(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Ch4

Mar 17th, 2013
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  4. >Be “The Times of Anon Sparkle Ch4: Mistake” in Equestria
  5. >Be Anon Sparkle, son of Twilight Sparkle, and currently living with his Grandparents in Canterlot
  6. >Also be several weeks after that party
  7. >Mom recently got a job at some sort of gem office
  8. >Gems come in, are inspected, and then magic!
  9. >Or something, you aren’t too sure what the business does
  10. >All you really know is that it stresses her out
  11. >…Like everything else seems to do-
  12. >*SLAP*
  13. >You stop yourself from thinking like that and move on to something else
  14. >Hoity came back once after that night
  15. >He didn’t talk to you, only mom, as you were hiding in your room
  16. >There were a few minutes of mumbling that you couldn’t make out, and then he was gone
  17. >Twilight only said that he wasn’t going to be bothering us again
  18. >And so the past few weeks feel into a routine
  19. >Wake up, make breakfast for everp0ny, go to school
  20. >Keep your head down, don’t draw attention to yourself, go back home
  21. >Read, clean, and do what mom says that night
  22. >Go to sleep, wake up, and repeat
  24. >One particular day you woke up and vomited before you could make breakfast
  25. >”…Fever…Burning up…Dehydration…”
  26. >You stayed home from school that day
  27. >Grandma also called in sick to her job so that somep0ny can watch you
  28. >But throughout the day she seemed slightly angry
  29. >”No Anon, stay in bed, I can clean by myself”
  30. >”Anonymous! I told you to stay near a bucket!”
  31. >”Don’t go into Grandpa’s room! He has important work in there”
  32. >You really didn’t want to make Grandma mad, so you tried to stay out of the way as much as possible
  33. >But around lunch time you were starving
  34. >And with that you were in the kitchen making something to eat
  35. >You didn’t want to bother Grandma, and this was just a simple lunch
  36. >Bread, peanut butter, lettuce, bananas, tomato-
  37. >*Hurk*
  38. >Horseapples, Bathroom! Now!
  39. >But it was a bit too late as you started heaving on the kitchen floor
  40. >Your plate of food clattered as well, leaving a shattered mess of broken ceramic and various foods, coated with acidic body fluids
  41. >As you emptied yourself you realize that you just made a HUGE mess in the kitchen
  42. >And Grandma is going to get angry, which means mom is going to get angry, which means-
  43. >You stop yourself and frantically grab a bunch of towels to try and clean it up
  44. >But it only makes it worse as the towels only spread the nasty around
  45. >”What was that noise. Anon!”
  46. >Oh Horseapples
  47. “I-I tried making lunch so I wouldn’t bother you but then I got s-sick and and and”
  48. >She gives a heavy sigh and pats you on the head
  49. >”Just, go back to bed, I’ll take care of this”
  50. >Uh-Oh
  51. >You just made Grandma mad…
  53. >Your standing behind her as you watch her start to magic away the mess
  54. >Ideas start running through your head
  55. >She’s mad… Twilight will get mad…
  56. >Anger, Punishment, Abandonment
  57. >More Pain
  58. >But that would all stop if she weren’t angry
  59. >You take a few steps to get next to her
  60. >When mom gets angry you just comfort her
  61. >”Anon? What’s wrong?”
  62. >You lean into her and start to nuzzle her
  63. >But when mom gets angry she punishes you for being bad
  64. >With a yelp from the mare you press on
  65. >But if you don’t disappoint mom then she won’t get angry
  66. >The sounds of kissing and licking fill the room
  67. >You don’t want to mess up again and lose another home
  68. >A low angry moan vibrated in your ears
  69. >Slight resistance, then you felt her heartbeat through yourself
  70. >It’s okay, you can do this. Just do what mom always told you to do
  71. >Warm wetness lit your nerves on fire
  72. >Just do what you do to mom and don’t mess up. You can make her not angry
  73. >Hips thrust, tongues coiled, hooves intertwined
  74. >Just like before. Don’t mess up
  75. >Moans, fluids, movement
  76. >Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up
  78. >It was now later that night
  79. >You spent the rest of the day in your room
  80. >Grandma didn’t yell, she didn’t speak, she didn’t even look at you
  81. “…I think I messed up…”
  82. >Eventually Twilight got home, and Grandma talked to her
  83. >You don’t know what they said
  84. >All you know is that mom opened your door and said
  85. >”Come on, we’re going for a walk”
  86. >It was a long and silent walk
  87. >You went far beyond your house, to parts of Canterlot you have never seen before
  88. >There was no way you could find your way back from this far away
  89. >All the while she never spoke
  90. >Never looked at you
  91. >Never did anything other than walking forward
  92. >It eventually got late enough that you two were the only ponies outside
  93. >Then the two of you stopped at a bridge that spanned a gap in the mountain city
  94. >She went to the rail and sat down, staring at you
  95. >”…why…”
  96. “Wh-what?”
  97. >”I give you a home. I share my family with you. I feed and clothe you. I do EVERYTHING for you, and yet you… you…”
  98. >”*Sigh* Anon…”
  99. “Mom! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m-“
  100. >She grabs you and holds you to the guard rail
  101. >”WHY? Why can’t you do ANYTHING right!?”
  102. >Her hooves are pressing against your chest, threatening to push you over
  103. >”I tell you to be quiet, and you yell. I tell you to clean up, and you make a mess. I tell you to behave, and you do stuff like this”
  105. “I- I-“
  107. >Her face contorts with rage as yours fills with fear
  108. >Then she lifts you up over the rails with her magic
  109. >”WHY!? I should have just done this a long time ago…”
  110. >The chasm under the bridge stretches under you
  111. >You whimper
  113. >”Just… just…”
  114. >Rage is replaced with sadness
  115. >”…I can’t…”
  116. >You are pulled back onto the bridge into her embrace
  117. >Tears start to run down your face
  118. “I’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorry”
  119. >”No matter how bad you are… No. It doesn’t matter. I still love you…”
  120. >The embrace lasts for a few more moments as you stain her coat with your crying
  121. >”Anon… look at me…”
  122. >The crying is reduced to a whimpering as your eyes meet
  123. >”I… You can’t come back home… Not after what you did”
  124. >”Just… just leave...”
  125. >She forcibly pushes you away into the street
  126. >”Leave… and never bother me again…”
  127. >With that she walks away
  128. >Leaving you sprawled out in the cold street
  130. >Weeks pass
  131. >You never thought too much about it, but now it makes sense
  132. >It gets REALLY cold in a city that’s built in the side of a mountain
  133. >You spent the days roaming, battling the cold, and trying to fill your stomach
  134. >You knew not to beg
  135. >Begging made p0nies pay attention to you
  136. >And nothing good came from attention
  137. >Food was your biggest problem
  138. >There once was a pony that gave you some apples for running errands
  139. >But you haven’t seen him for a while
  140. >Otherwise you had less than desirable options for food
  141. >Trash bins were pretty good if you got to them before everyp0ny woke up
  142. >Also shopkeepers who didn’t keep too good of an eye on their stalls helped you eat
  143. >And sometimes you met a particular pony that had some bits and liked the way you-
  144. >You cleared your head of the memories that you have accumulated during your time alone
  145. >”Well, what about the orphanage?” A particular pony asked
  146. “I heard bad things happen in it…”
  147. >Straps, beatings, threats, yelling
  148. >So you avoided it like the plague
  150. >Everyday was a struggle
  151. >Scrapes and bruises, cold and weather
  152. >But you still struggled on
  153. >First to find food
  154. >Then to avoid attention
  155. >Either from the guards, merchants, or other foals
  156. >Those were the worse
  157. >They followed you and talked to you and picked on you
  158. >Sometimes they got really mean and hit you
  159. >But at the end of every day you still had a single problem that needed to be solved
  160. >Finding a warm nook or cranny that you could spend the night in without being harassed
  161. >Sometimes it is just a small box in an alley
  162. >Others it was under a particularly dense bush in a park
  163. >Once you managed to sneak into a pony’s warm workshop thing
  164. >Only to be chased out after an hour of sleep
  165. >Sleeping in the same place twice meant p0nies were able to find and hurt you easier
  166. >The first nights were the roughest
  167. >But you became stronger and were able to survive
  168. >You know this because you stopped crying after the first week
  169. >…
  170. >Or that you just started to run out of energy
  173. >One particularly windy day you were in the park
  174. >A collection of bushes and a statue provided good shelter at times like this
  175. >But you couldn’t stay too long
  176. >Otherwise ponies would be asking why a young colt is sitting alone in a park
  177. >Nonetheless you still figure you have around an hour or two before you have to move
  178. >And it is getting a lot colder these days, so spots like these are hard to come by
  179. >You mentally prepare a plan for the upcoming day
  180. >Swing by the bakers, loot their trash
  181. >Hang by that one clothing shop, you think you can snag-
  182. >*Blink*
  183. >Wait… is that…
  184. >*Blink*
  185. >…No way…
  186. “…mom?...”
  187. >Your heart fluttered
  188. >There she was
  189. >Twilight Sparkle, the purple coated, star-marked, pink and purple maned mare
  190. >Walking in the park
  191. >Her face was stoic and emotionless
  192. >Memories flooded your mind
  193. >Memories of her love, of her caring for you
  194. >Times when you messed up, when you made her angry
  195. >The past few weeks of struggle and hunger
  196. >Tears started to form as you left your little spot and sprinted towards her
  197. “MOM!”
  199. >Colliding with her, you wrapped your legs around her neck and cried into it
  200. “I’m sorry! Please! Take me back home! I’ll do anything! Please!”
  201. >Her face was one of shock
  202. >”What?! Umm…”
  203. “Please! Take me back home!”
  204. >Your face was wet as you sobbed into her
  205. >”Seriously, I don’t know-“
  206. “Please! I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”
  207. >You began to grovel at her feet
  208. >”Hey! Foal! What are you doing?”
  209. “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry”
  210. >”No, seriously, cut it out”
  211. “I’msorryI’msorry”
  212. >She looks around nervously before pulling you in and whispering
  213. >”Just, calm down. I’ll take you home, alright?”
  214. >Your heart leapt
  215. “Yes! Yes. Thank you, thank you. I promise I won’t make any more mistakes. I won’t mess up. I’ll be good. Please!”
  216. >She shushes you and takes you away from the park
  217. >After a few minutes you arrive at what she calls her house
  218. “Mom… this isn’t Grandma’s house…”
  219. >”Er, yea… I moved out…”
  220. >It was a small decaying apartment. There were windows missing, holes in the walls, and broken furniture inside
  221. >The entire building was like that with cracked paint and half-collapsed stairs
  222. >You found it hard to believe that anyone lived here
  224. “You live here now?”
  225. >”Yes… yes I do…”
  226. >She brought you to a less-ruined room with a mattress in it
  227. >”Now… son…”
  228. >Her voice paused as if it were a question
  229. >”Umm… you did say you would do anything…”
  230. “Yes! Please, just don’t leave me again”
  231. >Her eyes focused on yours
  232. >Their violet hues washing over you
  233. >As she leaned in and started rubbing your cheek with hers
  234. >”If you really don’t want me to leave, show me how much you love me”
  235. >This was a familiar dance for you
  236. >You lean back and kiss her, taking her tongue in your mouth
  237. >Caressing your teeth, and drawing a moan from you
  238. >After a moment she pulled away, leaving a thin trail of saliva
  239. >But… something was… different…
  240. >A quick shove and you were on the mattress
  241. >”Show me how much you care”
  242. >Her hips positioned themselves over your hardening member
  243. >And then she dropped them, impaling herself on you
  244. >Each thrust of her hips sent you deeper into her folds
  245. >Every twitch, moan, and contraction fueled the pleasure you were experiencing
  246. “M… Mom…”
  247. >”Shhhh” She put a hoof against your mouth as she continued to rock back and forth
  248. >”Just give it to me…”
  249. >You could feel the pressure build in your groin
  250. >But all she did was buck her hips wildly and lean down to kiss you
  251. >It was too much
  252. >Moaning in her mouth and releasing inside of her
  253. >It felt… exhilarating? No… it felt exhausting…
  254. >She collapsed on top of you and wrapped her hooves around your neck
  255. >”There we go…. there we go…”
  256. >As a sudden fatigue washes over you
  257. >And you fall asleep in her embrace
  260. >A loud slamming noise from outside wakes you up
  261. >It is the dead of night, and no lights were present in the ruined apartment
  262. >You were still on the mattress, being held by Twilight
  263. >And you felt completely and utterly drained
  264. >Not like you normally were when you had to comfort mom, but…
  265. >Different…
  266. >Like you ran a whole lot, and were hungry, and tired, and had some of that disgusting wine
  267. >All at the same time
  268. >”Go back to sleep honey… mommy loves you…”
  269. >That voice
  270. >That… that wasn’t…
  271. >The presence of Twilight suddenly felt wrong
  272. >Her coat was smooth and coarse…
  273. >Her smell was… was… wrong
  274. >And her voice-
  275. >You shifted position to look at who was holding you
  276. >The shadows and darkness hid anything from your eyes
  277. “Hey…”
  278. >”Go back to sleep…”
  279. “Hey… Mom…”
  280. >”What?”
  281. >You tried to wiggle out of her grasp with a squeak
  282. >Then her eyes opened
  283. >The barest moonlight as reflected off of them like a mirror
  284. >And scattered in a green hue, giving a very bug-eyed look
  285. >It was about the size of mom, but…
  286. >...This wasn’t your mom
  287. >…This wasn’t even a pony
  289. >With a kick and a squirm you sent that thing off the mattress
  290. >But before you could get out of the bedroom it rose
  291. >And two blue/green-ish transparent wings sprouted from its back
  292. >A voice that belonged nowhere near a pony spoke
  293. >”Wait! WAIT! GET BACK HERE!”
  294. >You did not wait
  295. >Before you knew it you were running down the street, adrenaline pumping
  296. >You never looked back
  298. >Five days until Hearts Warming Eve
  299. >But you couldn’t care
  300. >It was late; the sun had set a few hours ago
  301. >You managed to find shelter in the form of a box padded with newspapers
  302. >But you were still freezing
  303. >There was nop0ny there for you
  304. >You made mom send you away because you were stupid
  305. >Grandpa and Grandma don’t want you in their house
  306. >The other fillies and colts would only harass you and steal your food
  307. >Noble ponies would make you do… things…
  308. >And then there was that monster from a month ago…
  309. >How could you trust anyp0ny…
  310. >Realization hit you again that moment
  311. >You curled up as much as you could and silently cried
  312. >Your hooves, ears, and nose were numb from the cold
  313. >A wad of old paper and cloths covered you as much as they could
  314. >But still bled out a lot of warmth every time a light breeze came through
  315. >You didn’t want this anymore
  316. >The hunger, the suffering, the fear, the pain…
  317. >The loneliness…
  318. >You just wanted it to end…
  319. >As you fell asleep, crying, and no longer shivering from the cold
  322. >The next day a guard is called when a pony spots something in a newspaper stuffed box in an alley
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