Asleep in the car Contact translation

May 24th, 2014
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  1. P
  2. "Ah, Chihaya. Where are you going? If you'd like I'll take you by car."
  3. Chihaya
  4. "Is that okay? That's very helpful of you Producer. Besides I'd like to talk about some things on the way too. Fufu"
  5. [In car]
  6. Chihaya
  7. "Producer? Are you listening, Producer? Jeez, lost in your thoughts again."
  8. P
  9. "Ah, my bad... I couldn't stop thinking about the office's schedule."
  10. Chihaya
  11. "You're always like this... Even though I thought since you went out of your way to let me ride with you we could talk about various things."
  12. Chihaya
  13. "That's enough. I'm going to sleep. Ah, what a relief, I was worn out anyways."
  14. Chihaya
  15. "......"
  16. P
  17. "Chihaya? Heey Chihaya, I said it was my bad"
  18. Chihaya
  19. "I can't hear you. I'm asleep. If you want to talk properly then please wake me up."
  20. P
  21. ("Wake up", how should I? Umm...)
  22. [touches cheek]
  23. Chihaya
  24. "Nfu, fufufu! Please don't poke me. I get it! I'm awake, I'm awake!"
  25. Chihaya
  26. "Alright, you win. But make sure to listen seriously this time okay? It's a promise."
  27. P
  28. "Yeah, I'm sorry. Now, go ahead and talk as much as you want."
  29. P
  30. (Chihaya completely improved her mood and talked about various things. It's good that I was able to listen properly to her.)
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