Anon's Pet Academy

Dec 29th, 2012
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  1. <--- By Anon --->
  3. >Welcome to Pet Academy, everyone. We have a lot of volunteers this year.
  4. >As you are aware, your old identities no longer matter, as your old lives will be nothing but a distant memory once the restructuring program is complete
  5. >If you look out the window to your right, you can see the graduating batch as they meet their assigned sanctioned masters. Look how happy they all are.
  6. >This is what you will all look like in a year, but first you have a lot of work ahead of you
  7. >If you have read the information we've made available to you, you will be aware that there's a lot of physical and mental training involved to make sure you're fully adapted to the lifestyle of a pet
  8. >Once your restructuring is complete, you will be divided into classes, and assigned to specialized instructors
  9. >Now, does anyone have any second thoughts before we begin?
  10. >No one? Good. Please exit the room through that door, and proceed to the chamber marked with your assigned number. See you in a week!
  12. >Welcome to your new life, everyp0ny! I am pleased to announce that there were no casualties during the restructuring this year!
  13. >Despite our best efforts to prepare our volunteers and the skills of our staff, some simply don't respond well to this first step of the journey, and will either expire or suffer trauma beyond what we can salvage
  14. >Fortunately, there's no extraordinary rehabilitation required this year, and you're all recovering well
  15. >Now, you might be a bit confused about your inability to remember your name, or the faces of your former family and friends, but take heart in knowing that you will find new friends here, and by the end of the year, you will gain something even better
  16. >Your new collars are ready, and you will now be given new identities as you are divided into your classes. Step forward as your number is called out.
  17. >Class 1: Number 7 - Shimmershine...Number 12 - Rose Leaf....Number 3...
  19. >Hello class, I am your main instructor, Dr. Anonymous. Yes, I am aware that i look like Nikola Tesla, but that's purely coincidental. You will refer to me as Master Anonymous while we're in class.
  20. >And this is my assistant and personal pet, Glade Dancer.
  21. >Today we will do some basic discipline exercises
  22. >This is what is going to happen: I will call you by your name, and you will step forward.
  23. >Then you will close your eyes and open your mouth. I will then feed you a grape
  24. >Afterwards, you will look me in the eyes and say "Thank you, Master" and bow nicely before returning to your place
  25. >You will find this humiliating at first, but if you're being good little ponies, you will soon find that this feels good enough to be a reward in itself.
  26. >Glade Dancer will demonstrate for you.
  27. >...
  28. >Good girl! Now the rest of you will do the same
  30. >...and that's the end of our first lesson. All in all, you were all very good little ponies. Especially Rose Leaf, who gets an extra grape for being such a polite girl.
  31. >Forest Wind, however, has been very rude. Since this is our first day, I will only give a light punishment.
  32. >The rest of you will go take a break outside before next class. See you then.
  33. >...
  34. >Now Forest Wind, do you really think that was a proper way to adress me? In front of the class, no less?
  35. >I know this is new to you, but calling me names when I'm giving you treats is completely unacceptable.
  36. >Do you think this is something I should just ignore?
  37. >You don't? That's good. You do want to be a good girl, don't you?
  38. >Good. I want you to turn around. I will then give you a smack on your rump.
  39. >Then you will turn back to me and say "I'm sorry for calling you a bad name, Master. Will you please forgive me." Can you do that? Good...
  40. >...
  41. >I forgive you. Was that so bad? Good girl. Now run along and join the others.
  43. >Welcome back, class. Did you enjoy your break?
  44. >"Yes, Master Anonymous." Very good, you're learning quickly.
  45. >Since you were all such nice little ponies, I think we'll play a little game this time. Gather in a ring, everyp0ny. Glade Dance, bring me that bag...Good girl.
  46. >This is the rules of the game: Glade Dancer will pick up this tennis ball with her mouth. She will then pass it to the one on her right.
  47. >Then that one will pass it on to the next one. For each round the ball makes, you will earn a grape.
  48. >If anyone loses the ball, or refuses to take it, they will leave the game and lose their reward. The game will go on for 3 minutes. Ready? Go.
  49. >...
  50. >...Too bad, you dropped it, Sunwing.
  51. >...
  52. >...If you're too shy to take the ball from her, you lose, Forest Wind. Alright.
  53. >That's one round, and you all earn a dropped it, Too bad.
  54. >...
  55. >Alright, time's up. Looks like you're still not used to picking things up with your mouths. Only 4 ponies left.
  56. >Don't complain, Forest Wind. It's not a stupid game. Do you want another punishment?
  57. >Good girl. Apology accepted.
  58. >Alright, the winners did very well, and I have a special reward for you. Come here.
  59. >Heres your grapes, and here...Oh, you really like being scratched behind your ear, huh?
  60. >And what do we say..?
  61. >"Thank you, Master" Good girl! Okay, back to your place. Next...
  63. >Hello class, I'm Dr. Amomynous, and I'm in charge of your physical training. You will adress me as Mas...
  64. >No, not Anonymous, that's that Tesla guy.
  65. >Anyway, you've probably noticed that you're still weak after your restructuring. This is normal.
  66. >Today, you're just going to trot around the track. If you start to feel pain, let me know. Those of you who are pegasi will have to wait a while more before you can use your wings. They need more time to heal before you can move them.
  67. >Alright, go!
  68. >...
  69. >Don't push yourself too hard, Tea Leaf
  70. >...I told you not to move your wings, Sunwing
  71. >Alright, looking good
  72. >...
  73. >...
  74. >What's wrong, Forest Wind?
  75. >Your leg? Let me see... Looks fine. Try walking for a while. If it keeps hurting, let me know.
  76. >...
  77. >...Tea Leaf, I told you. Trotting only. No running. Come here.
  78. >Too late for an apology. I told you not to push yourself. Now stand still while i put the leash on.
  79. >I don't care if you will pace yourself, you're getting the leash.
  80. >Okay, if you're going to talk back, you get to watch the others from the cage over there, and i expect an apology when we're done.
  81. >...
  82. >...
  83. >...Okay, we're done here for today. Go through that door and wait for me.
  84. >You ready with that apology, Tea Rose?
  85. >Aw, don't cry, I'm not mad at you. Now go join the others through that door
  87. >Alright, line up along the wall, and we'll wash you.
  88. >Of course we will. How would you do it yourself?
  89. >Alright, stand still while I lather you up, Tea Leaf
  90. >...
  91. >You're not stuggling much now, are you.
  92. >"It feels good, Master"? Well, I'm just doing my job, but if you're a good girl, you might get a master who will do this for you every day. Now turn around.
  93. >Stand still so he can wash you, Sunwing.
  94. >Alright you're done, Tea Leaf.
  95. >...
  96. >Oh no you didn't! You did not just call my assistant a faggot, Sunwing! Come here, you'll get a cage and a hose instead.
  97. >...
  98. >Yeah, doesn't feel good, does it? You could've avoided this. Feel like apologizing yet?
  99. >I'm not the one you called names. Apologize nicely to him.
  100. >"I'm sorry, Master. Please forgive me." Good girl. Now kiss his feet.
  101. >Do it. He said he'd forgive you if you kiss his feet.
  102. >...
  103. >Good girl. Go back in and join the others.
  105. >Welcome back, class. I expect you're tired after your physical training, so you get a couple of hours to rest after lunch. I'll show you where you'll be staying when we're done here.
  106. >Tea Leaf and Sunwing, Dr. Amomynous told me you were misbehaving during his class, so you two will be serving food and tea to the rest of the class today.
  107. >Tea Leaf, you can serve the tea. The pot has been designed for being used by ponies. Glade Dancer will demonstrate by pouring tea into my cup....Well done, Glade Dancer. You deserve an ear scratching.
  108. >Think you can handle it, Tea Leaf? Good. Sunwing, you'll put sandwiches over on plates and give them to the others.
  109. >Don't spill or drop anything, or you'll have to eat it off the floor.
  110. >...
  111. >You've got the hang of it, Tea Leaf. I'm impressed.
  112. >...
  113. >Alright you two, you did very well. In fact, since you were so quick about it, you get a reward. Come here.
  114. >There you go. And what do we say when we get something nice? Good girl. Noe go back to your place and eat.
  115. >What's wrong, Sunwing? Don't you want your bellyrub? Tea Leaf seemed to like it.
  116. >That's what I thought. You were just shy, weren't you? And what do we say... "Thank you, Master" Good girl! Now go eat your food...
  118. >...and this is the cage hall, where you'll be sleeping for a while now
  119. >Yes, I am being serious, and that tone won't do you any good, Forest Wind. For now, you will all share cage with two others, but if you keep being good little ponies, you might get your own cage.
  120. >If you're being VERY good, you might even get one of the cages by the windows.
  121. >What's the matter, Sunwing? Why are you crying?
  122. >...
  123. >Now now, you can't be having second thoughts now.
  124. >...
  125. >Aw, come here and get a hug. Don't you feel better now? You do want to be a good girl, don't you?
  126. >And if you're a very good girl, you might get a master who will let you have your very own room!
  127. >But only if you're a good little pony who does what she's told, right?
  128. >"Yes" what? "Yes, Master" That's right. Good girl.
  129. >If you like, I'll even put you together with Tea leaf and Shimmershine. You get along with them, don't you?
  130. >That's a good girl, now in you go. You may rest for two hours before the next lesson. If you need to go to the bathroom, a staff member will be nearby, but don't bother them unless you need to, or you will be punished.
  131. >Alright, in this cage....
  133. >Alright, let her out of the cage.
  134. >Sunwing, I'm very disappointed in you. You bit Shimmershine, and that's completely unacceptable.
  135. >Look me in the eye when I'm talking to you.
  136. >Do you know why we're doing this here, in front of the others?
  137. >Because you've deserved a real punishment, and the others get to see what happens when you misbehave and hurt others.
  138. >You are going to lean forward and present yourself to me. You will then receive a spanking with this paddle until you've learned your lesson.
  139. >Then you will thank your master for putting you in your place, as well as giving an apology to Shimmershine for biting her.
  140. >Now lean forward.... Sunwing, I told you to... Okay, there we go.
  141. >...
  142. >...
  143. >And now say it.
  144. >"Thank you for putting me in my place, Master." now stop crying and apologize to Shimmershine.
  145. >Will you forgive her, Shimmershine?
  146. >Good girls. Be nice to eachother, or I'll have to do it again. Now go back to sleep.
  148. >Alright, class, it's time to wake up. Did you have a nice nap?
  149. >Very good! You're all being good little ponies.
  150. >Did you behave too while i was gone, Sunwing?
  151. >Alright, I hope you'll remember to be a good girl from now on.
  152. >Now it's time for your afternoon walk. Two of you will be assigned to each assistant, and you will adjust your speed to his pace. Don't pull the leash.
  153. >Open the cages and let them out now.
  154. >Now...take the leash over to an assistant, and ask him nicely to put it on you and take you for a walk. Can you all do that?
  155. >Here's your leash. One for you. One for you...
  156. > ...
  157. >Alright, so now we're all ready for a walk in the forest nearby. Sunwing and Tea Leaf, you'll come with me
  158. >...
  159. >There we go. Now that we're outside, pay attention to my speed and where i'm going.
  160. >You're doing well, Tea Leaf. Careful you don't bump into my leg though.
  161. >Any now we're out on the forest trail. Let's speed up a little.
  162. >Not so tight, Sunwing. Back to my side.
  163. >Sunwing, I'm not going to tell you ag- HEY! GET BACK HERE!
  164. >Shit, she ran off....Greg, take the leash, I'll go get her.
  165. >SUNWING!
  166. >...
  167. >...
  168. >There you are, i knew you wouldn't make it far. Bad girl! We're going to have a talk when we...Let me see...oh no, you've cut your leg open on those rocks, haven't you.
  169. >Calm down, and let me carry you back so we can have that treated. You wouldn't get much further anyway, the whole area is fenced off.
  170. >Yeah, you should cry. You've been very bad, and you made us worry.
  171. >...
  172. >See there, Sunwing? Those are the ponies who did as they're told. See how happy they are when they get a bellyrub for being good little ponies? They didn't try to run off like you did.
  173. >...
  174. >Alright, I'll leave you with these doctors so they can take care of your leg. I'll come pick you up later, and don't think I'll let you off any easier because you hurt yourself. You promise you'll be good this time, right?
  175. >Alright, I'll be back later.
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