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  1. YYukimura + FEMALE Kamui support C-S
  3. Kamui: Yukimura, do you have a moment?
  4. Yukimura: Oh, Kamui-sama, what seems to be the matter?
  5. K: Well… I have something I want to ask you about. Its about my parents.
  6. Y: You parents…. In regards to Mikoto-sama and Sumeragi-sama?
  7. K: Yes. You served both of them didn’t you? I just wanted to hear about those times.
  8. Y: I see… you don’t have many memories in regards to your parents. So it is natural to only have a few memories of them. Well then, where shall I begin… how about I tell you about Sumeragi-sama to begin with.
  9. K: Okay! What sort of person was father?
  10. Y: Let’s see… he was very strict on himself…however kept formal and polite when addressing his subordinates. That is why the civilians trusted him greatly. However that was not that case before your family.
  11. K: Eh? Really?
  12. Y: Yes. Being a father took precedence to being a king. When you were a child he would come to visit you every day. His face would softened into a smile when he saw you, a sight rarely to be seen.
  13. K: I see…
  14. Y: You mother, Mikoto-sama, also loved you very dearly. Even if the slightest bit unusual would sent her running about the castle. It was Orochi and my job to calm her down.
  15. K: a..ahhaa it must have been tiering. For causing you trouble.
  16. Y: There is no need, since those are very fond memories. You parents truly loved you. I hope I was able to help you in the slightest. You were unsure about something and thus came to hear about the parents, am I right?
  17. K: You will understand… won’t you Yukimura.
  18. Y: Yes, if you are okay with telling me.
  19. K: ……….both of my parents… died protecting me right? I thought that if I had never been born, they wouldn’t have died.
  20. Y: You still think that after listening to my story?
  21. K: No…. after listening to you Yukimura… I feel a bit better. They truly did love me.
  22. Y: You are correct. I know. As proof, let me show you something special.
  23. K: Something special?
  24. Y: Yes, it might take a while, but please look forward to it.
  25. K: ? ah, okay
  26. .
  27. B SUPPORT:
  28. Y: Kamui-sama, in regards to the special item I told you about a few days ago. Here it is.
  29. K: This is… a really big box.. ah. Could it be a mechanical device?
  30. Y: Yes it is.
  31. K: There seems to be a lot of paper inside… but the lids closed so I can’t really make out what’s inside.
  32. Y: If you move the lid sideways, you can see the images.
  33. K: Ah! This painting…
  34. Y: Yes, this is a painting of your parents just after the moment you were born. Then if you pull the string at the side of the box… see it’ll automatically show you the next image in order.
  35. K: Wow! That’s amazing! All these….are images of me!
  36. Y: You could call it an automatic picture-story mechanism.
  37. K: Could it be that… you made this Yukimura?
  38. Y:Yes. The paintings in this device were also done by me. It took quite a while to make… and at the time for you I worked sleepless to make this.
  39. K: ….for me?
  40. Y: Yes, during that time Mikoto-sama and Sumeragi-sama were very, very busy and it was difficult to constantly be by your side. Under the request of your parents I made this so that you would not be lonely.
  41. K: So that’s how it is…
  42. Y: After you disappeared Mikoto-sama was so upset that she hid the device away. Never did I imagine that you would be here today to see this.
  43. K: I feel like I’ve seen this book when I was little. I remember, just a bit, when surrounded by mother and father, smiling innocently.
  44. Y: I’m glad that you remembered something. I’m sure your parents are happy, so please wipe your tears.
  45. K: Ah! I-I’m sorry!! When did I start crying…
  46. Y: It’s alright do not trouble yourself with it. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know. If it’s to look at these images or anything else. Please come talk to me.
  47. K: Okay… thank you!
  50. A SUPPORT:
  51. K: Hello Yukimura-san!
  52. Y: Kamui-sama did you come to see the device again?
  53. K: I never get sick of it. The feeling of nostalgia and happiness wells up when I see it.
  54. Y: If you love it so much, you can have it.
  55. K: Eh…. Is it really okay? But you’ve held onto it for so long…
  56. Y: I originally made it for you so I’m sure it’s best if you have it. So please don’t hold back.
  57. K: Thank you so much Yukimura-san! I’ll take good care of it!
  58. Y: I’m glad that you are pleased. When you are going through difficult times, I’m sure you’ll find courage in looking at this. Your bond with your parents will give you strength, just as they have done for me.
  59. K: For you? In what way?
  60. Y: The truth is, after your disappearance…I would sneak into my room and look at the device myself. I had lost my family at a young and when I was worried, unsure or was going through difficult times I would look at this and remember my parent-like bonds with Sumeragi-sama and inspire myself.
  61. K: Yukimura-san…
  62. Y: When I feel discouraged and alone, I think of you and your parents, the ideal family, and I can feel courage swell with in me. Haha…to think that by looking at something I made is a bit arrogant isn’t it.
  63. K: Of course not. I swear by this device that I will protect Byakuya for the sake of Mother and Father…and then bring peace to this world.
  64. Y: I too, swear that I will lend you my power and together we will protect Byakuya. Kamui-sama let us work well together.
  65. K:Yes! Same here!
  68. S SUPPORT:
  69. Y: Kamui-sama.
  70. K: Yukimura-san, whats up?
  71. Y: Today there is something I wanted to give to you. Would you please accept it?
  72. K: This is… a painting of you and me. Why this?
  73. Y: I was thinking that we could put this painting into the device. How does that sound?
  74. K: Oh that sounds great! Hurry let’s put it in!
  75. Y: However, before we put the painting in I have something to say.
  76. K: What is it?
  77. Y: Kamui-sama, this painting is not a means of expressing our bond. Nor is it a portrait of our friendship.
  78. K: W-what do you mean?
  79. Y: I prepared this to show us as a family. In other words…I want to stay by your side for the rest of your life.
  80. K: Eh… eeeeehh?
  81. Y: Just as this device has supported you… I want to support you, as your husband.
  82. K: Yukimura-san….
  83. Y: At first when I met you after so long, you gave the impression of great strength, similar to that of your parents. But now that I have worked alongside you…. I have been drawn to you. I want to collect our memories in this device and in order to do that I want to be by your side forever. Will you accept me as your husband?
  84. K:…These words… make me so happy.
  85. Y: Kamui-sama!
  86. K: When I spent time with you Yukimura-san I really thought of you as part of you as family. The think that you also thought the same thing… I am overjoyed! Let keep living… but from now on, as a family.
  87. Y: Yes. Let fill this device with many many memories. You, me and the family yet to come.
  88. K: Lets! I love you… Yukimura-san.
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