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Jul 8th, 2014
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  1. Rules and Guidelines for Chat
  3. #ex-muslim is an irc channel where ex-muslims and others of different backgrounds, locales, and environments can share time together, discuss their issues and ideas without judgement, and just generally enjoy a good environment. In order to facilitate such an environment in which a global community of ex-muslims can thrive it is best to set up some boundaries. As such here are a list of chat rules and guidelines that must be abided by all members. Take a moment to read and understand them.
  7. Rules
  8. Do not glorify or condone rape or violence towards others in any form.
  9. Do not use racial, sexual, or ethnic slurs. This includes bigotry towards any people, groups and communities.
  10. Do not trivialize or belittle others’ experience of abuse.
  11. Do not disclose the private details and personal information of any other chat member on the main chat without their consent.
  12. Do not disseminate the contents of pm conversations in main chat.
  13. Do not abuse pms to harass other members or circumvent chat rules.
  14. If you are receiving harassing pms, please contact a channel moderator; if a mod is unavailable use the /ignore command and report to a mod when later available.
  15. Do not attempt to circumvent a temporary or permanent ban.
  16. Moderators will be open to users communication of complaints/concerns through pm, will consider all complaints and act in an unbiased fashion in enforcing these rules.
  19. Guidelines
  20. Do not engage in ad hominem attacks and personal arguments in the main chat.
  21. Do not mention private, exclusive chat conversations on the main chat, including outside skype chats etc.
  22. Open invitations to outside conversations are permitted, but exercise personal discretion.
  23. Do constructively contribute by listening to and offering advice to fellow members.
  24. Do be considerate and polite to other chat members.
  25. Do be as open as you are comfortable being in sharing your experiences.
  30. Breaking rules will lead to an immediate kick/ban on moderator discretion. Repeated failure to conform to chat guidelines can similarly lead to kick/ban.
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