Sample gravity feats

Apr 6th, 2015
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  1. 1.Momentum Manipulation:Increasing/decreasing the force of gravity
  2. 2.Orbital Mechanics: Floating and shit
  4. 1.An increase of gravity, concentrated over a small area.
  5. -Can immobilize a target, meaning a reduction in str/agi as long as it is maintained
  6. -If concentrated on a target, can slam down with incredible force, for area clearance or breaking through an incredibly powerful enemies armour.
  7. -Could also be used to give someone a 'magnet' effect. meaning objects of a certain size can be used to quickly attack a far-away target.
  8. -Simply crushing an enemy's bones.
  9. 2.An increase over a large area.
  10. -Holding groups that are individually weaker than you down so long as they are within a certain range (Act 3 Freeze)
  11. 3.Concentrated decrease
  12. -Flight or extremely high jumps for a period of time
  13. -Can lift enemies and combo into a sudden increase
  14. -An inverse or negative mass equivalent to that of the Earth, causing things within a certain range to fall away from the target
  15. 4.Wide area decrease
  16. Remove the gravity of objects, and cause it to spread in that area, creating a chain reaction that causes anything in the nearby vicinity to become weightless.
  18. 5.Other
  19. Using centrifugal/centripetal(Maul you fucking faggot) force to increase the force of attacks or use pretty much anything as a substitute for a bullet.
  21. Already suggested:
  22. Lighten: The target becomes much lighter. Their jumping ability is tripled for the next round.
  23. Gravity Well: The target becomes much heavier. Their jumping ability is reduced to 1/3rd, their running speed is halved, and flying characters must immediately land. Lasts for as long as you pay to maintain it.
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