
  71. > "I-but I did what you wanted!"
  72. > Adagio lies senseless, her face mashed against the ottoman
  73. > You pull out in satisfaction, wiping off you dick with her precious hair
  74. > Sonata looks at you with tears once again in her eyes
  75. > "What do I do now?"
  76. > Shit, you know how that feels
  77. "C'mere."
  78. > She joins you at Adagio's side
  79. "Don't expect this too much, alright? It's just because you've taken it from me when I was left high and dry."
  80. > You climb up over Adagio and present your ass to little miss blueball
  81. > "Really?"
  82. "Really. And you can be gentle, I know you like that."
  83. > She prods at your rear entrance, her cock wet from Adagio's mouth
  84. > She sniffs
  85. > "I love you too, Aria."
  86. > You try to relax as she slowly fills your anus
  87. > To your surprise, it actually feels kinda good
  88. > Not as good as plowing either of them, but enough so that most of the venom is gone from what you say next
  89. "You really are the worst."
  90. > She giggles a little at that, and bends over you, her cock making slow strokes inside you, and her breasts just barely resting against your back
  91. > You...
  92. > You don't mind this nearly as much as you thought you would
  93. > You lose yourself in the sensation of her gentle rhythm
  94. > Then you feel a hand on your cock, and you gasp in spite of yourself
  95. > Sonata giggles in your ear
  96. > "I thought I'd thank you."
  97. > You shiver at her warm breath, your dick hard in her delicate, skillful hand
  98. > Now you are very aware indeed of every sensation
  99. > Of Adagio's slow breathing below you
  100. > Of the way your anus spasms around the monster of a cock
  101. > Of the soft fingertips brushing the underside of your dick's head
  102. > Of the kiss Sonata lays on the nape of your neck
  103. > That's why you are ready when her cock bulges slightly in your ass, and hot liquid love fills you up inside
  104. > You can't help but moan, especially as your own cock fires again into Adagio's hair, cum dribbling onto Sonata's fingers
  105. > Both of you collapse on top of Adagio, dicks twitching and chests heaving
  106. > Sonata catches her breath first, and gives you a kiss on the cheek before climbing off and skipping away
  107. > You can feel Adagio chuckle beneath you
  108. > "Never thought you'd get soft."
  109. > You muster enough strength to give her ass a hard slap
  110. "Sounds like someone is begging for another dicking."
  111. > Adagio moans into the cushion
  112. > "Oh, yessss!"
  113. > You know this doesn't mean you're in charge now
  114. > By tomorrow, she'll still be the same manipulative, sadistic shrew as always
  115. > But for now, at least, you can have your way with her
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