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  1. [quote]Name:
  2. Race: See below.
  3. Birthsign: [LINK TO BIRTHSIGNS]. While the wiki should give you an idea of what the signs mean, I won't be doing that exactly. Like all astrology, it might be bunk, but it's definitely mysterious bunk!
  4. Skills: Pick a class [LINK TO OBLIVION CLASSES] and select which three of the listed skills are your major skills (the other four become minor skills). For magically-inclined characters, I will pick (probably with some consultation) a few spells from your listed skills that you might know, others have to be learned from another mage or a spellbook.
  5. Favored Attributes: Either take two from the listed classes or pick which two you favor, again. The wiki [LINK TO OBLIVION ATTRIBUTES] should provide a general idea of what these attributes stand for.
  6. Favored Weapon: Staves, various kinds of blades, maces/cudgels, bows, crossbows, spears/pikes, axes. If you wish, unarmed combat is a thing, or you can list destruction magic (choose shock, fire, or frost for your preferred element).
  7. Starting Location: You can start at the following, for immediate hooks to plot points: the Hanged Lizard, an inn along the canals of Riften; the Blue Palace, after the coronation of King Pelagius Septim of Solitude; or at the False Moot hosted by the Jarl of Winterhold. Alternatively, you can start at a random location, or talk to me if you have something else in mind. This will temporarily boost your luck, to represent the gamble you just took.
  8. Point Buy: You have 5 points to customize your character. See below.
  9. Backstory: Go wild. Hit me up if you need help/aren't familiar with the setting. Feel free to keep some of this secret, just PM me with what you're not telling the others.
  11. Races: [wiki link for backgrounds] To simplify things, I'm keeping the bonuses fairly limited:
  12. -Altmer: The haughty High Elves are the most natural wizards in Tamriel. Magical endeavors come easier to them than any other race, due to their supposed connection to the divine.
  13. -Argonian: Perhaps the most discriminated against of all Tamriel's races, Argonians have a bonus to sneaky things and can breathe underwater. Don't ask me how that works.
  14. -Bosmer: Best race tbh. The reclusive Wood Elves are known for the strange Green Pact they are said to have struck with the Ehlnofey as much as their archery skills, and receive small bonuses towards survival as well as stealth.
  15. -Breton: The elf-blooded Bretons are the most magically attuned race of Man, and receive small bonuses to that, as well as a resistance to magic in general. In Skyrim, this also includes Reachmen, the natives to the area around Markarth – although their traditions and ties to the Daedra modify their bonuses slightly.
  16. -Dunmer: Said to be both cursed and blessed by Azura, the culture of the Dark Elves is shaped by their living gods, ALMSIVI. Somewhat alien to the races of Man, the ruthless pragmatism of Morrowind has seen that they are both stealthy and magically-attuned.
  17. -Imperial: Hailing from the traditional heartland of Tamriel, Imperials are well-rounded and have exceptional leadership skills. Imperial characters will have a slight luck and charisma bonus.
  18. -Khajiit: Has wares if you have coin. Naturally agile and stealthy, Khajiit can also attack with their claws.
  19. -Nord: The natives of Skyrim. Like Orcs and Redguards, they are natural warriors, and receive a bonus to health and survival in their harsh homeland.
  20. -Orcs: Some call them a Beast race, some allege that their origin lies with the elves. Whatever the case, Orcs are sometimes shunned, sometimes incorporated into the Empire, and always fear. They receive a bonus to health and can either fly into a berserker rage or take a bonus to their willpower, meaning that a magical Orc is more than possible.
  21. -Reguard: The Redguards are the heartiest of all Tamriel's races, and receive the largest health bonus. Born to battle, they are said to be the only race of Man not connected to old Atmora.
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