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Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. Mr. Cothran,
  3. I read in your Medium article that you don't have mental health care available to you. Please get in contact with me if you desire such care. I have benefited greatly from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I believe I can get you CBT services for free or low rates, as my friend (who, to be fair to her, I can not name) is a practitioner in Asheville NC. I will see if one of her peers can help you. I can make no guarantees, but if you are willing, I will do my best to hook you up. My only interest in doing this is that you get a chance to better yourself, and as thanks for all that your music has done for me. If you (or a proxy for you, I have no desire to communicate with you) wish to peruse this, the best way to reach me is by texting Jeff Havens at 843.514.3679. I check my email less often, but you can email as well. I know it is strange, but please use in your correspondence with the Keyword "%Santa@Dog%" so I know you are not some rando. The world benefits from you, the more stable you are the better. "Loss Memory", "my first love mends my final days", and many others have kept the barrel of a gun out of my mouth more times than you'll ever know.
  5. All the best,
  6. Jeff Havens
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