Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure: 100% Route

Aug 8th, 2016 (edited)
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  1. Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure: 100% Route
  3. Rules:
  4. -Timing starts on the first input on "Play in Pokepark."
  5. -Timing ends on the first full black frame after the two text boxes after finishing the 2nd Mew Chase. You must have seen the special cutscene with Mew signifying that you have friended all the Pokemon in the park prior to the rematch.
  6. -Saving and quitting (S + Q) is allowed.
  7. -The 100% definition requires to fully upgrade Pikachu's stats, complete the friend list, and obtain all bonuses in all attractions.
  8. -Best Friend entries in the Friend List are not required.
  9. -Runs must be done on the English version.
  10. -Password features are required (Surfboard, Balloons and Snowboard only).
  11. -Passwords can be added after creating the file and before doing the run.
  12. -The approved emulator is Dolphin 5.0.
  13. -If using emulator, using save states and speedup for any reason (including reaching the New Game screen faster) is not allowed.
  14. -If using emulator, the entire emulator, including the window border, must be captured and visible.
  16. -Passwords
  17. Balloons: 99930457
  18. Snowboard: 67446162
  19. Surfboard: 02970626
  21. Before starting a run, go into Options, then Text Speed. Set it to Fast.
  23. Current WR: 7:24:54 by deathline
  25. Legend: Blue dots on the minimap represent attractions. Red dots represent Drifblim Stops.
  27. -Tutorial
  28. Go through the game as instructed
  29. Friend Chatot (Chase)
  31. -Meadow Zone
  32. Friend Chikorita (Automatic)
  33. Play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Pikachu
  34. Talk to Treecko
  35. Give Munchlax the Big Berry
  36. Friend Turtwig (Chase)
  37. Friend Pachirisu (Chase)
  38. Friend Buneary (Chase)
  39. Friend Bonsly (Hide-n'-Seek)
  40. Play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Turtwig (Menu right)
  41. Friend Lotad (Fight) (If on the way)
  42. Talk to Treecko, cross bridge, spawn Caterpie (the tree to the immediate left after crossing the bridge)
  43. Friend Caterpie (Chase) (If on the way)
  44. Friend Mankey (Fight)
  45. Friend Aipom (Chase) (If on the way)
  46. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If on the way)
  47. Talk to Croagunk
  48. Talk to Venusaur then leave
  49. Friend Croagunk (Fight)
  50. Friend Lotad (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  51. Friend Treecko (Chase) (If on the way)
  52. Friend Sudowoodo (Hide-n'-Seek) (If on the way)
  53. Friend Butterfree (Chase) (If on the way)
  54. Friend Spearow (Obstacle Hop)
  55. Friend Sudowoodo (Hide-n'-Seek) (If you already haven't)
  56. Friend Butterfree (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  57. Friend Treecko (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  58. Friend Aipom (Chase) (If on the way)
  59. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If on the way)
  60. Play Venusaur's Vine Swing with Pikachu
  61. Friend Aipom (Chase) (If on the way)
  62. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If on the way)
  63. Friend Oddish (Hide-n'-Seek) (If on the way)
  64. Friend Torterra (Fight) (If on the way)
  65. Spawn Weedle (The second big tree, left to a skinny tree)
  66. Friend Weedle (Fight) (If on the way)
  67. Spawn Magikarp (Use Thunderbolt on it)
  68. Spawn Shroomish (Center box of the trio)
  69. Friend Shroomish (Chase)
  70. Friend Magikarp (Chase)
  71. Friend Weedle (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  72. Friend Torterra (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  73. Friend Oddish (Hide-n'-Seek) (If you already haven't)
  74. Friend Aipom (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  75. Friend Ambipom (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  76. Talk to Starly
  77. Exit to Meeting Place
  79. -Meeting Place
  80. Talk to Chatot
  81. Talk to Chikorita
  82. Talk to Drifblim, menu to quit
  83. Talk to Misdreavus, take photo and save it, talk to Misdreavus again
  84. Talk to Electabuzz, say "No" to upgrade
  85. Talk to Corphish
  86. Enter Beach Zone
  88. -Beach Zone
  90. For this Zone, I'm not going to put (If on the way) or (If you already haven't) for a vast majority of the Pokemon since this is such a wide open area with so many different spawns, and so many different friends you need to get during this trip. Just get them when you can.
  92. Friend Azurill (Chase)
  93. Friend Slowpoke (Chase)
  94. Friend Buizel (Chase)
  95. Friend Psyduck (Hide-n'-Seek)
  96. Friend Starly (Chase)
  97. Friend Staravia (Fight)
  98. Friend Pidgeotto (Fight)
  99. Friend Wingull (Chase)
  100. Friend Taillow (Chase)
  101. Friend Corsola (Quiz)
  102. Friend Floatzel (Fight) (Friend Buizel first)
  103. Friend Golduck (Fight) (Friend Psyduck first)
  104. Talk to Feraligatr
  105. Talk to Piplup
  106. Friend Totodile (Fight) (Friend Azurill first)
  107. Friend Mudkip (Hide-n'-Seek) (Friend Slowpoke first)
  108. Drifblim Stop to Meadow Zone
  110. -Meadow Zone
  111. Collect lumber for Bidoof (4 pieces, all relatively close in boxes)
  112. When going for the 3rd piece of lumber in the farthest box away, friend Shinx (Chase)
  113. Talk to Bidoof after finishing lumber quest
  114. Friend Bibarel (Fight)
  115. Drifblim Stop to Beach Zone
  117. -Beach Zone
  118. Friend any Pokemon you've yet to friend from the first Beach segment
  119. Grab the piece of lumber in the box left of the bridge Corsola is on and give it to Bidoof
  120. Play Pelipper's Circle Circuit with Pikachu
  121. Talk to Bidoof
  122. Friend Carvanha (Automatic)
  123. Friend Sharpedo (Automatic)
  124. Friend Wynaut (Automatic)
  125. Give Bidoof the two remaining pieces of lumber
  126. Recycle the three bottles on Gyarados's island before talking to him
  127. Play Gyarados's Aqua Dash with Pikachu
  128. Recycle the three bottles again
  129. Friend Corphish (Fight)
  130. Talk to Feraligatr
  131. Friend Feraligatr (Fight)
  132. Ride Lapras to the Iceberg Zone
  134. Don't worry if you didn't get every single Pokemon listed here. Get as many as you can now, and you can get the remaining in a later trip.
  136. -Iceberg Zone
  137. Talk to Piloswine
  138. Talk to Teddiursa
  139. Bring the farthest Ice Block to Glalie first
  140. Bring the other 2 nearby Ice Blocks to Glalie (One the the right, one to the down-left)
  141. Friend Teddiursa (Chase (Not Quiz))
  142. Friend Octillery (Fight) (If on the way)
  143. Friend Ursaring (Fight) (If on the way)
  144. Go through the middle path towards the lift
  145. Talk to Kirlia by the tree (Cutscene)
  146. Friend Prinplup (Fight)
  147. Friend Froslass (Fight)
  148. Friend Quagsire (Big Berry)
  149. Friend Octillery (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  150. Ride the lift back up
  151. Talk to Froslass
  152. Friend Glalie (Fight)
  153. Friend Teddiursa (Chase (Not Quiz)) (If you already haven't)
  154. Friend Ursaring (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  155. Revive Mamoswine
  156. Play Empoleon's Snow Slide with Pikachu
  157. Friend Piloswine (Fight)
  158. Drifblim stop to Meeting Place
  160. -Meeting Place
  161. Talk to Ponyta (350 berries)
  162. Talk to Ponyta again (1000 berries)
  163. Talk to Cranidos
  165. -Cavern Zone
  166. Hang right and talk to Mawile
  167. Friend Zubat (Chase)
  168. Talk to Aron
  169. Pick up the Iron Ore in the nearby crate and bring it to the Aron
  170. Talk to Mawile again (Chase)
  171. Talk to Dugtrio
  172. Friend Golbat (Chase) (If on the way)
  173. Hit open the box containing Magnemite (Left box from the iron ore)
  174. Break open the right hand box containing Magnemite (after going through the connecting tunnel)
  175. Friend Cranidos (Fight)
  176. Friend Golbat (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  177. Friend Magnemite (Talk)
  178. Friend Marowak (Fight)
  179. Break Diglett's box (5th box from the left)
  180. Break the box containing a Big Berry (3rd from the left)
  181. Talk to Snorlax
  182. Drop the berry, hit Snorlax with thunderbolt
  183. Pick up berry, talk to Snorlax
  184. Pick up the rail, check the Drifblim stop
  185. Give the rail to Mr. Mime
  186. Friend Gible (Fight)
  187. Friend Mr. Mime (Automatic)
  188. Run down the right path, do a u-turn at the first exit (right next to the Obstacle Hop)
  189. Break the box in the corner by the Obstacle Hop to get the final Magnemite
  190. Friend Machamp (Obstacle Hop)
  192. The following Pokemon can be friended in any particular order dependent upon RNG.
  194. Friend Meowth (Quiz)
  195. Friend Scizor (Battle)
  196. Friend Diglett (Talk)
  197. Friend Torchic (Battle)
  198. Friend Raichu (Chase)
  199. Friend Geodude (Hide-n'-Seek)
  201. Play Bastiodon's Block Barrage with Pikachu
  202. Friend Magnezone (Battle)
  203. Friend Dugtrio (Talk)
  204. Check the minecart and go to the Lava Zone
  206. -Lava Zone
  207. Friend Chimchar (Fight) (If on the way)
  208. Friend Vulpix (Chase) (If on the way)
  209. Friend Magby (Fight) (If on the way)
  210. Friend Camerupt (Fight)
  211. Friend Baltoy (Fight - In box left of Camerupt)
  212. Friend Claydol (Fight - Friend Baltoy first)
  213. Friend Magby (If you already haven't)
  214. Friend Vulpix (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  215. Friend Chimchar (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  216. Fight Hitmontop
  217. Hit the switch for the drill
  218. If either Gold Nugget or Iron Ore, take it down to the furnace
  220. Gold Nugget: Round shape for Gold Top. Take it to Hitmontop to befriend him.
  222. Iron Ore #1: Straight shape to make an Iron Lever. Check the switch, pick up the lever, put in it the switch, hit the switch
  223. Friend Golem (Talk)
  224. Friend Torkoal (Battle)
  225. Iron Ore #2: Round shape to make an Iron Top. Take it to Rhyperior to play the minigame.
  227. If you didn't receive a Gold Nugget now, don't worry and move on.
  229. Play Rhyperior's Bumper Burn with Pikachu
  230. Friend Charmander (Fight)
  231. Friend Meditite (Quiz)
  233. For the following Pokemon, friend them if on the way. If they are not on the way, get them after the Attraction
  235. Quilava (Fight)
  236. Hitmonchan (Fight)
  237. Ponyta (Chase)
  238. Ninetales (Chase)
  239. Flareon (Fight)
  240. Infernape (Fight)
  242. Moving on, Friend Farfetch'd (Fight)
  243. Hit the switch
  244. Talk to Magcargo
  245. Talk to Blaziken
  246. Fight Charmander
  247. Play Blaziken's Boulder Bash with Pikachu
  249. Friend any of the aforementioned Pokemon you didn't already friend.
  250. Hit the switch for the fire spire near the beginning of the zone that you couldn't hit from that side
  251. Hit the switch for the Drill until you get a Gold Nugget
  252. As previously mentioned, turn Gold Nugget into a Gold Top
  253. Check Drifblim stop on the way up with the Gold Top
  254. Friend Hitmontop (Give Gold Top)
  255. Drifblim stop to Meeting Place
  257. -Meeting Place
  258. Talk to Ponyta for Double Dash
  259. Talk to Ponyta again for final dash upgrade at 1,500 berries
  260. Talk to Duskull
  261. Enter Haunted Zone
  263. -Haunted Zone
  264. Check Drifblim stop
  265. Play Tangrowth's Swing-Along with Pikachu
  266. Talk to Drifblim
  267. Enter the house
  268. Follow Duskull around till he's done talking about the ball room
  269. Follow Gastly upstairs
  270. Friend Gastly (Chase)
  271. Talk to Gengar
  272. Check the Gengar painting
  273. Friend Gengar (Fight)
  274. Break the vase in the corner of the same room
  275. Friend Voltorb (Fight)
  276. Go downstairs
  277. Friend Stunky (Chase)
  278. Friend Elekid (Hide-n'-Seek)
  279. Play Dusknoir's Speed Slam with Pikachu
  280. Friend Haunter (Chase) (If on the way)
  281. Friend Umbreon (Chase) (If on the way)
  282. Friend Espeon (Chase) (Friend Umbreon first - if on the way)
  283. Friend Skuntank (Fight) (If on the way)
  284. Friend Electabuzz (Fight) (If on the way)
  285. Enter the ball room
  286. Talk to Misdreavus
  287. Go to where Gastly is on the second floor
  288. Friend Abra (Talk)
  289. Friend Breloom (Fight)
  290. Talk to Spinarak
  291. Take the Tough Thread back to Misdreavus
  292. Friend Misdreavus (Chase)
  293. Talk to Duskull in the library
  294. Friend Sableye (Quiz)
  295. Check the shelf (do not talk to Duskull) with the book in hand
  296. Go downstairs
  297. Play Rotom's Spooky-Shoot-em'-Up with Pikachu (Play with Abra if Pikachu is too hard to do)
  298. Go upstairs
  299. Friend Pichu (Chase)
  300. Friend Mismagius (Fight)
  301. Friend Luxray (Chase)
  302. Friend Electrode (Talk)
  303. Friend Haunter (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  304. Friend Umbreon (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  305. Friend Espeon (Chase) (If you already haven't)
  306. Friend Skuntank (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  307. Friend Electabuzz (Fight) (If you already haven't)
  308. Go upstairs to the hallway closest to Abra
  309. Friend Riolu (Fight)
  310. Friend Spinarak (Talk)
  311. Friend Duskull (Chase)
  312. Exit the house
  313. Friend Drifloon (Talk)
  314. Friend Kakuna (Talk - In tree to the right of the doors if facing them)
  315. Friend Metapod (Talk - In tree to the left of the doors if facing them)
  316. Friend Gliscor (Fight)
  317. Friend Murkrow (Chase)
  318. Friend Honchkrow (Fight)
  319. Exit Haunted Zone
  321. -Meeting Place
  322. Talk to Skorupi
  323. Enter Granite Zone
  325. -Granite Zone
  326. Friend Eevee (Chase)
  327. Friend Lopunny (Chase)
  328. Friend Furret (Hide-n'-Seek)
  329. Talk to Charizard
  330. Play Absol's Hurdle Bounce with Pikachu
  331. Friend Charizard (Fight)
  332. Talk to Hoppip
  333. Hit the switch
  334. Hit the switch across the bridge to turn the bridge back to starting position
  335. Go up the ramp and talk to Flygon
  336. Friend Blastoise (Fight)
  337. Run across the bridge
  338. Go up the slopes (don't talk to Skorupi)
  339. Complete the platforming section and hit the switch and the end
  340. Go through the connecting passageway where the fire spires were, turn right down the hallway and left at the end
  341. Friend Porygon-Z (Quiz)
  342. Come back to where Skorupi was
  343. Friend Skorupi (Talk)
  344. Friend Bronzor (Talk/Automatic)
  345. Friend Electivire (Fight)
  346. Ride the rope cart across
  347. Friend Togekiss (Obstacle Hop)
  348. Ride back on the rope cart
  349. Go the the connecting passageway
  350. Run up the ramp by the bridge
  351. Check the Drifblim stop
  352. Drifblim stop to the Cavern Zone
  354. -Cavern Zone
  355. Friend Mawile (Talk/Automatic)
  356. Friend Snorlax (Talk)
  357. Friend Phanpy (Big Berry)
  358. Drifblim stop to Granite Zone
  360. -Granite Zone
  361. Talk to Flygon
  362. Friend Flygon (Chase)
  363. Play Salamence's Air Ace with Pikachu
  364. Friend Arcanine (Chase)
  365. Friend Staraptor (Fight)
  366. Friend Jolteon (Chase)
  367. Friend Aerodactyl (Fight) (Friend Staraptor first)
  368. Talk to Jumpluff
  369. Enter the Flower Zone
  371. -Flower Zone
  372. Talk to Bellossom
  373. Talk to Shaymin
  374. Friend Cyndaquil (Chase)
  375. Friend Lucario (Fight)
  376. Friend Skiploom (Talk)
  377. Friend Budew (Talk)
  378. Friend Dragonite (Chase)
  379. Check Drifblim stop
  380. Drifblim stop to Meeting Place
  382. -Meeting Place
  383. Go up the treehouse
  384. Friend Mime Jr. (Talk)
  385. Friend Burmy (Talk)
  386. Go up and find the mirror
  388. -Flower Zone
  389. Take the mirror the dais and place it on there
  390. Play Rayquaza's Balloon Panic with Pikachu
  391. Friend Mareep (Chase)
  392. Talk to Shaymin
  393. Talk to Bellossom and receive the Wonderful Watering Can
  394. Check the Gracidea Flower with the WWC in hand
  396. -Sky Pavilion
  397. Go up the ramp and talk to "Piplup"
  398. Go back down the ramp to the entrance with the balloon and talk to Piplup
  399. Go back up the ramp and talk to "Piplup"
  400. Talk to Mew
  401. Play Mew's skill games (Obstacle Hop, three Fights, Chase)
  402. Talk to Mew
  403. Watch credits, save at the end
  405. -Meeting Place
  406. Enter Meadow Zone via gate
  408. -Meadow Zone
  409. Go to where Venasuar is located
  410. Friend Venasaur (Talk)
  411. Friend Scyther (Fight)
  412. Friend Leafeon (Chase)
  413. Play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with all Pokemon
  414. Friend Tropius (Big Berry)
  415. Drifblim stop to Granite Zone
  417. -Granite Zone
  418. Run down the ramp
  419. Hit the switch
  420. Run across the bridge, turn right (where Charizard was standing on first visit)
  421. Friend Tyranitar (Fight)
  422. Play Absol's Hurdle Bounce with all Pokemon (Shaymin is last)
  423. Go to where Salamence's Air Ace is located
  424. Friend Garchomp (Fight)
  425. Play Salamence's Air Ace with all Pokemon (Latios is last)
  426. Go to the Drifblim stop
  427. Drifblim stop to Beach zone
  429. -Beach Zone
  430. Friend Vaporeon (Chase)
  431. If you didn't recycle 6 total bottles way back in the first Beach zone visit, do that now. Recycle until you get 6 total. If you end at 5 right here due to awesome RNG, recycle the last bottle after Pelipper.
  432. Play Pelipper's Circle Circuit with all Pokemon (Latias is last)
  433. Friend Wailord (Talk - Need 6 bottles recycled)
  434. Play Gyarados's Aqua Dash with all Pokemon (Manaphy is last)
  435. Friend Lapras (Talk) and go to the Icerberg Zone via Lapras
  437. -Iceberg Zone
  438. Friend Krabby (Chase)
  439. Go towards the right path
  440. Friend Spheal (Chase)
  441. Talk to Delibird, take present to the tree
  442. Talk to Delibird, take present to the tree
  443. Friend Squirtle (Fight)
  444. Friend Smoochum (Fight)
  445. Talk to Delibird, take present to the tree
  446. Talk to Delibird, take present to the tree
  447. Friend Kirlia (Talk)
  448. Friend Glaceon (Chase)
  449. Friend Delibird (Quiz)
  450. Friend Primeape (Fight)
  451. Friend Sneasel (Chase)
  452. Friend Mamoswine (Fight)
  453. Play Empoleon's Snow Slide with all Pokemon (Suicune is last)
  454. Drifblim stop to Flower Zone
  456. -Flower Zone
  457. Friend Bellossom (Give Bouquet)
  458. Play Rayquaza's Balloon Panic with all Pokemon (Deoxys is last)
  459. Drifblim stop to Lava Zone
  461. -Lava Zone
  462. Play Rhyperior's Bumper Burn with all Pokemon (Heatran is last)
  463. Friend Magmortar (Fight)
  464. Friend Blaziken (Talk)
  465. Play Blaziken's Boulder Bash with all Pokemon (Groudon is last)
  466. Ride the mine cart to Cavern Zone
  468. -Cavern Zone
  469. Friend Hitmonlee (Fight)
  470. Play Bastiodon's Block Barrage with all Pokemon (Metagross is last)
  471. Drifblim stop to Meadow Zone
  473. -Meadow Zone
  474. Play Venusaur's Vine Swing with all Pokemon (Jirachi is last)
  475. Drifblim stop to Haunted Zone
  477. -Haunted Zone
  478. Play Tangrowth's Swing-Along with all Pokemon (Celebi is last)
  479. Play Dusknoir's Speed Slam with all Pokemon (Darkrai is last)
  480. Play Rotom's Spooky Shoot-em'-Up with all Pokemon (Rotom is last)
  481. Enter Meeting Place via gate (not Drifblim stop)
  483. -Meeting Zone
  484. Finish upgrading all stats (Thunderbolt, HP, and Iron Tail)
  485. Talk to Piplup to go to the Sky Pavilion
  487. -Sky Pavilion
  488. Talk to Mew
  489. Watch the cutscene that shows that you've friended all available Pokemon in the park
  490. Talk to Mew again and play the skill games again (Obstacle Hop, three Fights, Chase)
  491. Timing ends on the first full black frame after the two text boxes after finishing Chase.
  495. GG. Route done by deathline.
  496. Route version: v1.1.2
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