any risk to money site by building tier 2 pbn backlinks?

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. any risk to money site by building tier 2 pbn backlinks?
  2. If i build backlinks to PBN and PBN is pointing to money site is there any risk to money site if PBN gets reviewed?
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  17. Well, you've still got a PBN pointing at your money site, so there is an element of risk.
  18. there no point a pbn should already be charged with good backlinks to boost the main website .
  19. you usally need to add more pbn.
  20. this quision comes down to quilty of the pbn built .
  21. if a pbn has improved your ranking already , then i suggest add another .
  22. your suppose to keep building pbn till getting to required height in google.
  24. there no cheap way to keep boosting a pbn power to hit heigher postion in google, you need to keep adding powefull made pbn to get to your desired postion .
  25. how it works , i no exspensive
  26. Building low quality links tier 2 to your pbn isn't a good idea. Basically it will become another footprint of your pbn. And these links won't give the authority push.
  27. Building high quality links is not optimal. It's better to build those links tier1. Because this will give more juice.
  28. I'd suggest you build only 2 types of tier 2 links to your pbn:
  29. 1. High quality links that can be only built to your pbn site, but won't get approved for money site.
  30. 2. High quality web2.0 or comments just to keep pbn sites look 'alive'.
  31. i think also looking into backlinking and seo liking strategys might help main website .
  32. a lot of people dont fully exhuast all linking possabiltys before running to pbn , in most case's pbn was not even needed .
  33. there been a lot of backlinking links giving away strategy on this forum with links worth a lot of money people charge , these links are very powerfull .
  34. your need to use the search box to find the posts.
  35. also try not to rely on google for your traffic there to many avenues to get so much traffic .
  36. fb
  37. reddit
  38. quora
  39. yt
  40. just a example of places you can get so much traffic with out google ruling you.
  41. what i am trying to get you understand google not king for traffic no more there plenty over places to go ,
  42. your be so suprised how many people dont use google for there traffic and only use google to get there website just indexed and there still earning very good money daily without all the bullshit problams relying on indexing and seo!
  43. if you start to look at the internet in a diffrent way , a way that tell you, traffic is all here to get and be used .
  44. what works and always will!
  45. there so many websites , and forums and chat bot and everthink in any niche , and some allow you to mention your url or there ways to add a url sneakily, with using your brain and thinking and scrapping top already indexed websites in your niche and adding your url, your get rich quicker then any seo website .
  46. google not the end of life traffic provider no more , google was years ago , but know we got websites busier then google will ever be and there traffic for indevigal niche beat google hands down , trust me google hate it not having controll of all traffic , that why seo and getting to the top of websites really dont matter , traffic is king not website postion these days (( fact )) , so if you dont think outside the box your just get invloved in google and seo what takes money and effort to just earn!
  47. This does depend on the quality and authority of the PBN domains you're using. If you're spending $xxxx on a domain then it should be good enough to not need further linking to it.
  48. If you're using fully expired / dropped domains, then building high quality / high authority tier 2 web2.0 links is a good idea. Check out a tool called SEO Autopilot they have an option to build high authority tier 2 links.
  49. if its spam free and related to your niche you can build but all PBN must have unique IP's
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  54. If you're buying backlinks to boost your PBN you need to be buying more powerful/expensive domains
  55. Let me know as well. If it's that easy to set google off I will just punish my competition with with my shitty pbn links instead of building my own and be ranked #1 for everything I want.
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