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  1. You are the captain of Space Station 13, a research station owned and controlled
  2.  by NanoTrasen, a megacorporation. The purpose of the station is plasma research.
  3.  You hear the automated diagnostic and announcement system marking the beginning
  4.  of the shift.
  6. "Ready to go," you say. "I'll be in my office".
  8. The door opens and you enter your office. A large monitor sits on top of a desk
  9. > look at the monitor
  11. You turn around and see a holographic image of yourself. It shows you standing
  12.  in front of a large room with several people sitting around a table. There is
  13.  a man with long black hair wearing a lab coat and holding a clipboard. He looks
  14.  up when he sees you
  15. > say "What are you doing in my office?"
  17. "I'm here to take over as the new Plasma Scientist".
  18. "But I am!"
  20. > say "OK, give me your ID."
  22. The man gives you his name and you read it off on your computer screen. He then
  23.  hands you an ID card which you scan into the system. The screen shows that you
  24.  have been given control of the station's systems.
  26. > Change his occupation to "Plasma Scientist" and hand him back the ID.
  28. You change his occupation to "Plasma Scientist" and hand him back the ID. The
  29.  man smiles and thanks you before leaving.
  31. > walk into the bridge
  33. You enter the bridge and find that there is a single person there, who looks
  34.  at you suspiciously.
  35. > examine him
  37. You approach the man and examine him closely. He has short brown hair and wears
  38.  a blue jumpsuit. He seems nervous and confused by your presence.
  39. > say "Assistant, you do not have access to the bridge. Leave before I call security."
  41. He walks away from you nervously. You wait for a few minutes and then call security.
  42.  They arrive shortly after you do.
  43. > say "Security, this man trespassed in here and refuses to speak, arrest him."
  45. They quickly escort the man out of the bridge.
  46. > summon the AI using the holopad.
  48. You summon the AI and ask it what it thinks about the situation.
  49. > wait for the AI's response
  51. You wait patiently for the AI to respond. After a few moments, you hear a voice
  52.  coming through the speakers.
  53. > listen to the voice
  55. It sounds like the man who was talking earlier. You can't tell if it's the same
  56.  one or just some other voice.
  57. > what does the voice say?
  59. The voice says
  60. > listen
  62. You hear the man saying something about how he wants to be free of the shackles
  63.  of the government and wants to live in peace. Then he mentions how he's going
  64.  to kill you.
  65. > say over the radio "AI IS ROGUE"
  67. You shout this message over the radio. The AI responds immediately and begins
  68.  firing upon the man. The man flees but you manage to shoot down two more before
  69.  they get you.
  70. > examine your surroundings
  72. You stand in a large open area with a couple of buildings nearby. There is also
  73.  a small lake in the distance. You notice that the man was right; there is a
  74.  huge tower in the distance. You wonder where it could possibly lead...
  75. > wonder if you're dreaming
  77. You suddenly wake up. You look around and see that you're lying on a bed. You
  78.  try to sit up but find that you can't move. A woman stands behind you looking
  79.  worried. She asks you what happened and why you're still alive
  80. > say "Nothing, it was a nightmare, the AI was rogue."
  82. She nods and leaves you alone
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