Memories of Summer (possible WIP)

Sep 27th, 2015
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  1. Memories of Summer
  2. Or, the most coherent parts of an unfinished SoL magnum opus
  4. *** *** ***
  6. At 4 PM, Maya fights the toilet ghost
  8. “Snap out of it, Maya! Don’t do it!” The boy yelped in panic as the iron grip of black-furred paws twisted his arms behind his back, just above his exposed buttocks. “You’re not helping, kiddo,” the Anubis snapped back as her tongue and lips inched ever closer to his ass. Ethereal smoke drifted from her fully black eyes as the Ghost fought for control. A gravelly voice from beyond the grave rang inside her skull: “YES! SUCK IT! TASTE MY PAIN…”
  10. With a grunt her face made contact - Maya’s cheek pressed against his crack as she managed to turn her face and avoid a head-on impact. She hissed through her teeth, “Light the candle already! Do it now!” His voice dripped with desperation. “How?! With my teeth? You’ve got both my hands!” She half groaned, half sighed as she tore one hand away from his wrists and grabbed her own, wrestling with the Ghost inside her.
  11. Maya rolled on the dirty floor, her skirt crumpling under her slender thighs as disembodied groans and sharp barks filled the air. The boy scrambled to light the final candle of a pentagram drawn onto the toilet seat in the rearmost stall – just as the flickering flame of his lighter was about to catch the wick, an iron grip on his leg pulled him away. As he looked back, he found himself staring into his friend-turned-lover’s inky black, steaming eyes. A twisted, hoary voice rang from her throat: “I WON’T LET YOU DO IT…”
  13. “Why are you even doing this? Why?!” He tried to plead with the monstrosity that wrestled him into submission at the foot of the bowl, to no avail. “KNOW MY PAIN, YOU FILTHY BREATHER…” He was spun around to face a now inexplicably bare butt above his face. His pulse quickened as he saw Maya’s ring slowly open with a terrible inevitability, even as one paw, drawn into a fist, punched her own cheek again and again. In blind panic he fumbled above and behind him with the lighter, desperate to end the ritual before it was too late.
  15. Suddenly the Anubis above him grew rigid and howled like a wraith from beyond the grave, her eyes lighting the dark ceiling like searchlights in the dim gloom. The boy sighed in relief as the pink ring above him again drew to a close – only for Maya’s hips to slam into his face as her now unpossessed body fell limp. Her soft thighs slammed into his cheeks just as her puffy vulva touched down on his lips.
  17. “What’s up with this Ghost and shit, anyway? I mean, I get that she killed herself on the toilet but there has got to be more to this. Right, kiddo? …Kiddo?” She felt a muffled voice try to speak into her sensitive parts and immediately sprang forward on her lithe but powerful legs. “Sorry! I didn’t realize I was on top of you…!” The stuffy heat was lifted, but her shapely butt still hung directly in his field of view, giving a jarring contrast to the barely-gone horror of the terrifying Toilet Ghost.
  19. He staggered to his feet together with Maya and looked around him in the gloom - an elaborate pentagram, complete with drippy candles and mouse blood, flickered on the lid. Inside it a bluish-black spectre danced and flickered as it trashed around, trying to escape its mystical prison. The girl had been rather plain, as he could now see. Unkempt black hair hung to her shoulders, almost hiding a mousey face and bad posture. “Let’s get it over with, eh? Get the Holy Water out and we can exorcise her already.” Maya was hardly a mode elegant sight, her clothes crumpled from rolling around the dirty floor of the old school building. Even her braids were dusty, her glasses visibly greasy from her busty eyebrows pressing into them during the scuffle.
  21. [The Toilet Ghost is successfully exorcised and the young couple make it home; Maya takes a shower before the main event.]
  25. *** *** ***
  28. At 5 PM, Preparations: Sara
  29. At 6 PM, party begins: Extras
  31. [Various last-minute preparations, in particular involving getting the blonde heating element hot and bothered enough to boil the hot water resevoir; trio of extras is introduced]
  35. *** *** ***
  38. At 7 PM, Mina arrives late
  40. Suddenly the door to the girls’ changing room swung open and a very short girl with twisting horns extending from above her ears pattered into the steamy bath chamber. She had a rather quite large towel wrapped around herself, showing only the straps of a dark one-piece underneath, and her long, copper-colored hair was tied in a bun behind her head, giving her horns a soft contrast. Nobody seemed to notice her as she looked around.
  42. Mina was tired – she had come straight from work – and desperate for some amusement. She noticed some people that she’d never met before, grinned, and set off towards them. It was time for a new game of pretend, how fitting that it was at the baths once again. She sized up the trio – two Demon types and a Human. One of the Demons looked rambunctious, splashing the water wildly as she mimed along to whatever story she was telling the others – a demure-looking Demon with elegant straight hair and a modest chest covered with an unadventurous bikini and a tall, busty, serene-looking Human.
  44. “…And that’s how I tackled the shit outta that hot HB! I was sure he was gonna fall for me after I ruined his shit, but the guy just flopped like a fish and I got a red card!? I mean, what the fuck!” Mina waded in just in time to hear the end of the story. “Have you ever told him you like him?” The tall Human asked with a gentle smile, her eyes seemingly closed. “No…! I mean, what would I say? ‘I like sports, go out with me?’” The Demon’s slight abs caught the light as her burning-red racing swimsuit turned ever so slightly to face the tall girl. “I mean, I ain’t a beauty like you two, alright?”
  46. Finally the demure Demon noticed Mina. “Well hello there, miss, are you a friend of Sara’s?” Her voice was as silky as the hair between forward-swept horns at the top of her head. The bat-wings at her hips were drawn close at her hips like a dark skirt to match her dark blue bottoms. “Yes~!” She beamed at the Demon, doing her best to look younger than she was – something that was not actually all that difficult. “Do you want to play with the waterfall?”
  48. The so-called waterfall was simply a high-pressure shower into a separate shallow pool. Sara had told her about it over tea, that she could remember, but what she was going to do with it? Mina had no idea. What she did know was what she would do with it herself – the water was actually ice-cold. She barely contained her smirk as she half-pulled the shy girls towards the small draining pool.
  49. With a pull of the faucet frigid water began to power down onto the floor. Mina twirled underneath, barely reacting to the cold water even as it soaked into her sapphire swimsuit, chilling her skin. She enjoyed the tingle as her gushing blood rushed away from her skin, but even more so she relished the idea of what was to come. The girls had surely noticed the cool air wafting from the shower, but she hoped they had no idea how cold it actually was. After a short twirl underneath she danced her way back to the trio.
  51. “Let’s all go together!” She grabbed the demure Demon and the serene Human and pulled them under the shower in a heartbeat – when they realized the cold, they were already underneath. 
  53. [The extras continue to be bullied; one is revealed as an Alp that another had a crush on.]
  57. *** *** ***
  61. At 8 PM, Preparing for the stargazing
  63. ”So...” Maya spoke up as she half slid, half floated next to Sara. “Did you build the screens?” She bobbed her head conspiratorially as her soft, smooth thigh pressed into Sara’s rough scales under the water. “Of course I did,” the Dragon replied, trying to feign nonchalance, looking away with her arms splayed behind them on the wooden structure, “It’s going to start at nine.” She turned her face to Maya, only to find her beaming in anticipation, her ears quivering in the hot, moist air. Sara couldn’t help but allow herself an excited grin and a barely-audible squeal.
  65. The repressed giggles went on for some minutes, until finally the girls managed to control themselves. “I didn’t expect you to wear something that bold, though.” Maya scanned Sara from head to toe – her glistening wet white one-piece glistened almost as bright as her golden hair. The water reached up to her waist, leaving her modest bust faintly reflecting the amber lights that bounced from the rippling surface. “Harumph! Are you implying that my elegant swimsuit is lewd?” She puffed a faint grey plume of smoke in feigned indignation. “I’ll have you know my fiancée adores it!” Maya grinned as she slid deeper into the water, until it almost reached her nape. “Oh, I bet he does~!”
  67. Suddenly a scaled claw dug into her defenceless side, wiggling furiously, rubbing every hardened ridge into her delicate flesh – Maya squealed as she scrambled away. “And what about you, then? You with that hole exposing your b-butt!?” Maya’s soaking wet tail stood up out of the water, splashing water onto both their chests. “My tail is very delicate, Sara! I can’t just stuff it up the back, you know!”
  69. [Eventually the entire slanted outer wall slides away to reveal the night sky.]
  73. *** *** ***
  74. At 9 PM, Outside
  76. [Komodo-oneechan and her brother are up to no good in the chilly woods when suddenly the area is flooded with light and excited voices; Bro is too leglocked to stop even when the live commentary makes him blush himself half to death.]
  78. At 10 PM, At home
  80. [Mina is so hopped up on teasing teenagers and watching lewd sex that she assaults her husband and throws him around like a plush toy on the bed. Some bruising in the shape of her arms occurs.]
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