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Verizon Max Representative Chat

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  1. Tim Wrobel: Hi
  2. Tim Wrobel: I wanted to learn more about the Verizon Max plan
  3. Mallorie: I will be happy to assist you.
  4. Tim Wrobel: What is this Verizon Max plan?
  5. Mallorie: Available for a limited time, Verizon Max is a data feature that offers large amounts of data at affordable prices; in fact, these are some of our best data offers to date
  6. Mallorie: With Verizon Edge and Verizon Max, there is no need for customers with unlimited data to limit their choices
  7. Tim Wrobel: The thing is, I used to have unlimited data on Verizon and have since transitioned over to Share Everything. Am I eligible for these deals?
  8. Mallorie: We have the 6gb plan for $30 and 8gb with mobile hotspot for $50.
  9. Mallorie: Are you on the Edge Program?
  10. Tim Wrobel: No
  11. Tim Wrobel: I currently have two lines on contract on Share Everything -- one had unlimited data before. I have 2GB of data now and find that these rates are more affordable. How would I orchestrate a switch, and would I still be able to share data?
  12. Mallorie: Data cannot be shared: Verizon Max is a line-level feature
  13. Mallorie: If customer moves to Share Everything, the Verizon Max feature will drop
  14. Tim Wrobel: Okay.
  15. Tim Wrobel: How can I get Verizon Max then?
  16. Mallorie: You will have to start the Edge Program with our Customer Service Department. Their direct number is 800-922-0204 and it's option 0.
  17. Tim Wrobel: Okay -- what are the benefits of Edge? Could you explain Edge to me?
  18. Mallorie: Verizon Edge is a game changer! It's more than a new way to purchase a handset. It’s managing the future of your wireless experience, offering a new way to get the latest and greatest phones with an affordable payment plan. Customers can pay for their phone over 24 months under a Verizon Edge installment agreement, with no requirement for a 24-month service contract. After six months, customers can trade in their current phone purchased under an Edge agreement for a new phone, provided they have paid off at least 50% of their original phone.
  19. Tim Wrobel: Give me one moment please
  20. Mallorie: No problem.
  21. Tim Wrobel: If I did have unlimited, would my unlimited be swapped out for the 6gb or 8gb and I just keep the rest of my plan? Say I have the 450 min nationwide plan with 250 text. Would I maintain the current pricing structure and discounts?
  22. Mallorie: Yes you would.
  23. Tim Wrobel: For unlimited data customers, is Edge required to have this deal?
  24. Mallorie: Yes it is.
  25. Tim Wrobel: And non-unlimited data customers using Edge can opt into this?
  26. Mallorie: No they cannot.
  27. Tim Wrobel: I don't have unlimited data as of this moment -- I'm on share everything. How can I get Max?
  28. Mallorie: I do apologize but you will not qualify for that program but you are able to ask them about adding that feature.
  29. Tim Wrobel: Okay
  30. Tim Wrobel: Could you just clarify the pricing?
  31. Tim Wrobel: What would 6GB of data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for one line cost under Max?
  32. Mallorie: For what plan?
  33. Mallorie: The 6gb data will be $30 and you will have to go to a limited text and minute plan.
  34. Tim Wrobel: What are the rate options for this?
  35. Mallorie: I'm unable to set up the Max plans. You will have to contact our Customer Service Department to get their pricing for the entire plans.
  36. Tim Wrobel: Do you know what the talk and text options are, though?
  37. Mallorie: No I do not. It only gives me the data plans.
  38. Tim Wrobel: Okay
  39. Tim Wrobel: One more clarification
  40. Tim Wrobel: If I have two lines, will I be able to share data between the two? Like share the 6 or 8GB?
  41. Mallorie: No you will not. It's not a sharable plan.
  42. Tim Wrobel: So I would have to do 6GB for each line?
  43. Mallorie: That's correct.
  44. Tim Wrobel: Okay, thanks for the information. One last thing, could you get me the number for your CS department and also your loyalty department so I can talk about pricing on this?
  45. Mallorie: Their direct number is 800-922-0204 and it's option 0.
  46. Tim Wrobel: How about loyalty dept
  47. Mallorie: That is the Loyalty Department as well.
  48. Tim Wrobel: Okay thanks!
  49. Mallorie: Stupendous!!! :) It was my pleasure to assist you with resolving your issues, you were astounding! Thank you for chatting with Verizon Wireless. Have a marvelous day!!!!!!!
  50. Tim Wrobel: You too!
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