Bunny faun troll

Oct 7th, 2016
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  1. EU: energeticUrchin
  2. Name: Jaidre Lepori
  3. Race: muntat troll
  4. blood color: olive
  5. Age: between 6 and 7 sweeps
  6. Height: 6'8"
  7. Gender: is more used to being called Female, but that does not really matter for the type of troll they are
  8. Horns: bunny ear like horns the one on her left tip is bent forward some
  9. NSFW Full Appearance without clothes: looks like fairly normal seeming troll with long black messy hair that goes down half of their back, big wonder-filled green eyes, very large buck teeth, but with large point fur covered animalish ears on the side of their head, they have a small but noticeable pair of breast with olive nipples but shortly under them a thin gray coat of fur with patches and spots of black covers them from under their chest down to their feet, that thin coat of fur covers but only barely their belly, at their waist a pair of digitigraded legs that end in paw-padded rabbit-like feet with small orange claws tipping each toe start covered with much thicker fur, in between those powerful seeming legs are a pair of olive green slits one above the other, also sprouting from around their waist is a long and thin tail covered in thin gray fur tip with a tuft of black fur. All fur beside black tuft turns white in winter or cold weather. Wears an overly long sweatshirt and t-shirt on under it they look sort of like a very short dress on them.
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