Twilight turns Anon into a filly (TF, age regression)

Oct 26th, 2014
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  1. >You received a mysterious invitation in the mail yesterday from none other than Twilight Sparkle.
  2. >It instructed you to come down to the library for a talk about how you're adjusting to life in Equestria.
  3. >So here you are, waiting patiently outside the library door in the early morning.
  4. >You've already knocked once, but nobody has answered.
  5. >You reach up and knock again, harder this time.
  6. >You hear a set of hooves clop to the door.
  7. >It swings open to reveal the purple mare, who smiles at you.
  8. >"Sorry for making you wait. The princess and I were just talking about you."
  9. >You look over to see the white mare depart from a table set up in the center of the room.
  10. >"Indeed we were, thank you for having me Twilight."
  11. >Twilight smiles and gives a little bow, before bidding her farewell.
  12. >"Come in." She trots into the kitchen, reemerging with a tray of still steaming tea.
  13. >You sit yourself down onto the princess' seat.
  14. >Twilight levitates the tea onto the table handing you a cup.
  15. >It's still hot, so you forgo drinking it for the moment.
  16. >"So Anon, has everything been well so far?"
  17. >You nod.
  18. Just fine actually, some of the others are still a bit jumpy around me though.
  19. >"They'll get used to you eventually, just give them some time."
  20. >You can't help but notice a large book laying on the table next to you.
  21. >You pull it over and read the cover.
  22. >"A beginners guide to parenting?"
  24. >Twilight blushes and looks away from your gaze.
  25. Something you're not telling me?
  26. >Her blush only worsens causing you to burst out into laughter.
  27. >"Anon!" She whines.
  28. I'm only joking around Twi.
  29. >Still struggling to contain your mirth you take a sip of your tea.
  30. >"I've been reading up on parenting techniques actually." She admits.
  31. And?
  32. >"I was curious about it, a topic I haven't broached before."
  33. >Nothing new, even in the short time you've lived here and known Twilight she's read up on some awfully strange things.
  34. >Thinking back to the other books you've found, you can't help but notice they're kind of connected.
  35. >She started on transformation magic, something you weren't too surprised about given her position as a student.
  36. >It slowly developed onto things that effect living creatures.
  37. >One time you walked in on her turning a frog into a amphibious bat creature.
  38. >She turned the poor thing back before it died, but even still it made her think twice about doing it again.
  39. >Oddly enough she's recently turned her eye to parenting books.
  40. >You don't get it, maybe Celestia made it assigned reading?
  41. Why are you reading parenting books anyway?
  42. >She hums and puts a hoof under her chin.
  43. >"Celestia told me to after the bat incident, something about taking responsibility for living things."
  44. Is that what you were both talking about?
  46. >"Yep! The next step is to take some real responsibility. She says it'll make me a better pony with some real life experience."
  47. So are you trying to get knocked up or something?
  48. >She bites her lip.
  49. >"Not exactly, I've come up with a much more efficient solution."
  50. Why am I not surprised? Are you getting a baby pet or something?
  51. >You take another gulp of your tea.
  52. >Twilight flashes you a sly smile.
  53. >"Hey Anon... want to be my foal?"
  54. >Some of the tea goes down the wrong hole and you cough, causing it to dribble down your chin.
  55. W-what? No!
  56. >Her horn glows, freezing you in place, Twilight gives you a sheepish smile.
  57. >"Well, too bad."
  58. T-Twi what the FUCK
  59. >A bright flash blinds you.
  60. >Your body goes numb leaving you unable to move your arms or legs.
  61. >A tingle of pain runs through the body and down your spine.
  62. >You can't even muster the strength to protest.
  63. >Twilight looks upon your paralyzed body apologetically.
  64. >"I'm really sorry Anon! Celestia insisted that I do something to make you feel more at home."
  65. >You gasp and your body begins to rapidly lose mass.
  66. >Your clothing is pulled away as you shrink in your own skin.
  67. >"So I thought, maybe I could solve two problems with one spell!"
  68. >Your fingers and toes stiffen to the point where you can no longer move them.
  69. >They slowly melt away into your new blocky limbs.
  70. >"She loved my idea! Isn't that great?"
  71. >You mumble helplessly as your tongue inflates in your mouth.
  72. >A thin layer of white fur begins to creep across your body.
  74. >"Oh, silly me! You can't talk obviously."
  75. >She giggles to herself like a little sociopath as the glow intensifies.
  76. >Your jawline moves outwards, leaving you with a horrible looking outcropped muzzle.
  77. >Ribs crack and organs rearrange as your formerly wide chest is compressed down into the barrel of a small pony.
  78. >It's only now you realize what she'd doing, she's turning you into a foal!
  79. >Soon enough you can no longer see your own skin under a sea of white, fluffy fur.
  80. >A purple bang falls down into your vision as your short cut hair lengthens and become silky.
  81. >Twilight places you down onto the wooden floor as you writhe with newly regained feeling.
  82. >Your male genitalia, a constant companion through the years, are sucked back into their cavity.
  83. >In their place a small cave in, completed with a pair of delicate pink lips.
  84. >Above them grow a pair of flat teats, complete with matching pink nipples.
  85. >The world grows around you as your already reduced body is shrunk to the size of a newly born foal.
  86. >Your eyes widen in their sockets, blue as a summer sky, tears already brewing.
  87. >Twilight beams at her work, perfect!
  88. >The dam bursts, and you wail like a child as you rock back and forth on the floor.
  89. >Twilight looks panicked for a moment, quickly levitating the fucking book over to have a quick read.
  91. >The pages fly by in a blur.
  92. >"Aha!" she declares.
  93. >Her magic grabs you again, flying you over and into her embrace.
  94. >It's warm and mildly comforting despite the stressful circumstances.
  95. >You feel lethargic and tired, no doubt a result of the spell.
  96. >And not at all due to being wrapped in the warm arms of Twilight.
  97. >Yeah that's it, you just need a small nap...
  99. >Your eyes shoot open as you rocket up into a sitting position.
  100. >Looking down to find your new, small, fluffy body is little comfort.
  101. >Instead of fear, now you only feel anger.
  102. >Large wooden bars block your way, she's put you into a crib.
  103. >With a huff to blow your long mane out of the way you hit the with your new hard hooves.
  104. >It creates quite the racket and catches the attention of the nearby Twilight Sparkle, who is in the process of reading some more.
  105. >No remorse on her face as she picks you up from the crib and carries you back over to her reading space.
  106. Twilight you fucking bitch!
  107. >You yell in the cutesiest voice ever.
  108. >Twilight looks down in shock.
  109. What the fuck is fucking wrong with you! This is fucking insane! Turn me back right now you whore!
  110. >And other such obscenities.
  111. >This doesn't concern her as she plops you down onto the opposite seat.
  112. >You cross your arms and pout like the foal you are, you aren't going to make this easy for her.
  113. >She wants a lot of responsibility, she's getting it.
  114. >She boops you on the nose with a hoof.
  115. >"Bad filly! We do not use that kind of language in this house!"
  116. >You look up at her, unimpressed.
  117. >She winces and pulls the book back up, muttering to herself.
  118. Hello? Purplesmart?
  119. >she ignores you and looks out through the window.
  120. >"Maybe..."
  122. >She slams the book back down onto the table.
  123. >Your little heart skips a beat as she gets up into your face.
  124. >"Now listen here little Missy, you're not going to use that language in this house again or there will be trouble."
  125. >Unlike earlier her scare tactics aren't going to work.
  126. I'm not a foal you crazy bitch, turn me back.
  127. >She sighs and leans back into her chair.
  128. >"I warned you."
  129. What are you going to do, wash my mouth out with soap?
  130. >Her horn glows again, and fear blossoms in you again.
  131. >What is she going to do now?
  132. >The glow surrounds you again, but nothing happens.
  133. >You open your mouth to gloat, before coming to a horrible realization.
  134. >All it once you notice what Twilight has done.
  135. >You barbed insult comes out as nothing more than childish babble.
  136. >Your memory is wiped clean of any swear or curse.
  137. >And you find is exceedingly difficult to form an effective, coherent thought.
  138. >In fact, she well enough wipes away your entire memory.
  139. >Your life as a human.
  140. >Gone.
  141. >Your time in Equestria.
  142. >Gone.
  143. >Yet you retain the knowledge that you knew these things before.
  144. >She's taunting you, leaving a small inkling of what was once there to mess with you.
  145. >But you can't muster the anger to care.
  146. >For the first time, you really feel like a helpless child.
  147. >When you look upon Twilight you don't see her as the cow who stole your junk.
  148. >Instead you see a mother.
  150. >You shake your head, no!
  151. >You aren't that far gone yet.
  152. >You can still remember what she did to you.
  153. >Scowling at her, you look away.
  154. >Twilight actually looks a little irritated about that.
  155. >Your little tummy rumbles, catching her attention.
  156. >"Is my little girl hungry?" She asks in a moronic baby-talk voice.
  157. >Just ignore her An- What was your name again?
  158. >Twilight doesn't notice your internal distress and picks you up before moving onto the bed.
  159. >"I've prepared for this part! A young filly like you can't eat solid food, so I've casted a lactation spell on myself. It'll be like I'm really your mother!"
  160. >She lies down on her side, giving you a clear view of her modest teats topped with dark purple nipples.
  161. >A small dribble of white milk leaks from the fleshy mass, and you can't help but lick your little lips.
  162. >"C'mon, drink up." she titters.
  163. >You gravitate towards them against your will.
  164. >And before you know it you've wrapped your mouth around the rubbery nipple and have began sucking eagerly.
  165. >"Oooh! That feels weird."
  166. >Warm milk floods your mouth and pours down into your stomach.
  167. >You didn't realize how hungry you were until now.
  168. >All your worries seem to melt away as you focus on suckling your mothers teat.
  169. >"Thats a good girl." Twilight coos, rubbing your head in encouragement.
  170. >Soon enough you've had your fill and pop off.
  171. >Twilight sighs and pulls you onto her much bigger chest.
  172. >You muzzle into the soft fur, enjoying her warmth.
  174. >You can't seem to remember what the fuss was about earlier.
  175. >Something about mommy annoying you?
  176. >That doesn't seem so important anymore.
  177. >You can't stay mad at mommy.
  178. >You let out a little belch, Twilight sits up and wraps her hooves around your petite body.
  179. >"Somepony needs burping." She whispers.
  180. >She pats your back, causing you to burp several more times.
  181. >It's oddly relaxing and soon pulls you back into lethargy.
  182. >Lethargy, that's a big word.
  183. >You let out a tired giggle.
  184. >"What's my little girl laughing at?" Twilight asks.
  185. >You smile and boop her nose before returning to the crook of her shoulder.
  186. Love you mommy.
  187. >You murmur before drifting back off into sleep.
  188. >"Love you too... Anne."
  189. >She kisses your head, she could get used to this kind of responsibility.
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