Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Tier 1 Enhancements
  3. Laser Designator [Any/Check/1/0]
  4. Support 1 or Hinder 1
  5. "A harmless laser used to facilitate harmful actions"
  7. Stunner [Arms/Damage/0/0]
  8. Stagger, you may only use this when damaging a target at range 0 and only on the target you are hitting.
  9. "A shocking appliance often haphazardly shoved into weapons and fists."
  11. Tier 2 Enhancements
  13. Spotlight [Any/Check/2/0-2]
  14. Hinder 1, for the next 7 count, all attacks made against this target are made at a +1 until this part is destroyed or they move.
  15. “A small spotlight. It's great for blinding someone and for helping your buddies focus on them, at least until they run away from it.”
  17. Stun Grenade [Any/Rapid/2/0-1]
  18. Blast Attack 1 + Explosive + Stagger + Hinder Move 1
  19. "A blinding flash and a deafening bang make this a very powerful distraction for stopping a foe."
  21. Repair Arm [Arms/Action/2/0]
  22. Repair a single basic part on the target
  23. "A robotic arm once meant for repairing machines. It finds new life fixing dead flesh."
  25. Smoke Screen [Any/Check/2/0-3]
  26. This is used on the target of the attack check. For the next 6 count the target of the attack check has all attack checks made against them at a -1.
  27. "Thick clouds of smoke can enshroud you or a friend, making them more difficult to attack."
  29. Leg Mounted [Leg/Auto/See Below/Self]
  30. At the beginning of the battle phase the player may choose one part. For the rest of the battle, that part can be considered to lie in both the legs and whatever location the declared part is already in. If the declared part takes damage during the battle phase, the character may continue to use this part for as long as Leg Mounted is intact as if the part was always located on the legs.
  31. "Hiding things in hollowed limbs became a common practice as fake limbs improved. The dead find it even easier to do now."
  33. Tier 3 Enhancements
  35. Pulse Laser [Any/Action/3/0-2]
  36. Effect Ranged Attack 2 + Dismember, +1 to attack check
  37. Description Firing brilliant, rapid pulses of light, this weapon is both more powerful and easier to land shots with. Unfortunately it has reduced range.
  39. Reinforced [Any/Auto/0/Self]
  40. Automatic Defend 1 when location is hit
  41. "Anything can be made tougher with liberal applications of metal."
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