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  1. <Snowy> ohai Squarepus
  2. <RichDevX> yay, we finally got cfw running
  3. <RichDevX> good job guys
  4. <Squarepus> hi there Snowy
  5. <RichDevX> meh, killed the chat flow xD
  6. <Snowy> :P
  7. <Squarepus> hey guys
  8. <Squarepus> I did not know anything about you guys sitting on CEX->DEX
  9. <RichDevX> how do you know we're all guys?
  10. <Squarepus> that right there is a serious issue
  11. <Squarepus> and then this 'Oedipus RSX' thing
  12. <Snowy> That's durandals stuff
  13. <Squarepus> so the way I see it
  14. <Snowy> not touching it with a 20 foot pole
  15. <Squarepus> the '3.41/3.55 hacks' that you guys are publicly talking about
  16. <Squarepus> really don't amount to much next to CEX->DEX
  17. <RichDevX> Squarepus, we have a simple method
  18. <Squarepus> well it isn't even Durandal's stuff Snowy since he got it from Math
  19. <Squarepus> aka Kaz
  20. <RichDevX> step 1) place the ps3 in a bucket of distilled water
  21. <Snowy> well touche but still. it isn't touching anything im doing
  22. <Snowy> and im not touching it either
  23. <RichDevX> step 2) pour the water out, and if the timing is right, the keys will leak out of the console in plaintext
  24. <Squarepus> so I have some logs here
  25. <Squarepus> they say people are driving up to Durandal
  26. <Squarepus> and begging for CEX->DEX jobs
  27. <RichDevX> why do you want a DEX?
  28. <Snowy> wait what? the only one i've seen that wanted a dex was adrianc
  29. <Snowy> who else? o.0
  30. <Squarepus> people talked to ops on here
  31. <Squarepus> about it
  32. <Squarepus> Snowy - Adrianc wanted a DECR
  33. <Squarepus> not a DEX
  34. <Snowy> he wanted a dex and a decr
  35. <Squarepus> Adrianc has a DEX already I believe
  36. <Squarepus> in any case - he just wanted one for the collecting
  37. <Snowy> oh derp
  38. <Snowy> yea
  39. <Squarepus> was not really anything to do with getting keys
  40. <Squarepus> so whose bright idea was it
  41. <Snowy> that was the only other person that i was aware of.
  42. <Squarepus> to pick a couple of 3.60 SDK samples
  43. <Snowy> durandal:
  44. <Squarepus> and package them up as 'RSX information'?
  45. <Squarepus> and then have people 'donate' 300 dollars for that
  46. <Snowy> again that was durandal idea
  47. <Squarepus> pretty terrible idea there
  48. <Squarepus> I mean - does Glevand know about all this shit?
  49. <Snowy> yup
  50. <Squarepus> and he's cool with it?
  51. <Snowy> i haven't talked to him about it personally
  52. <Squarepus> well who raked in that money?
  53. <Snowy> so i can't really answer that
  54. <Squarepus> was it split between you two or did Durandal get the money
  55. <Snowy> durandal
  56. <Squarepus> wow
  57. <Squarepus> sounds to me like somebody is taking advantage of the situation
  58. <Squarepus> I was in such a situation at one point but I extricated myself from it
  59. <Squarepus> and told the guy to go F* himself
  60. <RichDevX> send me the money, and I'll put it to good use :)
  61. <Squarepus> so Durandal can really do CEX->DEX?
  62. <Squarepus> and it's not bluff?
  63. <Snowy> I'm still working on my sles stuff and ibm tools
  64. * Pockets69 ( has joined #otheros
  65. * geobot gives channel operator status to Pockets69
  66. <Snowy> yup Squarepus
  67. <Squarepus> he no longer needs Math for that?
  68. <Snowy> he could probably figure that out easily
  69. <Squarepus> hah - guess Math will be feeling screwed right now then
  70. <Snowy> he's in a pain coma atm due to 2 kidney stones
  71. <Snowy> he hasn't converted any boxes though
  72. <Squarepus> well I've got some logs here that show some people begged to convert their boxes
  73. <RichDevX> Pockets69 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
  74. <Snowy> well that yea, but actually doing them = no
  75. <Squarepus> well here is the thing
  76. <Squarepus> Durandal can't sit on that stuff
  77. <Squarepus> without the rest of us knowing
  78. <Pockets69> RichDevX, :)
  79. <Squarepus> otherwise all bets are off
  80. <Snowy> pm'd
  81. <RichDevX> this is why we create awesome teams, so we don't have this drama xD
  82. <Squarepus> well either Durandal fork over the method
  83. <Squarepus> or a lot of logs are going to be released
  84. <Squarepus> and they won't be flattering
  85. <Snowy> well brb let me warn him to see what he wants to do
  86. <Squarepus> well yeah the ball is in his curve
  87. <Squarepus> but just so you know
  88. <Squarepus> lots of people are pissed about this
  89. <Squarepus> and I can't really blame them too
  90. <Squarepus> in his court but I guess you know what I mean
  91. <Squarepus> anyway the Oedipus RSX thing was a step too far
  92. <Squarepus> nobody expected to get a bunch of SDK 3.60 samples for - say - a donation amounting to 300 dollars
  93. <Squarepus> that's just BS
  94. <Squarepus> I asked him too how this was ever going to lead to RSX Linux drivers
  95. <Squarepus> he didn't really have a satisfactory answer for me either
  96. <Squarepus> other than that 'Glevand is working on it'
  97. <Squarepus> which if that is so
  98. <Squarepus> then why does that 300 dollars need to go to his bank account?
  99. <Squarepus> seems to me like it should go to Glevand
  100. <c4pt> someone said rsx?
  101. <c4pt> << needs rsx
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  103. <Snowy> Just told him Squarepus, he said it isn't his method to release.
  104. * RDX ( has joined #otheros
  105. <Squarepus> yes we know that it is Math's
  106. <Snowy> and the fact he still has the kidney stones, he can't do much
  107. <c4pt> Squarepus whats Oedipus RSX ?
  108. * RichDevX has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  109. <Squarepus> here is the thing
  110. <Squarepus> as a public group
  111. <Squarepus> you can't be 'selective' in what things you're going to release
  112. <Snowy> here he comes.
  113. <Squarepus> especially when you're sitting on stuff like this
  114. <Squarepus> this is supposed to be a collaborative project
  115. <Squarepus> it doesn't even get out to people within the group
  116. <durandal> Squarepus: what the fuck is your problem?
  117. <Squarepus> ah some straightforward no-nonsense talk at last
  118. <durandal> btw i have a piece of spring steel up my urethra right now
  119. <Squarepus> what my problem is
  120. <durandal> so i'm not in too good a mood
  121. <Squarepus> is twofold
  122. <Squarepus> 1) that Oedipus RSX thing
  123. * D_O_A ( has joined #otheros
  124. <Squarepus> 2) CEX->DEX that you have right now
  125. <Squarepus> and won't share
  126. <Squarepus> you know the method
  127. <Squarepus> you can do it
  128. <Squarepus> you got it from Math
  129. <durandal> 1) i was working on converting it but i've been in a pain-induced coma most of the time
  130. <durandal> wait till the stones get removed and you'll see a lot more
  131. <Squarepus> you said it wasn't yours to share previously
  132. <Squarepus> so which of the two is it?
  133. <durandal> 2) see also pain-induced coma
  134. <Squarepus> yeah I see that
  135. <Squarepus> people tell me also when confronted with shit that they are internet less for two weeks and so
  136. <Squarepus> so I'm not saying you're lying
  137. * RDX is now known as RichDevX
  138. <Squarepus> would like this cleared up though
  139. <durandal> ok i'll tell you what
  140. <durandal> i'll trade with you
  141. <Squarepus> what's there to trade?
  142. <durandal> you can have my kidney stones and pain
  143. <durandal> and i can bitch to you
  144. <durandal> sound fair?
  145. <Squarepus> well perhaps this is karma
  146. <Squarepus> I don't believe in karma necessarily
  147. <Squarepus> but perhaps there's a ring of truth to it
  148. <Squarepus>
  149. <Squarepus> found this too
  150. <Squarepus> any truth to that?
  151. <durandal> if there was think i'd still be a free man?
  152. * darl1_ has quit (Connection closed)
  153. <durandal> cause obviously i'm a pedophile that ruins everything
  154. <durandal> WITH A SIX YEAR OLD SON
  155. <Squarepus> didn't accuse you you were
  156. <RichDevX> ew
  157. <Squarepus> and seriously - that shit doesn't interest me
  158. <Squarepus> only thing I came on here
  159. <Squarepus> is because of the two aforementioned issues
  160. <RichDevX> should we call the authorities?
  161. <Squarepus> one being the CEX->DEX method that people are hoarding
  162. <Squarepus> and two the money 'donation' thing
  163. <Squarepus> which apparently went all to your account
  164. <Squarepus> and you and I both know they were SDK samples
  165. * darl1_ ( has joined #otheros
  166. <Squarepus> so that was a low blow
  167. <durandal> ohyeah, cause I GAVE YOU THE FULL SDK
  168. <durandal> FOR FREE
  169. <durandal> AS A DEV
  170. <durandal> you're right
  171. <durandal> you have every reason to complain
  172. <durandal> cause you have something nobody else here has
  173. <durandal> except me
  174. <durandal> and whoever i give access
  175. <Squarepus> you have something no one else has right now too
  176. <Squarepus> CEX->DEX
  177. <Squarepus> the method that is
  178. <durandal> yep
  179. <Squarepus> and the thing is
  180. <durandal> and it's not mine to give
  181. <Squarepus> Math didn't 'give you' that method either
  182. <durandal> you wanna swing dicks?
  183. <RichDevX> durandal, please explain how you signed debug pkgs
  184. <Squarepus> you figured that out or social engineered that somehow out of him
  185. <RichDevX> I'd love to know how you did that :)
  186. * Bartium has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  187. <Squarepus> the thing is - you can't say 'it's not mine to give'
  188. <Squarepus> when you never asked for it
  189. <Squarepus> and just got it
  190. <Squarepus> when you figure stuff out on your own
  191. <Squarepus> then it's yours
  192. <Squarepus> and you decide what happens with it
  193. <Squarepus> can't say 'not mine to give'
  194. <Squarepus> when Math only did your box
  195. <Squarepus> and didn't give you the method necessarily
  196. <RichDevX> :)
  197. <durandal> he gave me enough of the method
  198. <RichDevX> no he didn't
  199. <Squarepus> so we have a problem here dude - you have something right now that you're keeping to yourself
  200. <Squarepus> same as Math
  201. <RichDevX> you have NO clue how he does it
  202. <Squarepus> doesn't bode well for a public group
  203. <RichDevX> Squarepus, trust me, it'll never be released for reasons I can't disclose
  204. <durandal> you get math to message me and say i can release his part then fine
  205. <durandal> cause my shit is contingent on that
  206. <durandal> and RichDevX you are correct
  207. <durandal> the FiveJewBankers own the method
  208. <Squarepus> so in other words
  209. <Squarepus> Gitbrew now totally relies on Math
  210. * RichDevX has quit (Connection closed)
  211. <durandal> also releasing anything on cex->dex is a great way for sony to pull out any and all support
  212. * RDX ( has joined #otheros
  213. <Squarepus> 'to pull out any and all support'
  214. <Squarepus> what you mean?
  215. <Squarepus> in that you no longer get to hijack the process
  216. <Squarepus> and get to convert boxes?
  217. <durandal> i mean that geoff levand's done a lot to make our kernel hacks part of the mainstream linux kernel release
  218. <durandal> and also get us legitimate status with several linux distros
  219. <Squarepus> dude that is not what any of this shit is about
  220. <Squarepus> and you know it
  221. <Squarepus> that is not why you are withholding CEX-.DEX
  222. <Squarepus> come on
  223. <Squarepus> don't play this BS game
  224. <durandal> basic rules for dealing with sony: don't rls dex shit
  225. <durandal> or you get fucked
  226. <CrashSerious> wait, what's sony supporting?
  227. <CrashSerious> last I knew it only did much less than when I gought it.
  228. <CrashSerious> *bought*
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  230. * geobot gives channel operator status to daxgr
  231. <daxgr> hi
  232. <Snowy> hey daxgr
  233. <daxgr> hey Snowy
  234. <daxgr> what's up?
  235. * alias ( has joined #otheros
  236. <CrashSerious> What's sony supporting again?
  237. <daxgr> hmm what?
  238. <nikitis> Snowy, latest debdroid work for tf?
  239. <Snowy> yup :)
  240. <nikitis> up'd to site?
  241. <Snowy> yup the link works
  242. <nikitis> k, i'll try it out soon
  243. <nikitis> can it be used on external sdcard?  or internal only?
  244. <Snowy> unsure i used internal
  245. <nikitis> does it need formatting to ext2?
  246. <Snowy> the internals have to be either ext2 or 3
  247. <daxgr> ext4 ftw!
  248. <nikitis> so i gotta format
  249. <nikitis> or resize with gparted
  250. <daxgr> gparted ftw!
  251. <nikitis> not on my tf
  252. * Cylent1 ( has joined #otheros
  253. * AndroUser2 ( has joined #otheros
  254. * daxgr has quit (Connection closed)
  255. <Snowy> lol nikitis it worked out of box for me
  256. <nikitis> Snowy, i tried it on my htc phone, and the sdcard didn't take too well
  257. <nikitis> to reformatting
  258. <nikitis> i resized it then formatted the 4gb to ext2,  but then android didn't work with it
  259. * AndroUser2 has quit (Connection closed)
  260. <RDX> best mod ever:
  261. * AndroUser2 ( has joined #otheros
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  263. * RDX is now known as RichDevX
  264. * daxgr ( has joined #otheros
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  266. <Snowy> ah well damn :/
  267. <daxgr> crappy 3g 2 GSM switching
  268. <nikitis> does it matter to add the ext2 to the beginning of the card or the end?
  269. <daxgr> hmm gotta go will work later
  270. <daxgr> c u guys
  271. * daxgr has quit (BRBFBI: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  272. <eussNL> nikitis, start/end doesnt matter in speed on memory, only on circulair storage matter like harddrive, optical disks and floppy disks
  273. <nikitis> not speed i'm concerned about
  274. <nikitis> its ability for android to access it
  275. <nikitis> on my phone i usedthe end of the drive
  276. * fdlslfsdl ( has joined #otheros
  277. <nikitis> but wouldn't mount at all
  278. <nikitis> fat or ext2
  279. * kothac ( has joined #otheros
  280. * greatdayne ( has joined #otheros
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  284. <nikitis> i guess i really know how to kill a room huh
  285. * bgKa ( has joined #otheros
  286. <nikitis> Just talk about real development, and the ps3scene mob goes away :P
  287. <RichDevX> 1 ^ 1
  288. <durandal> haha
  289. <durandal> the ps3scene mafia?
  290. <durandal> yeah it appears i have displeased the don
  291. <durandal> :D
  292. <durandal> or several of them
  293. * Pockets69 has quit (BRBFBI: Quit)
  294. * kamel is now known as the_ps3_don
  295. <the_ps3_don> my son durandal i am not displeased
  296. <the_ps3_don> :D
  297. * the_ps3_don is now known as kamel
  298. <durandal> don corleone, thank you for your endorsement of gitbrew
  299. <kamel> :D
  300. <kamel> that was fun
  301. <durandal> oh and giancana's still a psychopath
  302. <durandal> :D
  303. <RichDevX> durandal, how do you sign a debug pkg?
  304. <durandal> sign it as a fself
  305. <durandal> or a debug self
  306. <durandal> what tools are you using?
  307. <RichDevX> err, how is it related to an fself?
  308. <durandal> debugs don't run normal selfs
  309. <RichDevX> sure they do
  310. <durandal> yeah they can
  311. <durandal> if you set the shit to release
  312. <RichDevX> shouldn't have to
  313. <RichDevX> I mean, how do you physically sign the pkg
  314. <RichDevX> not the fself
  315. <durandal> C:\Users\durandal>make_package_npdrm --help
  316. <durandal> usage: [revision 1754]
  317. <durandal>     make_package_npdrm [options] config-file target-directory
  318. <durandal>         -v | --verbose          increases verbose messages.
  319. <durandal>         -f | --nofindlimit      no limitation to file find.
  320. <durandal>         -o | --output DIR       output package to DIR.
  321. <durandal>         -C | --directory DIR    change to DIR before doing anything.
  322. <durandal>         --find-path PATH        set find command path to file find.
  323. <durandal>         --content-id STRING     set ContentID.
  324. <durandal>         --k-licensee HEX        set KLicensee.
  325. <durandal>         --drm-type STRING       set DRMType.
  326. <durandal>         --content-type STRING   set ContentType.
  327. <durandal>         --package-version NUM   set PackageVersion.
  328. <durandal>         --print-time            list modified time by W3C date & time format.
  329. <durandal>         --print-universal-time  list modified time in UTC by W3C-DTF.
  330. <durandal>         --print-locale-time     list modified time by locale format.
  331. <durandal>     make_package_npdrm [options] target-directory
  332. <durandal>         generate package with 'target-directory/package.conf'.
  333. <durandal>         [options]               same as the above.
  334. <durandal>     make_package_npdrm [options] npdrm-package [target]
  335. <durandal>         [default]               print package informations.
  336. <durandal>         -c | --check            check package format.
  337. <durandal>         -l | --list             print [target] files/dirs information.
  338. <durandal>         -x | --extract          extract [target] files/dirs.
  339. <durandal>         --extract-tropdir       extract trophy files.
  340. <durandal>         --no-entitlement        generate debuging package.
  341. <durandal>     make_package_npdrm [options]
  342. <durandal>         --version               print revision.
  343. <durandal>         --help                  print help message.
  344. <durandal> C:\Users\durandal>
  345. <RichDevX> that's not signing though :|
  346. <durandal> it signs as part of it
  347. <durandal> you have to sign the files in it
  348. <RichDevX> nope
  349. <durandal> runs on mine after i do that
  350. <RichDevX> yes, but it's not a signature
  351. <durandal> yeah you don't need to do real sigs on dex shit
  352. <durandal> they run fake signed shit
  353. <RichDevX> no no, I mean debug pkgs aren't signed
  354. <RichDevX> at all
  355. <RichDevX> there's a hash at the end that you are free to modify
  356. <durandal> and they won't run on your shit?
  357. <RichDevX> I've known the pkg format for years, just wondering why you mean by signing
  358. <RichDevX> what you mean*
  359. <durandal> huh?
  360. <RichDevX> because the scene will interpret it very differently
  361. <durandal> i'm sorry
  362. <durandal> maybe i don't understand what you're asking through all the pain
  363. <durandal> please rephrase the whole thing
  364. <RichDevX> What does a signature mean to you?
  365. <durandal> signed for cex
  366. <RichDevX> sure, retail pkgs are signed
  367. * drdanger2222 ( has joined #otheros
  368. <RichDevX> But what does it mean?
  369. <durandal> it means the packages is authenticated to run on a given version of sony fw
  370. <durandal> like ms authenticode on a domain-controlled windows network
  371. <DirtyJerz> i think i need thinner wire
  372. <DirtyJerz>
  373. * RDX ( has joined #otheros
  374. <durandal> DirtyJerz: wire should not be mentioned in my presence
  375. <Snowy> damn DirtyJerz
  376. <durandal>
  377. <durandal> currently i have option number 5
  378. <durandal> in my dick
  379. <durandal> i, too, wish for a thinner gauge of wire
  380. * RichDevX has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  381. <DirtyJerz> fuckin A
  382. * RDX is now known as RichDevX
  383. <durandal> RichDevX: love the rdx reference
  384. <durandal> we should have a PETN in here too
  385. <DirtyJerz> it warps the efi shield a lil bit so i think imma have to redo it...
  386. <DirtyJerz> w/ a lighter gauge
  387. <DirtyJerz> what do u think Snowy
  388. <durandal> tell my urologist to do likewise
  389. <DirtyJerz> durandal: you have RF shielding on your meat peg?
  390. * jordosaxman ( has joined #otheros
  391. <durandal> DirtyJerz: yeah
  392. <durandal> the government got tired of reading my thoughts
  393. <durandal> so they gave me that and a tinfoil showercap
  394. <durandal> said if i ever took them off they'd just arrest me
  395. <DirtyJerz> word
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