MagiReco Another Story 7.5

Jun 17th, 2018
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  1. The True Form of the Attackers
  3. 7.5.1
  4. [the rabbit witch's labyrinth dissolves and they're on a sidewalk]
  5. Sayaka: "All cleaned up! How many does this make, again?"
  6. Homura: "Uh, umm... I don't remember. A lot?"
  7. Madoka: "That's right. There were too many to count..."
  8. Sayaka: "sigh... Well, after a break, let's keep searching!"
  9. Madoka: "That's right."
  10. [they search with their magic]
  11. Madoka: "..."
  12. [Madoka finds something]
  13. Madoka: "Eh!?"
  14. Homura: "What's wrong?"
  15. Madoka: "This magic... I think it's a magical girl!"
  16. Sayaka: "Someone knows we're in a pinch and came to help?"
  17. Madoka: "Let's go see!"
  18. [in an alley, we see a black and a white feather]
  19. white feather: "!?"
  20. Madoka: "Huh? Wings of Magius!?"
  21. Homura: "Why are they in Mitakihara?"
  22. Sayaka: "I don't know, but..."
  23. white feather: "Let's do this... Are you prepared?"
  24. black feather: "Y-yes..."
  25. Sayaka: "They sure don't seem like they came here to help us."
  26. Madoka: "Yeah, though this isn't the time to be fighting with other magical girls..."
  27. [Sayaka transforms]
  28. Sayaka: "I can't go down without a say in things."
  29. [Homura transforms]
  30. Homura: "That's right."
  31. [Madoka transforms]
  32. Madoka: "Are you ready? Let's go!"
  34. 7.5.2
  35. [in an alley]
  36. white feather: "Damn! They're strong!"
  37. black feather: "A-any more than this..."
  38. Sayaka: "Give up already?"
  39. "If so, then tell us what you're doing in Mitakihara."
  40. white feather: "..."
  41. black feather: "..."
  42. Sayaka: "Something you can't say?"
  43. black feather: "I-it's..."
  44. white feather: "Don't speak. Then there will be no problem."
  45. black feather: "Y-yes!"
  46. Sayaka: "You're free to stay silent, but then don't complain about what's going to happen to you!"
  47. black feather: "Eh?"
  48. Homura: "If you at least explain to us, then we won't have to use any more violence."
  49. Madoka: "Only if you tell us, though..."
  50. black feather: "Eh? Eh?"
  51. Sayaka: "We still have energy reserves. Do you think it's still okay to stay silent?"
  52. black feather: "I-I can't... fight outside Kamihama... anymore..."
  53. "A-are you not afraid... of becoming witches...?"
  54. Sayaka: "..."
  55. black feather: "I, I don't w-want to! I don't want to be a witch!"
  56. Sayaka: "..."
  57. black feather: "We're just working... so that we don't become witches..."
  58. "L-Let's be freed from this spell... together with you..."
  59. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan..."
  60. Sayaka: "...It's okay."
  61. "I understand how you feel, but I won't sympathize."
  62. "I... won't forgive any method of living on that requires sacrificing others."
  63. white feather: "Hah! What lipservice..."
  64. Sayaka: "Then tell us what you plan on doing!"
  65. black feather: "Hiii! I-I... can't... tell you..."
  66. Homura: "Please tell us."
  67. "If you just tell us, we won't have to resort to any more violence."
  68. black feather: "..."
  69. Madoka: "Okay?"
  70. white feather: "Don't speak! We have nothing to say!"
  71. black feather: "A-alright! Then, I won't talk..."
  72. Madoka: "..."
  74. 7.5.3
  75. [in an alley]
  76. white feather: "..."
  77. black feather: "..."
  78. Sayaka: "For now, we've tied them up, but they don't seem like they're going to talk."
  79. Homura: "What should we do... It's not like we're actually going to do anything cruel."
  80. Madoka: "It's a problem."
  81. *a phone rings*
  82. Sayaka: "Isn't that yours, Madoka?"
  83. Madoka: "Ah, it's from Iroha-chan."
  84. Homura: "Why don't you check what it says? Maybe something happened in Kamihama."
  85. Madoka: "Okay."
  86. [fade to gray]
  87. Iroha: *"We learned something about Tomoe san, so I'll tell you now."*
  88. [in the alley]
  89. Homura: "This is..."
  90. Sayaka: "Madoka, next, next!"
  91. Madoka: "Ah, y-yeah! Wait just a sec!"
  92. [fade to gray]
  93. Madoka: *In summary of what Iroha-chan told me...*
  94. *Mami-san might have been turned into a rumor...*
  95. [back to the alley]
  96. Sayaka: "Mami-san became a rumor..."
  97. Homura: "No way..."
  98. Madoka: "But, she sent a method of saving her."
  99. "'If you can get across to her heart, the rumor will come off.'"
  100. Sayaka: "Get across..."
  101. Homura: "To her heart..."
  102. Madoka: "What?"
  103. Sayaka: "Do you think we really understand Mami-san?"
  104. Madoka: "Huh?"
  105. Homura: "That's right. She never really told us how she really felt..."
  106. Madoka: "..."
  107. "For me, Mami-san is strong and kind and reliable..."
  108. "A senpai I look up to as a veteran magical girl."
  109. "But..."
  110. "I've never seen Mami-san ever having trouble..."
  111. Homura: "..."
  112. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  113. "It's probably not true at all..."
  114. "That Mami-san is a strong person with nothing to fear."
  115. Madoka: "Even if Mami-san has weak points, I will accept them."
  116. "Even though I've relied on her all this time, I want her to rely on me."
  117. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  118. Madoka: "And then, together, we can search for a way to avoid becoming witches."
  119. Sayaka: "That's right! I'll accept her too."
  120. Madoka: "And so, for now..."
  121. Homura: "Yes, get the Wings of Magius to..."
  122. Sayaka: "Tell us what they know!"
  123. [fade to gray]
  124. ???: *"I won't allow you to do that."*
  125. [back in the alley]
  126. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  127. Homura: "No way..."
  128. [Holy Mami shows up!]
  129. Mami: "If you are going to harm my comrades..."
  130. "I will have no mercy, even if it's you."
  131. Madoka: "Mami-san!"
  132. Mami: "The one who brought witches to Mitakihara was me."
  133. Sayaka: "No way... Why would you do that, Mami-san..."
  134. Mami: "Because I have a responsibility."
  135. "The responsibility for involving all of you in the world of magical girls."
  136. "And so, I can't have you be involved any further."
  137. Sayaka: "That doesn't mean you should release witches in Mitakihara..."
  138. "Mami-san, there's something wrong with you!"
  139. Mami: "Stay quiet here in Mitakihara."
  140. "If you do that, Magius will save you..."
  141. Homura: "..."
  142. Mami: "I don't want any of you to despair."
  143. Madoka: "Mami-san..."
  144. Mami: "Please, you understand, right?"
  145. Madoka: "I don't understand. I don't get it!"
  146. "Are you saying that it's okay for witches to cause misfortune to everyone in Mitakihara?"
  147. Mami: "That's not what I think."
  148. Madoka: "But that's how the Wings of Magius are working!"
  149. Mami: "That's because we need to. It's necessary for salvation."
  150. Homura: "But fighting in Mitakihara has a risk of turning into a witch."
  151. "Even knowing that, you brought witches here, Mami-san?"
  152. "Are you saying it's better that we become witches!?"
  153. Mami: "Of course not."
  154. "Yes, there's no way it's okay to become a witch..."
  155. Madoka: "Then, you should understand, that Magius..."
  156. Mami: "Yes, Magius alone can save us."
  157. Madoka: "Huh?"
  158. Mami: "Now do you understand?"
  159. "Magius are the ones who created a city where you don't become witches..."
  160. "That in of itself is salvation."
  161. Madoka: "No, it's not... That's definitely wrong!"
  162. "Magius, the people who did such a cruel thing to you, is not anyone's salvation!"
  163. "Hey, Mami-san, stop doing this!"
  164. "We'll accept anyone you are, Mami-san!"
  165. "Please come back to us, Mami-san!"
  166. Alina: "What the heck, I came to get Mami..."
  167. "And I find the best possible situation!"
  168. Madoka: "Y-You are..."
  169. Alina: "Aha, how is it reuniting with the person you were searching for?"
  170. "Are you sad? Scared? Hateful?"
  171. "You should be emotional and ready to give up."
  172. Madoka: "W-what are you saying?"
  173. Alina: "Aha"
  174. "I'm glad you're letting me have some fun."
  175. "But that doesn't change that you're getting in our way!"
  176. [she attacks]
  177. [fade to gray]
  178. Sayaka: *"W-what's this!?"*
  179. Homura: *"A b-barrier!? We can't get out!"*
  180. Madoka: *"Stop it! Don't get in our way! Give Mami-san back to us!"*
  181. *"Don't make Mami-san do any more cruel things!"*
  182. [back in the alley]
  183. Alina: "Ahahahaha"
  184. "Now they can just quietly wait in my barrier until the end."
  185. "Mami, I'll leave the finishing touches to you."
  186. Mami: "Yes."
  187. [she uses some magic]
  188. Mami: "I've secured it with my ribbons. They definitely will not be able to escape from the inside."
  189. Alina: "Aah, you're the best!"
  190. "Now our interlopers will only be able to wring their hands and watch."
  192. 7.5.4
  193. [battle]
  194. [Kyouko is fighting the sheep witch]
  195. Kyouko: "Ready yourself! Haah!"
  196. witch: "...!?!?"
  197. [in an abandoned building]
  198. black feather 1: "W-wow... Strong!"
  199. Kyouko: "Really? be impressed by just this..."
  200. black feather 2 (taller): "There's... a grief seed..."
  201. white feather: "This is enough for today. You may go back."
  202. black feather 2: "Yes..."
  203. Kyouko: "Then, I'm off too."
  204. white feather: "You will stay."
  205. Kyouko: "Huh? Why?"
  206. white feather: "I will show you around headquarters."
  207. "You're strong, and you seem trustworthy."
  208. Kyouko: "!?"
  209. "Heeh..."
  210. (Isn't this... a little *too* easy?)
  211. (I should watch out... there must be a catch.)
  212. (Or maybe they're just short on hands...)
  213. (No, between the two, it's probably that they need more people.)
  214. (Most of them can't handle a fight on their own.)
  215. (They also might try to confine any strong magical girls.)
  216. white feather: "Come with me."
  217. Kyouko: "Okay, got it."
  218. (Like this, will they really be able to 'free magical girls'?)
  219. (Well, in any case, I'll go size them up.)
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