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  1. >report Hello! I have been in the Consultation Lounge for over four hours and have not seen or heard anything from anyone. I understand that I have done something wrong and am not a priority. Is there a time I could arrange to come back to meet someone.. or what?
  2. REPORT should only be used to notify the GemStone IV staff of emergency situations or gamewide technical errors. Please use ASSIST for general support.
  5. Message sent to all online game staff. While no staff members are currently on duty, there are likely to be several lurking behind the scenes to investigate your report. If you feel the need to speak with the staff, please type ASSIST for a list of options.
  7. Note that only GameMasters receive reports, not GameHosts.
  11. SEND[Mazreth] I'll be with you in just a moment.
  14. You say, "Hello sir."
  15. Mazreth says, "Afternoon."
  16. You nod to Mazreth in greeting.
  17. >l maz
  18. Mazreth says, "Sorry for the delay, I needed to figure out why you were in here."
  19. You see GameMaster Mazreth.
  20. He appears to be a Klingon.
  21. He appears to be one super fly dude dressed in a mezmerizing combination of awesomesauce and golden win.
  22. He has a pair of white-feathered wings protruding from his back and wrapped protectively around him.
  23. He has several gnarly tattoos of nymphs in various stages of undress frolicking up and down his arms.
  24. A palpable aura of intense badassery emanates from his very person.
  25. He is in good shape.
  26. He is wearing an ensemble too impressive for you to fully comprehend.
  27. Mazreth asks, "Though I suppose you already know?"
  28. You nod understandingly.
  29. You say, "I have a suspicious."
  30. You say, "Err."
  31. Mazreth says, "If not we can go over it."
  32. You say, "Suspicion."
  33. You say, "I would very much like to go over it."
  34. Mazreth says, "Sure."
  35. You say, "However."
  36. You say, "I know your time is valuable."
  37. Mazreth says, "So you are here to be issued an official warning for Game Mechanics Abuse bsed upon exploitation of an enchanting bug."
  38. Mazreth says, "That's as sussinct as I can make it."
  39. You say, "Okay."
  40. You say, "I understand and accept the punishment."
  41. Mazreth says, "There's no lockout or anything else with the warning based upon your relatively good prior record."
  43. ***
  46. ********************************************************
  50. Ragz, this is an official warning, that engaging in system mechanics abuse is against GemStone IV policy. If you persist in ignoring these warnings, you risk losing permanent access to GemStone IV on all of your accounts.
  52. If you feel this warning was received in error, please speak to a GameHost by typing ASSIST REQUEST.
  54. You can also learn more about GemStone IV policies online, by typing POLICY while in the game or by visiting
  58. *************************************************************
  61. Mazreth says, "If you haven't read the post from Coase concerning GMA in general I can link you to that as it might better explain policy regarding bugs."
  62. Mazreth says, "Http://"
  63. You ask, "For my own edification, may I please be directed to the "documents and version notes" referenced in GM Coase's Policy post?"
  64. You say, "Yes, sir, I have read it."
  65. You say, "Many times."
  66. Mazreth says, "Now you're going to make me read it."
  67. You say, "I don't understand why I'm being punished here, but I don't want to make you have to explain it to me."
  68. You say, "I know that's not your job."
  69. You say, "So I will glady go over the documentation if I can just be directed to it."
  70. Mazreth says, "Well, since all I have are the notes to go on, I can say that a discussion about intentions to exploit the bug before it was discovered are the primary reason anyone and everyone involoved is getting a warning."
  71. Mazreth says, "Let me see if I can find the documentation he's referring to."
  72. You say, "Yes, sir, I understand that it's been labeled as intentions to exploit the bug, but I don't understand how I am supposed to have known it was a bug."
  73. You say, "I only cast the spell."
  74. You say, "I didn't even get an item."
  75. Mazreth says, "You've played long enough to know what metals shouldn't be enchantable and if they are...."
  76. Mazreth says, "You should know beetter."
  77. You say, "The 925 spell was just updated, sir."
  78. Mazreth says, "You didn't just start playing this game."
  79. Mazreth says, "I realize that, but nowhere was it released that suddenly you can enchant new things."
  80. You say, "We were encouraged to experiment on old previously unenchantable items."
  81. You say, "Respectfully, I disagree sir."
  82. You say, "I can link you the forums posts."
  83. Mazreth says, "So what Coase is referring to by "documentation and version notes" is Policy 7 specifically."
  84. Mazreth says, "So if you've read policy 7, you've read what he's referring to."
  85. You say, "Okay."
  86. You say, "I have read it."
  87. You ask, "It is understood that I did not profit from this action?"
  88. Mazreth says, "It is."
  89. You say, "Thank you."
  90. Mazreth says, "You're welcome."
  91. Mazreth says, "I just happened to see your report and didn't want you to languish in here. If you'd like I can set you up with an SGM referral to speak with Coase about it."
  92. Mazreth says, "Or you can reach out to feedback."
  93. You say, "I would consider the issue closed at the end of our conversation here unless escalating it is required."
  94. Mazreth says, "It is not required and that's fair by me."
  95. Mazreth says, "I just wanted you to have the option."
  96. Mazreth says, "If you desired."
  97. You say, "Perfect."
  98. Mazreth says, "In that case, I jknow your time is as valuable as mine so I'll set you back down."
  99. You say, "Thank you."
  100. Mazreth says, "You're welcome. Thank you for handling this professionally."
  101. Mazreth says, "I appreciate it."
  102. Mazreth says, "Have fun, report all bugs."
  103. Mazreth winks.
  104. You say, "Yeah."
  105. The world grows blurry and indistinct. After a moment everything becomes clear again. Looking about, you see...
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